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16 says U.S.A. Cream Cheese Wiki says England

I was trying to find out what sort of cheese cream cheese is... guess it is its own thing.


Hi, i bought Back Diamond cheddar Cheese and i forgot to put it in the fridge when i came home. Its been out for two hours but still factory sealed. How long that cheese can survive out of fridge? I mean those are in the fridge when you buy them


Posted bySt. Agur2 days ago

I just got some and it wasn't rock hard, but it was drier than sand. Just about flung powder everywhere when I cut it. I've never had it before, is this normal?


Hi there! Thank you for your interest :-)This survey is part of a bachelor thesis project. It investigates the Dutch cheese market of New York City. All answers are multiple choice and confidential. No previous knowledge is required. Please click above on 'This survey' to start. Your help is greatly appreciated!


Most cheeses seem to be legacy and have been around for centuries. That made me wonder what’s new in the cheese world (other than adulterated fruit and other ingredients)


For two years I ate Roquefort every week, throughout the week, while in France. Being in the US, I’ve bought it a few times but It tastes different (not nearly as good), I’m not sure the best way to describe it but maybe sharper, tangier/acidic, and most notably boring. It doesn’t have the strong aroma and savory flavor.

Roquefort Société is what I’m buying in the US. I’ve bought this brand in French grocery stores and the taste is not the same.

Has anyone else noticed this? Am I imagining it or buying bad batches? Do they do something different to the Roquefort they export to the US? Maybe it’s the fact they are wrapped in plastic here?


I didn't know where else I could celebrate! So I thought the small cheese community would be most welcoming.