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Posted by
Blooregard Q. Kazoo
1 day ago

I don't know if anyone else is here applied gor the internship for the fall semester, but does anyone know if the acquisition will delay or hinder the internship applications at all?


What I mean is, I am a huge Johnny Test fan, and saw the series from season 1 to 6(sad that they didn't make anymore). But the thing I noticed is that a lot of people hate it(and some even do rabid hate arts on sites like but when TTG airs, people complain about missing Johnny Test even though they hate it. My question is why?


Just in time for the summer too! Love watching the shows I loved as a kid and the show or two I missed when they aired.Much better than the godawful Teen Titans go that aired around the time I stopped watching the network.


Now that the AT&T and time warner merger is official ,This made me wonder if it affect all of its assets including Cartoon Network.

I mean think about it with that merger perhaps maybe Cartoon network will go back to 24 minute cartoons and probably get their own official streaming service with the help of AT&T ,Am I right?

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