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CW announced their new line up with Arrow being paired with the Legends on Monday. Supergirl has been moved to Sunday.

How do you feel about this change for the Fall of 2018?

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Guys, it is the season finale! Let's talk!


So, it's nice to have a season where Oliver legitimately matures. Oliver has a son now, who isn't an asshole thank god! A wife who was being an idiot about a lot of the season, but they're actually good together. Acceptance that he can't have that storybook life of retiring the Green Arrow. This was a good season that set up a lot for S7, I'm excited to see where it all goes.

The season did have issues(Rene being alive, Cayden James cause if I didn't binge it I'd be confused, Samanda Watson being a fake Waller was ehhhh but I feel she'll be better next season), but what season doesn't?

I think my favorite episode from a personal satisfaction standpoint was the collision course episode bc Oliver busting Rene's stitches with that kick was strong. That whole breakup plot line coulda been done better because they were wrong from the beginning, and they like....didn't really admit it. Thankfully Oliver didn't really apologize and instead did the whole "I'm sorry you feel that way" to Dinah and Rene. The Diggle/Oliver argument was just very...strange, but Ollie came with them bars so I'm fine with it.

The Laurel/Quentin plotline was v creepy with the Misery-lite vibes, just not great, but I really liked the season. Diaz is menacing, sure he came from the Lex Lugar school of talking(randomly talking quiet THEN YELLING EVERYTHING before getting quiet again) and I loved it all. I'm excited again for Arrow, even though I am positive that Diggle is gonna die soon and leave JJ without a dad :(

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Welcome to Free Talk Friday, talk about whatever you want: just keep it as respectful as you would in any other /r/CWArrow thread.

Moderator of r/CWArrow

Welcome to Free Talk Friday, talk about whatever you want: just keep it as respectful as you would in any other /r/CWArrow thread.


Same thing as before, what are some of your high and low points of s2? This season is usually praised as one of the best seasons of Arrow, and I definitely agree. It had so much to it, that it proved itself 10 times over.

Some high points for me would be Slade overall. Both in the flashbacks as a friend and in the present as a foe. He was ruthless and was hitting Oliver in every way possible. His plan was great and was enacted in a way that it didn't seem possible for Oliver to win. Aside from Slade, the introduction of Oliver's new bow was pretty awesome to me. Plus the fight scenes were really on point all season.

One low point for me would definitely be Roy. There was just something about him in the season that I despised for the most part. It wasn't until the finale that I thought "ok, this might be a decent thing for him." I was slightly rooting for Oliver to kill him in 2x20. I didn't like what they started to do with Laurel. I liked the idea of the addiction story, but then they couldn't seem to pick it back up.

What about you guys? What are your thoughts on some highs/lows during s2?


Who is your favorite not a main cast character?


I'm no lawyer but I do understand double jeopardy. He's already been on trial and been more or less acquitted. And he can't be tried for the same crime twice. So unless they're planning on just disappearing him into a gulag they have no grounds to put him behind bars. Any good defense attorney could have him out of there in hours. He may have confessed but that doesn't change the fact that he has already been tried and acquitted. And they can't try him again. Not unless he commits another crime as the green arrow. But so far he hasn't done that. And even then they could only try him for what he did recently and not the crimes he was acquitted of. So the whole thing is bullshit.


Does anybody have a link where I can watch the Supergirl part 1 episode? CW website doesn’t have it and I’m anxious to watch it

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Welcome to Free Talk Friday, talk about whatever you want: just keep it as respectful as you would in any other /r/CWArrow thread.


On the DVD release of Arrow Season 2, they had 2 bonus features, one for stunts and another for the visual effects and I really would like to watch them, however I do not want to pay the full DVD price for it. (Really wanting to watch the visual effects bonus)

I can find 1 video of this on youtube, however the audio and the quality of the video makes it unwatchable, iTunes aren't selling the full documentary, google play has it but tells me I can't buy it, and every other website doesn't contain these bonus features. I am just wondering if anyone knows where I can find a link or a website to be able to watch these short documentaries?



I'm finally watching Constantine TV series and it makes me so excited that Constantine is coming back to Legends next season!

Think of the possibilities! The Legends going back in time to that fateful night in Newcastle, guest appearances from Chas and Zedd, Constantine back story episode, demon hunting, etc.

They can easily introduce Dr. Fate this way as well since he was first teased in the first episode.

What do you want to happen with Constantine in Legends of Tomorrow next season?


Since it's been a long time, and I'm sure we've all rewatched the series a ton, I'd like to see what everyone thought the highs and lows of s1 were. Way back in the day, what did you think was awesome? What did you think fell a little short? I plan to do these for all the shows and seasons of the Arrowverse, but we have to start where it all started!!

For me, one of the biggest high points was the ruthlessness that Oliver showed while crossing names off the list. It was perfect for the character, plus it showed that he outclassed the basic thug very easily. Plus it gave us some awesome fight scenes, like the hallway scene! I also liked the idea of being mission oriented. He had a goal and set out to finish it, but then realized the world was much bigger than just the list.

One of the low points for me was Tommy's reaction to Oliver being the Hood. Granted, it was justified, to some degree, but the idea that Oliver just saved his father, and Tommy still wants to be angry was kinda silly. Especially since a lot of the basis was the fact that Oliver and Laurel were still toying with feelings for one another. Another low point for me would be Thea. Ohh man, I desperately hated her in s1. She was such a spoiled brat and she made every scene she was in difficult to watch. Again, I realize that's how they wanted her, but man it was still difficult.

Those are some of mine, now what about you guys? What worked very well? What didn't?


@StephenAmell does have an influence on the show, but mostly for smaller details, the bigger arcs are all the producers. #hvff #arrow

“My life is run by women, and I like it” @StephenAmell about new showrunner @SchwartzApprovd #hvff #arrow

@StephenAmell just said he might already know where Oliver ends up at the end of the series. #hvff #arrow

The Dark Knight was a big inspiration for the first season. @StephenAmell #hvff #arrow

They are going to lean more towards the original comics this year. And not just with the goatie. @StephenAmell #hvff #arrow

Characters we lost that @StephenAmell wants back: Tommy Merlyn. “I love @colindonnell so much.@ he says they became better friends after he died on the show. He really misses him. #hvff #arrow

He also misses Moira, Walter, and Quentin, but if he had to chose one character to bring back its Tommy. #hvff #arrow

@StephenAmell can’t talk about how long Oliver will be in prison, @SchwartzApprovd sent a very long email with things he is not allowed to discuss and that’s no1. #hvff #arrow

I have back problems now”, which changes how @StephenAmell approaches fight scenes. #hvff #arrow

Favorite part of the earth x crossover: kissing @MelissaBenoist. “Have you seen her? She’s gorgeous.” @StephenAmell #hvff #arrow

.@StephenAmell finally answered the question of all questions. out of all of Oliver’s girlfriend, who would he choose: it’s Felicity. #hvff #arrow

Out of the previous villains, @StephenAmell wants Prometheus back. #hvff #arrow

The reason they do crossovers is because @GBerlanti loves it when characters make appearances on their shows. #hvff #arrow

And he would love to do a crossover with supernatural, but he doesn’t know how it would work. It wouldn’t really make sense “but fuck it.” #hvff #arrow

Thing most in common and different between Stephen and Oliver : I'm stubborn and I'm not a billionaire #Arrow #hvfflondon

I know the entire story of the crossover and I can't say a thing about it. SA in next season's big event #Arrow #HVFFLondon

I know Deathstroke is part of the Canon but I'm proud of how Josh created Prometheus exactly like @david_ramsey created John Diggle. There will never be another #Arrow without their characters #HVFFLondon

Stephen : What we didn't have this season and I hope we have in season 7 is a fight that totally owns me #Arrow #hvfflondon

Stephen is very excited for season 7. Got an email full of details from Beth #Arrow #hvfflondon

How much do you know about the structure of Arrow season 7? SA: I know about but the details are up to the writers. Then moved to talk about Beth: she has very specific ideas about where this season is gonna go, asked me not to spoil it at #hvfflondon

Credit to 4 Your Excitment @4_Y_E and Itakha @HVFF London @itakha2015

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