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What's on your mind, Charlotte?


Hi everyone. I'm a fairly recent transplant and I'm looking to meet some cool people. I moved here 3 months ago with my husband. I'm pretty extroverted but quirky and have trouble making new friends (why is it so damn hard as an adult). I've joined meetup but have only been to a couple of events. Any advice? Any other recent transplants want to find something to do on the weekend?


I recently moved to Charlotte from Kansas for an internship, and I am living in a house that I found on Craigslist. It is not what I expected... and I don’t feel comfortable living here.

Does anyone know of any places that are less expensive to live maybe $800 range but decent and in a decent neighborhood. I’ll be working just Southwest of Uptown (I think South End area). I’m not familiar with the area but I’m trying to learn it.

Anyway, thanks for the help!


So in the fall im pretty sure i'll be enrolling into UNCC, and living on campus/campus housing whatever. Im a 23 year old who got an associates in business studies at community college. Im going for my bachelors with a concentration in supply chain. SO LET ME KNOW. What is the student body like. School spirit



What am i getting myself into?

All responses appreciated and welcome :)


I’m moving to Charlotte for work and my wife and I are needing apartment recommendations! I’ll be working in the Southwest corner or Charlotte and would like to stay in that part of the city. I’d even consider somewhere like Tega Cay or Fort Mill. I’d like to stay under 850 if possible. Give me what yah got!


So I'm a near 30 year old (29 technically speaking lol) who just wants to play 🎮 some original rock/grunge music with some fun covers sprinkled in. I play guitar mainly 🎸, and I have a younger brother who can play bass. Would love to get enough original material to play some shows. Feel free to reach out in the comments or DM if you or someone you know is interested.




Are there any LGBT+ friendly churches in the Charlotte area?

Posted byAshley Park16 hours ago

I’ve been to Vivace a hundred times with our weekend friend group but we’re looking for another place to try where we can all drink enough to forget tomorrow is Monday. The bottomless mimosas and bloody Mary’s are key. Any suggestions?


Hey all, I am looking to pay someone a small fee for locally 3D printing a very tiny piece for me. I could order it online, but I'd love to come by and pickup the piece in person from a local source. Here is the part:

Please let me know if this is something you could help me with, and of course I'll pay for the materials and time. (It's a small piece so hopefully not much).



I saw people uninstalling the ATM by the dairy queen. Was it moved to a different location?


What are the best spots to try and thrift a navy blazer? Doesn’t have to be 4.99 cheap like goodwill.


I have a ticket to the movie Truth or Dare at Manchester Stadium 14 in Rock Hill tomorrow at 12:45p. I can't go, if anybody wants this ticket PayPal me five bucks and it's yours.


Anyone know of a good place to do stadiums in/near the Cornelius area? Even just a decent set of bleachers or stairs would be great!


So like seriously this is the best airport I have ever had a connecting flight at. Never have dealt with any issues and boy do I love the short trek from concourse E to any other concourse. You guys really know how to organize an airport! I'm really sad I won't have to catch a connecting flight here EVER AGAIN. I'll definitely miss all of the wonderful experiences I've had at y'all's airport.




My company just had our annual meeting at the Convention Center, and we constructed a replica living room in the concourse as part of an exhibit. I am leaving for New Jersey tomorrow (5/20) and I don't know what to do with this furniture. If anyone would like this, either for themselves or as a donation to a charitable organization, please PM me. The only stipulation is that you'd have to come to the Convention Center and pick up all the furniture for yourself (ideally either Sunday 5/20 or Monday 5/21). Here is the setup:

Please let me know!

Moderator of r/Charlotte

Here it is Charlotte! It's super simple. Take a frown, and turn it upside down! Nothin' but love here. The idea is quite simple...

If you have something NICE and/or POSITIVE to say about a local person place or thing (sure, lets include big box stores, and franchises) that gave you a smile or just plain made life a little less stressful at some point in the last week, show some love! Take a break from the tirade thread, and feel good while doing it! Maybe your good vibes will cause a ripple effect, and send a smile to someone else, or give them the motivation to get up, get out, and enjoy this beautiful thing called life, and do so in our city! This is a win/win situation. Why not take advantage of it?

It doesn't have to be about a money saving deal you saw. It doesn't have to be related to financial savings at all, really. In fact, the idea is to stay away from that sort of thing and focus more on the human interaction, and someone else just making you wanna say thank you. Obviously, lets stay away from personal info and full names to keep a little bit of ano-nom-ah-nimity or whatever, LOL!


Seems a large portion of Matthews just lost power.


Here for the summer without any friends and was wondering how the EDM scene here is.

There are a bunch of underground raves where I go to school and was wondering if there are any here or if it’s just shows.


I've been trying to find this flavor of ice cream and i've hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. Lucas Pelucas tamarindo flavor ice cream , made by blue bunny. A local ice cream truck sales it but at a ridiculous mark up (200%) and the only places online that sale it are whole distributors at are located in Florida or Texas that are apparently local pick up.

Does anyone have any idea if any places sell these in Charlotte???

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