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Hey Reddit. I’m Nick Antosca, creator and executive producer for SYFY’s Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block. This installment is inspired by Kerry Hammond’s Creepypasta story about stairs that mysteriously appear and vanish in the middle of the woods. The premiere episode is available for free on and Youtube (, and the show continues tonight at 10/9c on SYFY.

I’m here to answer any and all fan questions - ask me anything.

My Proof:

UPDATE 1:35pm LA time -- A pleasure talking to all of you! I must wrap it up, but thank you for watching CHANNEL ZERO and I hope you enjoy tonight's episode...

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Just a short update I found about the fourth season of Channel Zero. According to the website, Winnipeg Free Press, it's said that the title for the fourth season will be called Channel Zero: Dream Door, and that they'll be filming from late April to June. Based on what they said about what the season will be about, I can tell it will be very different from the original story that it's supposedly based on.


I don't think it was ever answered.

I ask because he watched over her as she slept, he enthusiastically smelled her in the beginning, etc.

Was this ever acknowledged or did anyone else notice?


At least according to Amazon.

Still anxiously awaiting some news about Season 4


I enjoyed the first season, but it didn't wow me. The second season really took its time to fully create the story, and went deep into the base human fears. I'm still reflecting on it. This is really what good horror is about. Amazing to see this quality work happening on TV rather than the big screen


season 1

They shouldn't had made this creepy pasta in to the series The story was silly and there wasn't much to develop on it The atmospheric feel and and some performances made it watchable .

Season 2

This is one of the greatest thing ever happened on television.Loved everything about everything in this season

Season 3

It had its moments it was trying to be too much sophisticated .They knew they couldn't make this season near good to no end house so they tried but acknowledged their limitation and settled with what they have got. So the next season would be better than 1st and 3rd seasons


New to the show, new to the sub. Maybe I am late to game and maybe it has been said, but “Wow!” That is all I can think to say. This show is fantastic. As a huge horror fan I am honestly surprised it took so long to get to see this, or even know what creepy pasta’s were to begin with.

The show is probably, THE best horror show on television. (I’m going to exclude Twin Peaks as it’s not “straight up horror”). The show was everything we were promised with AHS and then some.

I finished No End House in one night, and I’m currently on Episode 4 of Butchers Block (one day later mind you).

I am very impressed with not only the quality of the show, the acting, the direction/cinematography; i digress, but the real triumph is how well this shit is written! Its scary, eerie, and enthralling throughout. I can’t stop.

Im obsessed, I think. Serves me right for shying away at first find from “SYFY Originals”.


I always thought this would make a great TV show. There is plenty of material, plus the early stories in this series are GREAT. Butcher face is another one. Both would be good movies as well.

Love butchers block, but strange the connection to search and rescue is pretty weak. Almost seems like this season could have been a stand-alone or original story.


I've searched around online but I've not found anything. Does anyone know the purpose for the flickering, static, and image wavering on certain scenes in all three seasons of Channel Zero so far?

Originally I put it down to being part of the Candle Cove broadcast during season 1, but when it showed up in No End House and then Butchers Block I realised there's more to it than that.

I thought maybe subliminal messages at first, then maybe as symbolic of bad shit about to go down, ala the rumbling noise in the Paranormal Activity film series.

Now I'm wondering if it's just a stylistic 'fingerprint' of the show.

Anyone else noticed it, and if so has there been any mention of it from the team working on the show?


Oh boy, it went from haunted house horror/trapped in a hell suburban dimension to some type of feminist statement. Controlling men, brainless shell of their former selves women, being tormented over having an abortion. NOOOOOOO


First, I'll say the Pestilence God did look damn scary. Whoever thought that one up, good job. I do, however, have a question: If the pestilence god is a predatory being who consumes children, why does he have elk-like antlers? Don't elk eat wild grasses and plants? He certainly had a nice rack though, I'd say...a 12-point buck at least. He'd look good mounted on my wall.

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The official subreddit for Channel Zero on SyFy. It is an anthology series based on a popular creepypasta. Season 1 is Candle Cove and Season 2 is No-End House.

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