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We lived three houses down from that house for all of 2017. I seriously hope I'm mistaken, but I believe those are the kids who came over several times and talked to us and played with our 11 year old. I talked with the father and mother a few times about some neighborhood shenanigans that were going on at the time, they seemed perfectly normal to me.

The little girl always rode her scooter around, and when she came up to you she would excitedly interrupt you by saying "excuse me, excuse me, excuse me..." and then mumble incoherently about something you could never figure out.

One day the two kids walked up to us in our front yard, "excuse me, excuse me, excuse me.... my brother has a frog in his pocket." and then the little boy pulled this giant live toad out of his pocket. We shared their excitement with them and talked with them about toads for a few minutes.

She waited outside for her brother to return home on the bus after school every day.

We only interacted with them a handful of times, but we can tell those kids were very close and really loved each other. This is an absolute tragedy.

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Fuck man....

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Holy fuck. Not used to these headlines around here. Reminds me of the woman from Gaffney or something who did the same and drove her car into a lake and blamed it on an imaginary black guy about 20 years ago

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Susan Smith.

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Yeah Susan Smith in Chester SC. She’s actually up for parole this year or next I believe.

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It was Union, SC

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I remember this sad event.

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Damn... Not the way I wanted to start my morning.

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It's so sad that mental illness in this country has the stigma it does and receives so little funding.

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Don't know if this is a good point to mention this connection, but I just looked up the meaning of the song "Excitable Boy" and it is about the issue of undiagnosed mental illness in America

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You didn't realize that before? The boy keeps doing more and more stuff, and everyone is dismissing his behavior... until he finally kills someone.

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No I didn't realize it was a statement on that particular issue, I just thought it was a fucked up song and didn't know why

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How about the 'Black Mirror' episode where the girl has any violence, explicit language, etc literally blurred in her vision. That will seriously screw anyone up.

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That episode was crazy.

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The sad thing is that a lot of people won’t get help for their mentally disturbed family members. They just pretend it’s normal or distance themselves from the person. We hear that a lot after mass shootings - remember Sandy Hook? The government can’t help if it doesn’t know there’s a problem.

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Yup. That's the stigma part. They get in denial about it all. I like to tell people, would you abandon your family member if they broke their leg or got cancer? No of course you wouldn't. Mental illness, while more difficult, deserves the same.

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Legitimate question, how could you go about that? My mother is an abusive narcissist who has blind fits of violent rage taken out on her children. I'm very certain she's bipolar or something similar. I've had to distance myself because she won't get help and the rest of my family just pretends everything is normal. She refuses to get any kind of help when I really feel like she'd be a normal functioning adult with the right medicine.

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I expanded more in another reply - I'm dealing with the same thing with my mother-in-law. Your mother sounds exactly like her, and my adult children and I have gone no contact while the rest of the family (including my husband) just put up with her shit. It's too late for her - at 83 there's not enough therapy/meds to undo the damage to her brain. Adult Protective Services was no help, so relying on the government is not the answer. It's up to the family, and unless they are all on the same page nothing happens. My husband knows his mother is sick, but he can't do anything because his other siblings won't. He's even talked to her doctor who won't help. Look up narcissistic personality disorder - I'm pretty sure that's what my MIL has. She is a psychopath to boot. And my poor FIL is at her mercy which bothers me to no end. I'm sorry you have such a shitty mother but kudos to you for distancing yourself. Don't let anyone guilt trip you over it - it's your perfect right to stay away from toxic people.

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Oh she's a textbook narcissist to a T. Yeah, I'm the oldest of 5 sisters and the youngest is still under her roof. My older sisters and I are the only ones willing to stand up to her finally. The entire family has turned their backs on us, saying we're just trying to start trouble or hurt people (for speaking up against the abuse she put us through 🙄) it has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to do because she's so good at manipulating you into thinking you're to blame for her shitty actions. And she's so incredibly good at lying that everyone believes her as soon as she sheds a few tears. Which, by the way, she can do on command. She is so good at living a lie, like literally her entire livelihood is based on unrelenting denial, that is honestly makes me wonder if she legitimately believes the shit she says. Which screams mental illness to me. My aunt, her sister, has even expressed this to me, but she nor anyone else in the family will confront my mom because they're afraid she'll blow up on them. They just say "you know how your mom is, she's not going to change. You should just forgive her." It's a complete mindfuck to my sisters and I.

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Ewwww - makes me sick just thinking about what you are going through. Fuck the rest of your family. "That's just the way she is" is not an excuse for psychotic behavior. My MIL has gotten away with this shit her entire life. At this point, as awful as it sounds, I'm just waiting for the bitch to die so this can be over for everyone. Have you been over to r/raisedbynarcissists? That and r/justnomil have been very supportive for me. And r/justnomil helps people with their mothers also - they don't have to be MILs. I hope your youngest sister will get away soon.

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Thank you. I know exactly what you mean about waiting for them to die. It's like I've already mourned the loss of who my mom will be so it feels like she's dead already. I hate you have to put up with that, especially having that lack of control since it's your husband's mom. We are worried about our sister, she's only 12. We found out our mom had been abusing her so we called DSS but they are absolutely no help. It's sick. And I'll check those out!

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A lot of times the family, and the people themself, know there's a problem but can't afford the help they need.

Yes there are some free & sliding scale resources, but they often require long waitlists and more time, effort, and paperwork than a person struggling with mental illness has the energy to deal with,

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My experience has been that a lot of people don't want the stigma associated with them either. When our teenage son had problems we paid for everything outside of insurance so it wouldn't affect him negatively. My mother-in-law probably should be institutionalized, but no one in the family has the balls to stand up to her.

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Holy fucking shit, this is terrible.

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Shit man

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