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Tennessee Volunteers / /r/CFB Top Scorer
1 day ago
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Get out your crystal balls and click the link to make predictions about this upcoming season. I will release results as we approach the start of the regular season, highlight correct (or incredibly incorrect) predictions throughout the season, and honor our best predictor when the season ends.

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Project Overview

This is a summer project to help us get to know college football history a bit better. Each day for about 40 days the /r/CFB Wiki Team is hosting an open-ended discussion on previous Heisman Trophy winners. These questions are open-ended, and meant to encourage participation without inviting undue hate. Please be respectful of your rivals and fellow users.

Today's featured Heisman h Winners:

If you notice that your team's wiki is lacking in some information that you can provide, please message the wiki team and let us know that you'd like to help!

Discussion in this thread should be limited to these players and their respective legacies. In particular, we'd love to know the following questions:

  1. What in particular set this player apart from others, making them 'Heisman worthy'?
  2. Was this player the most deserving recipient?
  3. What other feats or records did this player contribute to their team?
  4. Is this winner still memorable?
  5. How is this winner represented on campus today?

As a reminder, we'll pick one user each day who contributes the best overall content. These users will be rewarded with the coveted contributor /r/cfb contributor flair!

Quality material from this thread will be compiled by our /r/CFB Wiki Editors: /u/xelphin, /u/certificateofmerritt, /u/pyrogeddon, /u/atchemey, and /u/rifframbahzoo to be put in the team guide page.

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Penn State Nittany Lions
5 hours ago

So, I watched the season in about 24 hours, and I have to say that I liked it as a whole. Started out really liking Coach Brown, then about halfway through I didn’t like him, and then by the end I was back to liking him again.

Other thoughts: Malik Henry has no interest in playing football, and his dad is making him play football. Dude’s eyes look empty when he does interviews.

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Oregon State Beavers / USC Trojans
3 hours ago

This is my first ever post so hopefully I don't mess this up too bad haha.

Backstory: (I'm an incoming freshman at Oregon State)

Almost my entire family (over 20 people and 4 generations) graduated from USC so obviously I was born a huge fan. Every Christmas and birthday I would be gifted SC merch and went to countless games. During my Junior year of high school I went on a tour at Oregon State and knew it was the school for me so I didn't bother applying to SC or a ton of other schools. I'm still going to root for USC in most games but I am now all in on the Beavs...

I just need some advice from fans of other not so great teams about how to cope. I don't expect OSU to ever have a run comparable to the best of USC's, but I can't imagine watching my team lose 6+ games for the next twenty seasons. I don't want to become a baseball fan for the rest of my life.

Also, has anyone else gone through something similar? Maybe they were a childhood fan of a team but went to a college that didn't have a very good team?

On the bright side, these childhood memories have become much more happy. :)

And I already have a hatred for the Ducks because of what they did to SC in recent years and the annoying bandwagons that exist(ed?) in the Bay Area for some reason.

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Auburn Tigers / Wake Forest Demon Deacons
7 hours ago

My list: 1. Death Valley 2. The Georgia Dome 3. Jordan-Hare 4. A tie between The Swamp & Bryant-Denny 5. Clemson (a tad over-hyped imo but still very loud) 6. Mississippi State because cowbells 7. Sanford (only because of how obnoxious the band is when UGA is playing defense)

I’ve been to multiple other Stadiums but none of them really stood out to me like the ones I listed, interested to see what y’all think.


I’m new to college football. Don’t know if this is the right place to post this but I’m going to anyway. Could people breakdown how it works, who are the good teams (other than Bama), and which teams to support. Last year I watched a bit of college football and I supported Penn State but that was cuz of Saquon. I guess my real question is how do I get into CFB

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Penn State Nittany Lions / Rutgers Scarlet Knights
8 hours ago

This may be a re-post but I haven’t seen a similar thread to it in like 3 years so I figured it was OK to put up. I personally love anything from the Harvard/Yale game and the iconic “is this the Nickleback concert.” What are your favorite signs/jokes?

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Penn State Nittany Lions / Fiesta Bowl
4 hours ago

I've been looking through the future schedules of Penn State and other B1G teams. I was looking to see the spacing of major games in our future since Penn State this past season had a pretty difficult stretch where we lost to both OSU and MSU.

I was pretty surprised by Nebraska's 2020 late season schedule and thought to myself that if those teams stay good Nebraska will be in for a big test.

Going to Ohio State on Oct. 31st

Then hosting Penn State Nov. 7th

Next going to Iowa on the 14th

And then on the 21st having to travel to Wisconsin.

It just struck me as a difficult stretch, and got me thinking if any other teams will be facing something similar in the next few seasons if all else stays pretty consistent.

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SMU Mustangs / /r/CFB Brickmason
3 hours ago

Below is a list of all 2018 neutral site FBS match-ups. All data comes from the following link:

Matchups for teams with alternate, off-campus home sites are not listed, i.e. Arkansas (Little Rock) and UMass (Foxborough).

Teams Date Location
Louisville vs. Alabama Sept. 1, 2018 Orlando, FL
Washington vs. Auburn Sept. 1, 2018 Atlanta, GA
Colorado vs. Colorado State Sept. 1, 2018 Denver, CO
Texas vs. Maryland Sept. 1, 2018 Landover, MD
Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech Sept. 1, 2018 Houston, TX
West Virginia vs. Tennessee Sept. 1, 2018 Charlotte, NC
Miami (FL) vs. LSU Sept. 2, 2018 Arlington, TX
Cincinnati vs. Miami (OH) Sept. 8, 2018 Cincinnati, OH
Ohio State vs. TCU Sept. 15, 2018 Arlington, TX
USF vs. Illinois Sept. 15, 2018 Chicago, IL
Arkansas vs. Texas A&M Sept. 29, 2018 Arlington, TX
Texas vs. Oklahoma Oct. 6, 2018 Dallas, TX
Florida vs. Georgia Oct. 27, 2018 Jacksonville, FL
Navy vs. Notre Dame Oct. 27, 2018 San Diego, CA
Notre Dame vs. Syracuse Nov. 17, 2018 Bronx, NY
Baylor vs. Texas Tech Nov. 24, 2018 Arlington, TX
Army vs. Navy Dec. 8, 2018 Philadelphia, PA

tl;dr: Being a CFB fan in the DFW metroplex is tight


The Cotton Bowl in Dallas has two non FBS as well. The first being a match-up of HBCUs taking place during the Texas State fair. Tickets for both games include admission to the Texas State Fair.

Teams Date
Grambling State vs. Prairie View A&M Sept. 29, 2018
Southern vs. Texas southern Oct. 20, 2018
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Oregon Ducks / Team Meteor
1 day agoGilded1

To start with, we already call the winner of the Pac-12 North "DA KING IN DA NORF." Right now, that King is (unfortunately) Washington who I view to be as House Stark because Direwolves and Huskies are basically the same thing. That makes WSU the wildlings because wildlings hate Starks. Also WSU fans can get pretty wild.

Oregon is house Tully because rivers. Their sigil is a fish and there's some good fishing around Eugene. If Oregon is Tully then that makes Oregon State the Freys (the slightly backwards vassals to the Tullys). It makes sense after all since OSU is known sometimes as the Giant Killers. Like the Freys, the Beavers sometimes slaughter someone they shouldn't when they come to the Beavs house.

Rounding out the rest of the Pac-12 North, I think you could put Stanford as the Boltons because, let's face it, they have a good medical school. Cal might be House Reed? The Reeds always gave a bit of a hippie vibe to me after all but I'm open to suggestions. Cal is House mother-fucking Mormont because BEARS mother fucker.

USC is obviously the Lannisters. They're both rich, they both like red, they both like to put people to the sword, and everybody hates them. UCLA would be the House Tyrell. They keep a rose as their sigil, and UCLA has the Rose Bowl. Colorado could maybe be House Arryn, because their seat of power is up in the mountains. Arizona and Arizona State can fight over who gets to be Martell since they’re the only desert-based House worth talking about. Lastly there's Utah who I could argue should be House Greyjoy. There's lots of Mormons in Utah, and house Greyjoy gets pretty religious what with that Drowned God and all.

I'm pretty high right now and I'm not sure why I wrote this out. Mainly I just need the fucking season to start please I'm desperate.

Edit: I just realized I fucked up. Stanford was co-KINGS IN DA NORF last year with Washington.

Edit 2: Just to solidify Oregon's Tully claim, here's our QB in high school.

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Clemson Tigers / UCF Knights
7 hours ago

Mine was 2015 Louisville. It was my freshman year and my roommates had invited some people to our apartment to drink the night before Gameday while I was at the soccer game. I came back around 11 to make signs with a few friends. Long story short my roommates left early, leaving our friends at the apartment. As we were leaving around midnight to go to my friend's dorm and get a few hours of sleep before getting in line for The Pit behind the stage around, one of the security guards caught someone coming out of my apartment with a drink. Luckily one of the guys was still in the apartment and hid everything under a pile of clothes in the closet after i texted him. Got off scott free despite being left with the bill and still got in line early enough to get in the pit.

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Florida State Seminoles / Georgetown Hoyas
9 hours ago

For me personally it will be all of FSU's home games since I'm a student as well as a trip to South Bend in November with family. Bonus points for anyone who can make it to every game home and away

Posted by
Georgia Bulldogs / Chattanooga Mocs
43 minutes ago

For example, Demetris Robertson is our latest, but what’s keeping him from playing this year? And can he somehow play?

Posted by
Virginia Tech Hokies / Commonwealth Cup
3 hours ago

For VT I see Tyrod Taylor or Kam Chancellor's jersey being retired soon, specially now that Kam has 'retired' from the NFL.

Posted by
South Carolina Gamecocks / Virginia Tech Hokies
6 hours ago


Elon: NR WR Chandler Brayboy (Pembroke, NC/Purnell Swett), NR CB Chazz Harley (Bethesda, MD/Landon School), NR TE Ian Drummond (Lewis Center, OH/Oletangy), NR OT Jack Cutler (Statesville, NC/South Iredell), 2* CB Bo Sanders (Indianapolis, IN/Cathedral), NR OG Kasra Bojnordi (Alpharetta, GA/Cambridge)

UCLA: 3* OG Duke Clemens (Honolulu, HI/Punahou), 3* LB John Ward (Palmdale, CA/Palmdale)

Primary Recruiter (Ward): Roy Manning

Towson: NR DT Khalil Gary (Upper Marlboro, MD/Dr. Henry Wise)

Delaware: NR DT Nick Coomer (Lititz, PA/Warwick)

Alabama State: NR TE Greg Perkins (Pensacola, FL/Pensacola)

Rice: 3* QB Trevor Bycznski (Berea, OH/Midpark)

Vanderbilt: 3* RB Delbert Mimms (Indianapolis, IN/Ben Davis)

Primary Recruiter: Andy Ludwig

Oklahoma: 4* CB Jaden Davis (Fort Lauderdale, FL/St. Thomas Aquinas)

Primary Recruiter: Kerry Cooks

McNeese State: NR CB Jordan Jackson (Geismar, LA/Dutchtown)

New Hampshire: 3* ATH Griffin Helm (Jacksonville, FL/Bartram Trail)

Air Force: 2* DE Jake Raddatz (Thiensville, WI/Homestead)

Nebraska: 3* DT Tony Fair (South Bend, IN/Washington/Pima CC), 4* LB Nick Henrich (Omaha, NE/Burke)

Primary Recruiter (Fair): Mike Dawson

Primary Recruiter (Henrich): Barrett Ruud

UTEP: 2* DT Sua'ava Tapua (Harbor City, CA/Narbonne)

Louisville: 3* OT Zach Williamson (Huntington, WV/Spring Valley)

Richmond: NR OT Ryan Coll (Haymarket, VA/Battlefield)

Charlotte: 3* CB Trey Bly (Charlotte, NC/Myers Park)

James Madison: 3* LB Julio Ayamel (Olney, MD/Good Counsel)

Texas A&M: 4* RB Isaiah Spiller (Spring, TX/Klein Collins)

Primary Recruiter: Jay Graham

Nicholls State: NR ATH Shawn Hall Jr. (Napoleonville, LA/Assumption)

Chattanooga: NR WR Michael Mathison (Covington, GA/Newton)

Holy Cross: 3* OT Patrick McMurtrie (Montvale, NJ/St. Joseph Regional), NR CB Kamryn Molton (Avon, IN/Avon)

Central Arkansas: 3* OT Drew Vest (Searcy, AR/Searcy), NR OG Chandler Knandel (Aledo, TX/Aledo)

Harvard: 2* CB Victor Tademy (Arkadelphia, AR/Arkadelphia)

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Notre Dame Fighting Irish / ACC
7 hours ago

What is on the top of your guys bucket list for college football games to go to? Whether it’s a stadium you want to visit, rivalry you want to see, or you want to see your favorite team play if you haven’t already. I have a few on my list: Army v Navy game, Iron Bowl, and a Penn St white out game. I could go on and on but those are just some of the top ones. Interested to see what you guys have to say!

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Vanderbilt Commodores / SEC
21 hours ago

Piggybacking off the post earlier today, in 2016, Texas beat then-No. 10 Notre Dame in overtime in a game that seemed to be the perennial announcement that Texas is back, folks. It was seen as a big deal at the time, but in reality Notre Dame went 4-8, while Texas would go 5-7 and lose to Kansas.

So the question is: what will be this year’s early-season game that seems like a big deal at the time but will be a footnote by the end of the season?

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