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Pickels for days!

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17 points · 1 month ago

Oh my.... first year growing cucumbers. I put in 7 plants. Nobody warned me. Cucumbers.... I’ve never seen so many cucumbers!!!!

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When we have too much cucumber and tire of pickles, we juice them and use them for fun refreshing summer cocktails.

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How do you juice yours? Do you have a juicer?

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We use a juicer. You want to remove the skin first. Cucumbers are mortly water anyway so you could possibly just shred them and use a cheese cloth to press the juice out. Freezing might help. I recommend adding some lime juice when you juice them. The added acidity may help preserve the juice for a few days in the refrigerator. When refrigerated the pulp will settle and you can use just the clear juice if you want a clear cocktail. It really is a fantastic mixer. Use with gin, pimms, maybe tequila.

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Here's my favorite. I started planting more cucumber so I can make this! No juicer required. Your choice for the liquor to add.

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That looks rediculously good

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It doesn't taste as good with other mints (spearmint is best), and it seems to require homegrown cucumbers for best taste. I can't wait to make this every summer.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

No just started /learning canning 😃

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Luckily we haven’t got sick of them yet. My kids can eat them like there is no tomorrow. XD

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My hubs and I literally secretly put cucs on the neighbor’s porches in the two blocks surrounding our home. Just a thought!

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I'm in a similar situation I just haven't sliced mine yet. Lol

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If you have not already make a batch of fermented dills, you will thank yourself for trying them.

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Watch out for mandolin slicers, I lost a sizable portion of a finger this season when doing cukes. Had to go to a general surgeon to have it cauterized as the bleeding wouldn't stop. Still hurts like the dickens!

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I overplanted this year, and so far have almost 50 quarts of pickles!

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