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Posted byJohn Casey11 days ago
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Chuck vs. the Third Dimension

Alternate Friends Title

The One with the Tasty Tranq Darts

Random Thoughts

  • “No touching!” - Arrested Development callback! Love it!
  • That grenade sequence was a lot of fun!
  • And Charlie from Lost makes an appearance too! “You all everybody!”
  • Morgan’s Special Triathlon? This can’t be good especially when the first round was a super disturbing Molly Ringwald underpants challenge. I actually felt bad for Lester.
  • Getting a little nauseous watching that “Subway Sprint." Doesn't make we want to go out and buy Subway.
  • And even more nauseous after seeing Jeff bite into a urinal cake. Jeff seems like a man who has suffered significant brain damage.
  • I kind of like Buttermen. I wish he would have stayed on for a few more episodes.
  • Aww, Chuck already has FOMO 2 seconds after Sarah tells him he can take a break from the spy life.
  • OK. I think I missed the title reference here. What was supposed to be the 3rd dimension?
  • I know Chuck is slightly procedural/formulaic with the "baddie of the week" kind of like the X-Files with a monster of the week, but it really felt that way this episode. I feel like it was almost intentional with the music and the pacing of the episode. Plus the ending with the font that said To Be Continued made it seem like another show was being referenced. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.
  • Also, I could use a little more Ellie and Awesome. I feel like their appearance this episode was just gratuitous. There wasn't really a purpose for it.
  • And what's going on with Anna and Morgan? They totally left us hanging after the last episode.
  • I'm glad Chuck and Sarah talked about what happened but I have a feeling it's not going to be so easily forgotten. I think they just slapped a band-aid over a gaping wound.

Favorite Quotes

  • “You were screaming last night…like a little girl.” Ellie shoots Awesome a look. Awesome replies defensively. “It was crazy how high it was.”
  • “Good morning Chuck”
  • “Hang on a second. You're-you're gonna go, and you want me to stay here and be on tongue watch duty?"
  • “I’ve earned it. I deserve it. I’m losing consciousness…”
  • “Gavin you’re fired!” Immediately followed by Tyler punching him in the face.

Songs I Added to My Spotify Playlist

Try It Again - The Hives (Loved this song before the show and it was perfect for the grenade scene)

Clap Your Brains Off - No Somos Machos Pero Somos Muchos

Out at the Pictures - Hot Chip

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I've decided to just make one thread where i'll put all the GIFS you requested here so that new viewers won't be potentially spoiled by the gif title and/or thumbnail. (thanks u/boredElf)

It also makes finding the gifs much easier!


You can keep requesting here in this thread.


GIFS (Updated 1/9/18)


GIF Link: Source: Requested by: Bonus GIF:
Don't Freak Out S1 E1 Me :) N/A
DJ Casey S2 E4 u/Sherlock_House Sarah Eyebrow
Sarah Valentines Suprise S4 E16 u/Zbricer Sneaking
Guys... I know kung fu S2 E22 u/gingerSAAB2112 & u/madjackmagee Sarah Reaction & Casey Reaction
Don't Freak Out V2 S3 E5 u/ProfAlbertEric N/A
Sarah Dancing S1 E1 u/boredElf N/A
Chuck & Morgan OC Parody S1 E6 u/boredElf N/A
Sarah Crawling S2 E2 u/boredElf Chuck Smile
Awkward Dancing S1 E1 u/BinaryNexus N/A
Where's My Fish, Bartowski?! S1 E13 u/boredElf N/A
It's Alive! S1 E12 u/boredElf N/A
Sorry, had to act fast S1 E8 u/boredElf N/A
The Morgan S2 E20 u/temptedAF The Second Morgan
As an added bonus, she'll shoot you S2 E20 Me :) N/A
Nostalgia completely gone S2 E1 Me :) N/A
Sarah Agrees To Date S2 E1 u/Lesterberne N/A, or maybe not.
Sarah Compilation I made a few years ago S2 E1&2 14 year old me N/A
Sarah Belly Dance, also made a few years ago S4 E14 14 year old me N/A
Ah Not Pretty! Uglyyy S1 E10 Me :) The render made the gif look weird, sorry
Pineapple talk S1 E10 Me :) & u/MTK005 but I don't think he meant this scene :) N/A
Boobies, Jackpot! S1 E13 Me :) N/A


You can save these gifs in .GIF format directly from gfycat by clicking on the settings icon and open small/large gif format.



STATUS (Updated 16/9/18)

A little status that i'll update accordingly.

I'm currently working on 26 gifs.

I added a link to all my ideas in case anyone is interested.

I'm working on it :)


I hadn't watched it since it first aired, and (ironically) I had forgotten a lot of it. But I have to say, that was just a great finale, and the entire series was just better than I remembered it. It felt like they had planned out a five year arc to the entire series, although each season finale did feel like they writers thought they weren't going to get renewed. It's 12:30 a.m. and I have to get up early for work, but it was worth it.

Also, Yvonne Strahovski did a great job of showing her changes, that I won't spoil. And I like the message that it wasn't just the intersect, but the team built around the intersect. It's always more than just the technology.

Jeffster 4evah


I feel like I had such high hopes for the character and they killed it so quick. Could of used a longer arc, making Sarah more jealous while having her get close to the truth. They killed it so quickly. Kruek was a fantastic match for chuck I thought.

Posted byNerd Herd3 days ago

If you visit the Nerd HQ website at, you will find a splash screen with the message:


We're working on something special

Check back soon

According to what I can get from the Wayback Machine, on 28th June the website was up.

Does anyone know the reason behind this? Do you think something special is indeed coming up, or is this project about to die?


I dont know how many, if any, of the people in this group live in NC but I just wanted to say that I hope you and your loved ones are safe! So far @ the house I'm at doesnt have flooding but we been without power for 54 hours. It's not fun. Lol I dont know how it is at my place and its driving me nuts but me and my sweet 4-legged Chloe are doing okay!


I recently binged all five seasons and noticed something: actors have showed up after their other character/work has been included. Let me explain.

I think it was in season 1 that Morgan and Lester tried to see who could name the most shows on the TV's in store. One show that Morgan gets is smallville. A season or so later, Kristen Kreuk (Lana Lang in Smallville) appeared as Hannah.

Later in season 4, Timothy Dalton appeared as Hartley Winterbottom / Alexei Volkoff. His previous role was James Bond in License to Kill, and there were constant references to James Bond throughout the whole run of the show.

This isn't confirmed but I think it's likely, but someone at the Buy More, or Ellie might have watched Scrubs, which Sarah Lancaster (Ellie) appeared in.

In the first episode of season 5, Mark Hamill appears as the person they're stealing the vase from, and he is most notably known for playing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, which is also constantly referenced.

There's also Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown in Back to The Future) who plays the psychologist after Alex wears Morgan's signed Robert Zemeckis shirt from Back to The Future.

My question is: do you think they ever noticed they had plans to make Chuck or someone else make note of the resemblance and confront them about it?


I related last year how I never even knew the show existed until September 2017 when I saw a random clip on YouTube. I quickly purchased the full series on DVD two weeks later. Everyone I show it to say the same two things: 1) How did I not know about this show? and 2) I love it!

So, Chuck fans, anyone have an educated guess how popular the show is 6 years after it stopped production? My guess is the fan base is larger but I have no way of knowing. What does your intuition tell you? Anyone have some hard numbers to share?

Posted byJeff Barnes5 days ago

I would personally like to thank you guys for all that you gave to this this wonderful show. I’m sure without you guys many like me would never have been able to discover this beautiful show and all of its quirks for the full 5 seasons.

One of my biggest regrets was not being able to be apart of that because Chuck has been such an important part of my life. If the nerds must wage war again to bring Chuck back, you can bet I’ll be there fighting by your side, having your back as we chow down on a nice tasty foot long meatball marinara Sub from subway.



Season 2 Episode 7 Chuck Versus the Fat Lady. Early in the episode after the theme, Chuck Sarah and Casey are infiltrating Guy LaFleur's room to get the list of Fulcrum agents within CIA, we see a bad guy in a lobby disguised as electrician, with the tag of "Tuttle Electric" on his chest. Gregory Tuttle, was also the alias Alexei Volkoff used when he first met Chuck in Season 4, possible foreshadowing or pure coincidence?


When Morgan leaves Buy More at the end of the episode, he has his shirt off and it looks like he has a giant greenish bruise across his chest. Is this just my screen or has anyone else noticed this?


I’ve just finished Chuck for like the fourth time, and I had to comment on the music. I’ve had the playlist on repeat for weeks on and off. It’s the perfect accompaniment to studying, exercise and housework. Some of my personal favourites include: Your Hands by Ghost Society, My Backwards Walk by Frightened Rabbit, Luisa’s Bones by Crooked Fingers, Rivers and Roads by the Head and the Heart and Squealing Pigs by Admiral Fallow.

What are your favourites?

Edit: Luisa’s Bones not Boned. That could have been awkward!


On my fourth round of the series and I picked up something new to me. Chuck and Sarah's final conversation in the episode. Is this really the first time Chuck indirectly confesses his love for Sarah in front of her? "And when I do, I'm gonna live the life that I want with the girl that I love."


They mention that they have talked ad nauseum about filming the final scene.

Where can I find that? I just finished watching it and I am desperately looking for something more about that last episode. But also in general the whole decision to make Sarah forget.


My favorite from each season would have to be:

Season 1- don’t remember the episode- when Sarah kisses chuck because they think the bomb is going to explode

Season 2- Chuck vs the colonel- chuck and Sarah make out in the hotel while on the run from Casey

Season 3- chuck vs the other guy- chuck shoots Shaw to save Sarah

Season 4- chuck vs the cliffhanger- chuck gets the cure to Sarah and saves her life just in time and then they get married

Season 5- chuck vs Sarah- chuck takes Sarah to her dream home to try and help her get her memories back

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