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Happened 2 days ago now.

Im on the train going home from work. There is a girl down the carriage from me, sitting in the corner. A few stops down, everyone around her has gotten off. Another couple of stops, and three guys get on the train, two of them obviously very intoxicated, one of them appearing fine. They are already in the girl's personal space - walking right in front of her and sitting all around her. She tries to ignore it, but it is very obvious she is uncomfortable. I am not the only one to notice this. I can see everyone else on the carriage looking with me in the girls direction.

The guys start talking to her.... Asking her name, and some weird stuff like does she like curry (idk why curry is a big deal to these guys). Out of the three guys: one is not really talking to her and awkwardly watching his friends, one is leaning towards her and trying to make a move, the other is cheering on his mate. She answers their questions and tries to sell that she's not interested by; from my opinion - Not making eye contact, one word answers, not taking headphones off, concentrating on her phone. The male leaning toward her suddenly gets up from his seat and stands directly in front of her, within 5ft.

I am already up from my seat as my stop is coming up. I see this and address it straight away by telling the guy to "leave the girl alone, she just wants to go home, she's obviously uncomfortable", etc. He turns around and a argument starts. I stick to my points, but of course he's not having any of it and is getting more aggressive. One of his mates has chipped in and told me to mind my own business. The other is not saying anything.

Seeing that they are all now focussed on me - I tell the girl that she can get up and move, which she does immediately and moves to the next carriage. I now do my best to defuse what I have started, as there is no point to continue to argue. At the same time I arrive at my stop and Transit Officers are at the door.

I, and another guy who was watching, tell the officers what has happened. The officers hop on the train as I hop off. I can hear the officers already addressing that the three men are intoxicated. I watch from the platform where the one male I began to argue with is appearing to show regret/remorse. I hopped on my bicycle and practically teleported home as my mind was racing.

I told my SO when I got home and she told me well done, and that most guys wouldn't do anything until it was too late. I'm glad I did something.

Edit: So this blew the fuck up. Thank you everyone for your support. Ill try not to toot my own horn but will add some more context

- I actually work in a hospital as in-house security, so in a sense I'm sort of used to dealing with confrontation.

- I had a lot of space between me and the three guys, so my plan was to back up and hit the emergency driver contact, should it have escalated. I also had my bicycle with me and would have used that to get more distance. The key is making space. Don't let someone get close enough to hit you for the sake of standing your ground or trying to appear tough.

- This in particular was a personal success for me. Growing up, I always froze up or just watched, so it was nice that my experience with work helped me to speak up.

- I will also say most people don't know what to do when confronted with stuff like this. Even as the victim, the most obvious solution might seem impossible. It's not easy.

- And yes, I would have helped if it was a guy, makes no difference.


It's entirely possible (perhaps likely) that I've been slowly going insane, but...

It's hard to capture into words, this feeling. I'll be walking around, wherever - parking lot at the grocery store, downtown, out at my property, anywhere really - and it'll come upon me how insanely incredible everything is.

I mean everything. I can't take it all in at once, but wherever I put my attention, I'm just blown away. Air, sunlight, clouds, concrete, cars, soil, my own body, anything. I'm just flabbergasted things actually exist, that I'm alive, and that so much of the world is alive with me. Even the dead things support and turn into life, and then die again, and become life again.

And learning more and more about the world, the universe - history, biology, chemistry, cultures. We learned how to make a kind of mud that dries into stone, then forgot how, and then figured it out again. Everywhere people doing anything and everything, all possible combinations of food, music, dress, values, constantly evolving and carrying ancient ideas with it.

I don't know how to express it, really. It feels like the sun is inside of me and I'm going to explode with light. It feels like pure passion, an excitement to be not just sensory, but interactive - an idea can become physical instantly, and the physical can inspire new passion, new directions, new insights.

There is an infinite amount of "points" to focus on, and then it all sort of rolls up on me - it's all insanely incredible. Just to exist in this thin slice of the universe, for all the variety I see it's such a small fraction of everything that it can't be expressed as a percentage it's so small, and yet even this tiny, tiny bit is so much, so strange and wonderful, and I'll never even get a chance to experience all of what's around. How incredible that there is so much more - history, and the future - that I can't fathom, and yet it must be just as amazing as this.

You wouldn't know it to look at me. I do my best to keep a calm, cool exterior. They'd lock me up if I let it all out, but I've been learning how to express this passion more and more. I like it.

And don't even get me started on how incredible people are. I fall in love with someone new every week. Each face is a universe of expression, emotion, family history, personal history. Each smile is only that one person's smile, and I'll never see another just like it. I want to hug and hold, dance, smile, talk endlessly, eat and drink and just celebrate how - I'm running out of words - awesome it is just to be alive.

I know this is reddit and we're all supposed to be like "can't wait to die, lol" so I can't help but wonder if anyone else gets this feeling, or if it's just a sign that I'm losing grasp on reality and they'll be locking me up soon. I hope I'm not going crazy, because even in just this feeling I feel like I've only scratched the surface of how much more in awe I could be.


Sup? I am just an alien. I come in many different forms but I come in peace. Humans are aight. Everyone's on their own imperfect journey and that's all fine and dandy.

How are you? I believe you should have a good day, What do you believe in? Anything going in that you are having a tough time with? Anything you want to celebrate? Anything you gotta vent about? Cute girl you would like to compliment? Did you tell mom you love her today? I love you. Whoever you are. I'm sure you are dope ;) We will unfortunately probably never get to meet but I genuinely wish you well, right in this very moment reading this and well into the future.

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Hey Reddit: Want to write better? Eliminate grammatical mistakes, wipe out wordiness, and let your ideas shine. See for yourself why over 10 million users are hooked on Grammarly's free writing app.


Last night I was having a pretty normal dream. In the dream I drove to my doctor to get some lab results and when I got there, the receptionist handed me a branded envelope. It was a logo of a popular detergent. When I opened it, I found my results along with small packets of product samples.

I woke up and couldn’t believe my brain just made me watch an ad..

It’s weird cause I haven’t used this product, and I don’t recall watching any ads, but there it was. Nice job brain marketing department! Anyway, how was your night?


I bake cakes as a hobby, and most recently I baked one for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. At the party, a woman came up to me, asked me how much I'd charge to bake one for her husband's birthday, and gave me her number to text her about it! It's the first time this has ever happened and I'm so excited, it feels so affirming and validating that I'm doing something right.

Has anyone else had this happen to them, whether with baking or any other kind of creative pursuit?


Sometimes something so insignificant I post or do makes me flush full red and it makes me really self-conscious.

I started using the internet, like social media, real late in life (like 15ish) so the social conventions still aren't fully there for me. Just now I posted a response to askreddit that asked "What do you find cute in others" and I said something along the lines of "Dont tell anyone this but I think its cute when my guys are asleep", but I meant to say "my guy friends". I didn't catch the typo until it was down voted and I got really embarrassed because I said the wrong thing and probably sound like a creep. I deleted the post and want to forget about it, but I cant. I've done worse on the internet forsure, and I hope I'm getting better at this -- everything. Maybe I shouldnt use the internet anymore.


I'm kinda new to waitering and I'm not exactly sure if I'm doing a good job or not. Been working at this little "up-market café" where the people are a tad snobby (but they're paying to be so that's chills) and still nice overall. Worked 3 weeks and it's still unclear if I'm getting the job done to 1. The customers liking and 2. My bosses liking, not so worried about the latter because I put a lot of energy into keeping her pleased (heard that before way-oh self burn). How do I know if the customers are happy? I try to be "casual professional" but I don't have a great filter, sometimes my mouth is quicker than my brain. For example today a customer asked what were there 3 kinds of mushrooms served with "Trio of mushrooms" and when I told her she said "Oh they sound so nice blah blah" and I said "they're no magic mushrooms though!". In hindsight it may have not been the best joke to slap them with, but I kinda convinced myself it was just a joke, what do you guys think? I have a million more stupid stories, what's your advice? Where do you draw the line? What are your own expectations from servers?


i am a 20 year old guy. i was sick for the past one and a half year but now i am doing fine. i just want to take a break before returning to studies. is it okay?


I am finally living a "normal" life! I have battled opiate addiction, a narcissistic mother, dead beat father, and a family with a criminal behaviors and backgrounds, I have finally pulled myself out of that life and cut ties with almost all of my family and friends and am now living with my amazing girlfriend and my 5 year old! I am drug free and better than ever. I never thought I would make it to this point in my life and I am just so happy to finally be here! It may not be perfect 24/7 and it's hard just barely scraping by but even with being broke most of the time my quality of life is 100x better than it ever has been and I just wanted to share this with you guys :).

P.s: Sorry for the wall of text I'm on mobile!


I’m really socially awkward in the first place and it’s mentally draining for anyone to have to put in all the effort. It makes me feel like you don’t want to talk to me or I’m annoying you. Am I just saying the wrong things to get replies like that?


I've been thinking about getting mine pierced with a friend and get like a small silver ring.

I kinda like the fact that it's not permanent and I can just take it off whenever I feel to unlike tattoos.


Not that I'm depressed but like whenever I'm bored and empty I begin to think of sad thoughts so that I would cry. It made me feel a little guilty because that means also having thoughts of self pity. I'm just wondering if a lot of people also experience this.


I'm 29 and have been allergic to cats my entire life. My eyes turn into itchy tomatoes and I break out in hives. I came to visit my sister two weeks ago and she forgot to mention her roommate had gotten a cat...

The first week was hell. I was popping benadryl like Tic Tacs.'s week two and I'm showing no symptoms at all! The cat and I have even become bros.

I'll always be a dog person but this is the first time in my life I've been able to hang out with a cat.


Hi!im niki. I've been studying for hours today and i feel like i still have lots to review.😂

In times like this, i depend on coffee. What kind of coffee do u like? Hot or Iced? Black or Creamy White? 😂


Speciaal bericht: Vele mensen in Nederland winnen duizenden euros en de reden zal je verbazen!!


Just experienced the feeling of having a song hit so hard that I just had to listen to it a few times over again. The song was Two Slow Dancers by Mitski. I'd heard it once about a month ago, but I didn't know what it was called. I was able to find it again though, and I'm so happy I did. It just hits all the right spots emotionally for me right now.

Have any of you gone through this recently, just having to listen to a song over and over?


Stress gets you sometimes and it comes out on the wrong things or people. Hate when it happens and try to stop it before it starts. But it didn’t work tonight. Drinking wine on the porch alone. Cheers to everyone else that had a rough day.


And I’m strangely happy about it. I’m on my way to the soccer stadium to watch Eintracht Frabkfurt vs RB Leipzig with a friend who’s leaving town to join the federal police soon. My professor approached me and said hi at the station where I’m waiting. He’s on his way to the opera.

He wasn’t my most interesting professor and I wasn’t his most interested student. I was also one of about three hundred who regularly attended his lecture. I’m surprised he recognised and approached me, but it confirmed my image of him as a very nice and calm dude. Just wanted to share this!

I‘ll answer to any comments if there are any, and if the post hasn’t been removed by then, but it might take a while as I won’t have WiFi and very bad reception for a while now.


I’m across the US on the west coast for a few weeks and I’m super missing my boyfriend. I signed into the Grubhub app to have pizza delivered to him for Game Day also so he can get as fat as I’m getting on vacation. In addition to thank him for being awesome sauce. I didn’t think I’d find anyone worthwhile off dating apps and was losing hope til we matched and met a few months ago. Here’s to technology being used for good!

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I'm Nigerian, and we are made up of a lot of different tribes woth different languages. One of the major tribes is the Yoruba tribe and in recent times (maybe starting from about 3 years ago or so) this term "Yoruba Demon" was coined by the youth.

Who is a Yoruba Demon?

A good looking young man of yoruba origin who will string a girl along up till she thinks they're gonna get married, only for her to open social media one day and see pictures of her boyfriend having an introduction (this is like an official meeting of the families before the kids get married, very commom back home) with another girls family.

That's a textbook example, of course there are different variations but one thing is clear - Yoruba Demons seem to lack a conscience and can act so lovingly and caring towards the girls that get played by them.

They really just want to have a good time. The term originally referred mainly to UK-based Yoruba boys that met the criteria, but now it goes for Yoruba boys everywhere. That decide to be like that.

Fun fact : When someone posted a question (I'm not so sure how the convo started) asking why the guys aren't just up front about wanting to just have fun and no true committment from the get go, in reply I've seen someone post something along the lines of "Well then you guys won't sleep with us/pay us mind if we do. (not verbatim but smth like that)

This is totally random but oh well, this is CasualConvos afterall...

Have a nice day!


I’m not quitting because of this situation, it’s petty but it’s gonna be my last weekend working at this restaurant. I’ll honestly miss it, I’ve worked with great people. But were some who got on my nerves and one of them, I stood up to today. I told the boss that I couldn’t take orders being yelled at. I couldn’t work with someone who makes a big deal over one misunderstanding with another coworker when a mistake has happened.

Nothing was resolved, all the boss told her was to calm down and stop being angry really. Because they’re kind of like close friends. But I got my message across. My coworkers were shocked and they understood what was going on. Finally in a place where everyone goes quiet and becomes passively aggressive when problems arise, I voiced my thoughts. I welled up close to tears, filled with anger and frustration because of how long I’ve held this in. It’s been months of the same treatment. I just never said anything and tried to get by it. I usually let things go easily but today, I’ve had enough. And I had to say it. It was the first time everyone saw me angry as well, for someone that’s always level-headed despite any situation to maintain professionalism at a work environment.


We’ve all been busy with work and school and have about 50 miles separating us, but somehow we all had the night free and got together to let loose one last time before we disappear for months until finals are over. It’s been one hell of a night, we spontaneously went to a Naruto themed ramen place that was 30 miles away, then showed up at midnight to one of our friends house and proceeded to drink all his booze. It’s been three hours, and my friends are thoroughly drunk. We’ve been watching random episodes of The Office, while raiding every inch of the house for food and any more booze. Normally I would be dead tired by 10 PM, but here I am at 3 AM wide awake and having a hell of a time. How is everybody else doing?


I’m not the most interesting human being, but like many people I am filled with an abundance of pointless knowledge. What genre of music do you like best? Best animal in existence goes to all the cats in the world! What do you guys wanna babble about?


I know relationships aren't things that can just be turned on and off, but if they could, I'd love to have one just for fall. Like we are together from the first day of fall, and then when winter comes, we say our goodbyes. I could do with something like that.

I love the fall, but I never have anyone to do all the cool fall related things with.

Alright folks, I am getting tired. I am gonna go watch Netflix, the service with a ton of Amazing shows, but nothing interesting to watch. I am gonna cry apple cider tears and fall asleep. If anyone wants to be a solution to my seasonal problem... don't hesitate to PM.

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6 hours ago

Hi everyone, how are ya'll doing?

Here it's just... 12:30PM. Well, probably too late to enjoy my day outside henceforth. I don't know you, but I personally tend to, I guess, do most of my plans within the morning and preferably early whenever I can.

I usually do that, so I can enjoy the coolness of the atmosphere during summer. But, also, I tend to do this because I like it when it's calm outside and there isn't a bunch of people around yet. I do my groceries in the morning, and enjoy my walks as well at this time of the day... A peaceful atmosphere, just having the place for yourself while the world is still asleep (or busy)...

I guess there is also the beautiful sight all over the sky if you get to see the sunrise, and just the thought that you still have all your day ahead.

Anyway, I'm wishing you a nice day! ~


This happened the day before yesterday. I had a 3 hour gap between classes and I went to see my girlfriend. We hung out a little bit and she came back to the university with me, but there was still some time and we went to sit at the playground gazebo near the university. There was a kid just going around in circles with a water bottle, he still couldn't speak. So we sit at the gazebo and after a while, while we were talking and all, the kid comes and looks at me. As I said hello, with the bottle in his mouth, he raised his free hand and hugged me. Then walked away. Came back to us threw his bottle to the ground, picked it up and mumbled something. Like 5 minutes after that, he came back and hugged me again, but this time he also walked behind us and poked my girlfriend on the back. That was it, such a small and random thing but it made our whole day better.

I really don't know what else to say, I just wanted to share this story

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