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Sister Rosalind Moss- from Judaism to Protestantism to the Church!

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I think she is interesting, but is also a cautionary tale.

So, I try not to be ideologically Catholic. There are people around me who are ‘liberal Catholics’ and who are ‘conservative’ and ‘traditional’ and although sometimes we are forced to use these labels to be understood, the problem is they inevitably form teams.

When someone on your ‘team’ does something, you are expected to support it. I think this is very, very bad.

So, Rosalind is on the conservative side of things. She is a fan of the Catechism of Saint John Paul, of high liturgy, and is orthodox concerning the moral teachings. So, logically, to most people, she would be on my ‘team’.

But, this is where that whole idea goes wrong: she made a big mistake. Without any experience, without living the religious life, she has attempted to become a foundress of a religious order.

That’s just silly. And, as the experience of several of these ‘pop up’ convents has shown, it’s dangerous.

Running a religious order is incredibly difficult and requires, not just one experienced person, but the institutional experience of hundreds of years. Founders and foundresses must have been formed in religious life. Otherwise, it’s kind of a joke.

I also feel bad for her poor bishop who ejected her order from his diocese. Everyone on her ‘team’ hates him now, when actually he is a good, orthodox, B+ bishop with a good reputation.

I wish she would just join a real order.

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2 points · 4 months ago

But, this is where that whole idea goes wrong: she made a big mistake. Without any experience, without living the religious life, she has attempted to become a foundress of a religious order.

I really like her. Granted, it's unusual to found a religious order the way she did, but who's to say she wasn't called to do it?

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Yeah, it's definitely odd, but we've had all sorts of long-living religious movements founded in odd circumstances (often with the same bishop head-butting). It's very hard for a bishop to judge a movement in one's own time, imagine how much so for an outsider. Yes, we all need to be less "my team" about it, from either angle, and recognize this is how our Church typically operates.

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2 points · 4 months ago

I'm trying to remember which saint it is, but one of them was baptized and then immediately ordained a priest and a bishop. If that can happen, I wouldn't worry too much about Mother Miriam (her religious name) founding an order without much experience.

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If I said I was called to jump in front of a bus, you’d obviously disagree. Seems simple.

But, we have just, in that sentence, established an important point- God is wiser than humans, so he will always call humans to things that turn out to be wise.

In history, God has guided the Church to have a very formal structure of rules governing religious orders and their life. We see this as God’s wisdom.

So, if someone says, “God is calling me to do something contrary to the wisdom He gave the Church in the past,” it’s ok for us to say ,”I doubt it.”

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2 points · 4 months ago

How is her order demonstrably not wise??

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