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Posted by
John Casey
19 hours ago
Stickied post

Chuck vs. the Alma Mater

Alternate Friends Title

The One with the Master Remote

Random Thoughts

  • I really enjoyed this episode. It was satisfying to get some questions answered and some much needed back story.
  • So stylish Morgan only lasted one episode.
  • Ouchies. Fleming kicked Chuck out of school. I wouldn’t be keen on helping him out either.
  • Chuck was in a fraternity? How’d that happen?
  • This episode in all its workplace politics glory is making me realize how much I don’t miss working in retail.
  • All the shows in the TV game were WB right? One Tree Hill, Smallville, Gilmore Girls, etc. Is Chuck a Warner Brothers show?
  • I really wish Grimes and Co would have been eating pudding instead of jello during that meeting to take down Tang.
  • I wonder how many Nerd Herd cars Chuck’s been through. It seems like every other episode it gets wrecked.
  • Chuck really has difficulty identifying dead bodies. First with those pictures of the “art dealers” he thought were sleeping and now with his professor with an arrow in his back.
  • Dewey Decimal system FTW?
  • Lester turned to the dark side? Ugh, I can’t believe he turned into one of Tang’s lackeys. If there’s one thing I can’t abide, it’s someone who kisses up to the boss.
  • I love how Chuck essentially called a Stanford CIA reunion to help Casey and Sarah out.
  • And maybe I'm totally reading into it, but that look Casey and Sarah shared when they were nearly out of ammo and thought that it was the end felt a little romantically charged to me. I don't know. Maybe I'm crazy.
  • Seriously? Who brings a crossbow to a fight? People are gonna notice you. Guns and knives are way easier to hide.
  • Maybe I’m a horrible person, but finding out that Bryce was just trying to protect Chuck from becoming an operative for a scary mission hasn’t made me warm up to him more. Although that flashback from their freshmen year at the end made me like him just a smidge.
  • So Bryce hooked up Jill and Chuck. That must have made things real awkward when Bryce ended up with Jill instead.
  • Prediction: I think Jill will make an appearance on this show.

Favorite Quotes

  • “I’m sorry, fellas, is this the Talk More?” “No, sir. It’s the Buy More.”
  • “Look, no offense, but I'd rather get hit... in the produce section again than go back to that place.”
  • “I just flashed on myself. Why am I in the intersect?”
  • “I'm gonna be the one who breaks you, Grimes. You know why? Because you're soft. Like pudding.”
  • “I’ve been doing all these crunches man.” “I know buddy.”
  • “Gee, I don’t know, Casey. How many psycho archers do you know?”
  • “Don’t you think this would be a good time for me to be waiting in the car?”
  • “Are you coming to the toga party?”

Songs I Added to My Spotify Playlist

Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger

The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger (I've heard this song a lot from various shows/movies. It's good to know the actual name of the song.)


It honestly annoys me so much that they never train him how to use a gun or how to fight or anything. It would honestly make him a much greater asset if he could at least some small self-defense. I don't want details just a simple yes or no. I'm on season 2 right now.


Rewatching Chuck again and I’m wondering who else caught the wine reference in “Chuck vs the balcony”?

Posted by
John Casey
1 day ago

Chuck vs. the Sandworm

Alternate Friends Title

The One Where Morgan Becomes a Tucker

Random Thoughts

  • Louis Litt, what are you doing here? First Matt Bomer and now Rick Hoffman. Did USA steal all of their actors from Chuck?
  • Mystery Crisper, what a horrifying and parasite-inducing game.
  • OK, Guitar Shredder is a way better name than Guitar Hero.
  • Casey’s an angry elf this episode.
  • I know it’s just a joke, but Morgan kind of went down in my book for filming that girl’s whale tail and putting them up on the screens. He went from kinda sorta creepy to full on creepster there.
  • Sarah bugged his house! I’m surprised I didn’t realize that sooner.
  • That’s a LARGE robe even for Casey. Photo evidence here
  • Lazlo just keeps on getting crazier as the episode goes on.
  • Look at Morgan in that vest and tie! Quite the fancy pants.
  • All of the Buy More Halloween costumes are awesome. Big Mike as a pimp. Lester and Jeff as American Gothic.
  • Lazlo was interesting… I started off feeling bad for him but his creepy factor just never wore off.

Favorite Quotes

  • “Morgan is so awesome. He can eat anything.”
  • “Tang has the charm of a prostate exam.”
  • “You gave me goosebumps.” “Super, Jeff.”
  • “I was framed! Okay? You have to believe me, I am not a murderer!” “Okay! Okay! I believe you! But FYI, you're kinda acting like a murderer.”
  • “There comes a time in every man's life when he reaches, well, a crossroads. A time when he must ask himself... Am I a tucker?”
  • “Everything is not going to be cool.”
  • “Look, Big Mike, there are just some things more important than the Buy More.” “You mean like fishing and danish?”

Songs I Added to My Spotify Playlist

Finley Quaye - Dice


Is Casey always eating hot pockets or is that another food I’m mixing it up with


Did Mary always know agent x was volkoff?? And another question, Ellie solved the memory problem which helped chuck flash whenever he needed to right?

Posted by
John Casey
4 days ago

Chuck vs. the Sizzling Shrimp

Alternate Friends Title

The One Where Ellie Is Slightly Less Annoyed by Morgan

Random Thoughts

  • Stake me out tonight! I don’t want to let you go till we catch this guy!
  • Poor Morgan. I really do have a soft spot for his annoying over-staying-his-welcomee behind.
  • Mmkay, there’s very little Chuck can do that will make me like him less but not liking fireworks? Lame. The 4th of July is the best holiday. Fight me.
  • Chuck’s first stake out. D’awww….
  • That whole montage of him in the car was golden.
  • I find it hilarious that Casey’s doing better in the sales competition than Morgan.
  • Ellie’s guacamole is making me hungry.
  • The wounded raccoon? That’s just cold. Poor Morgan. And just when he was about to get some digits too.
  • I feel like Chuck’s hair is getting less curly each episode.
  • This show has way more entertaining fight scenes than most shows.
  • Prediction for future episodes - Chuck and Ellie’s mom comes back and she’s a spy.
  • Also, for kids who grew up without a mom Chuck and Ellie are surprisingly functional. I thought Mother’s Day was going to be the anniversary of their mom’s death.

Favorite Quotes

  • “He’s a happy person. I appreciate that about him and he works hard so….”
  • “A girl that beautiful with a colon that spastic…”
  • “Grimes, you are the worst salesman I’ve ever seen.”
  • “Stay in the car.” “My four favorite words.”
  • “Why is he tied up? Throw him in the trunk! What? The trunk? That’s not very…nice.”
  • “I can’t get fired. How will I eat?”
  • “What happened to don’t get cocky?” “My bad. Professional faux pas.”

Songs I Added to My Spotify Playlist

Hall & Oates - Private Eyes (Honestly, I’m a sucker for any Hall and Oates song. Consequence of being born in the 80s. This song inspired me to make a new playlist of only 80s music.)

Posted by
John Casey
5 days ago

Chuck vs. the Wookiee

Alternate Friends Title

The One with a Disturbingly Hairy Man

Random Thoughts

  • Aww, they were having so much fun at game night until the awkwardness of how much Chuck hates Bryce popped up.
  • Not Sarah's fish! I’m so glad Carina put it back in its bowl.
  • Abed’s dad/the principal from Glee is in this!
  • So Casey and Carina have a history…interesting…
  • It’s official. I don’t like Carina. She’s shifty and very petty.
  • Carina’s disrobing shtick to get what she wants was old the first time she did it.
  • Even though Chuck’s spy game is less than smooth. It works for him.
  • Casey lugging around part of the headboard was a great visual gag. Especially in the elevator.
  • Why so jealous Carina? Like seriously why are you so jealous of Sarah?
  • That ending. I’m a little teary-eyed. To be honest, I felt more for Sarah here than Chuck. She’s had to live this way for a while. Never being able to truly open up to anyone. That must be difficult.
  • There were a lot of good elements in this episode (game night, diamond heist, Casey vs. the headboard, etc.), but too much Carina kind of made this episode a little less enjoyable than the rest of them. Am I alone in my Carina dislike?

Favorite Quotes

  • “Right. Right. So your relationship, you'd say, was more like, "You, hey, get that bad guy, " or "Nice judo-chop" or "How about them Redskins? " Or something like that.”
  • “Can't believe I have to work my stupid hot dog shift. If I call in sick again, I'll get canned.”
  • “It’s the only thing I know about you that’s true. You don’t like olives.”
  • “It’s Lisa. My middle name is Lisa.”

Songs I Added to My Spotify Playlist

Matt & Kim - Yea Yeah

Also, their song Daylight (one of my favorite songs from Community) is in my opinion their best song.


Did anyone catch in Season 4/ Episode 7 a fight scene had "Ghosts n' Stuff" playing for that? Thought that was a really fun scene with that instead of the standard "Chuck's about do do something goofy awesome" piece they play. :)

Posted by
John Casey
6 days ago

Chuck vs. the Tango

Alternate Friends Title

The One Where Chuck’s Stable of Hoes Fix Some Computers

Random Thoughts

  • This is my favorite episode so far!
  • These "art dealers" really don’t like paying for paintings.
  • Aww, Chuck’s team helped him with all those computers. Too bad Tang had to go and ruin everything.
  • Captain Awesome’s violating Chuck a little during that tango.
  • Chuck should have known she was evil when she didn’t know who Bob Ross was. That man’s a national treasure.
  • I was totally expecting Chuck to tango with Sarah, but I’m not even mad. That tango scene was hilarious.
  • La Ciudad is my favorite villain so far. I hope she returns.
  • I’m guessing this is just one of many assaniation attempts against Chuck.
  • I like how Ellie’s hair actually looks like a normal person’s would after waking up. Don’t get me wrong Sarah has beautiful hair, but her hair always looks perfect after every fight scene. Ellie’s hair still looks good. It just irks me when women in movies/TV shows have perfect hair all the time.
  • I love how Chuck spent the rest of the night fixing the computers. He really is a good guy and a team player.
  • Ugh, Tang’s such a snitch about the beer, but his snark towards Chuck after Big Mike leaves puts him back in my good graces…for the moment. I do so love a good snarky character.
  • Morgan can be such a great friend and so obliviously bad at friendship at the same time. He rallies the team to fix the computers and is always on Chuck’s side yet he blows his cover multiple times this episode.
  • That ladder against Wienerlicious is super convenient.
  • So many good moments this episode but my favorite has to be the baddie getting knocked out by that microwave.
  • Rats! Chuck and Sarah should have totally kissed at the end there!

Favorite Quotes

  • “We need to come up with something non-gender specific. How do we feel about team?” “The little nerd herders?” “The lesters?” “Chuck's stable of hos.”
  • “Why are these people sleeping?”
  • “I’d like a martini, barkeep, shaken and stirred. Thank you.” “Would you like a cherry with that?”
  • “You stay.” “Stay? Stay - - like a dog?”
  • “Very, I would say, Bob Rossian in its influence.”
  • “Apparently I learned the girl’s part of this dance.”
  • “First rule of management always take credit.”
  • “You look like a waiter.”
  • “Charles Irving Bartowski of the Encino Bartowskis could you please report to the returns desk?”
  • “What’s the good of being a hero if no one knows about it?” “You know. And so do I.”

Songs I Added to My Spotify Playlist

Band of Horses - The General Specific


I want to know (and I am only on rematch number 3, so I may be a bit of a noob) if anyone else has noticed a correlation between episode theme/content and the video playing on the "Wall"? Like, the episode where Casey fights his former sensei, there is a scene where Chuck is standing infront of the wall (talking to someone?) and a Kung-Fu film is playing in the background. In an episode involving the Opera, the wall is playing a Loony Tunes classic where Porky Pig is singing opera.

Has anyone else caught this and/or documented all the Wall [edit] videos?


Hey guys just wanted to know if anybody knows why the show ended that abruptly?

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