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It's a codec issue. It looks like the Konftel is not using G.729 which is what our CUCM is expecting. I tested a small site by changing it to G.711 and then it worked which proves the theory. So my effort now will be to see how I enable G.729 on the Konftel. More to come...

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So issue is resolved. I just had to go into the Dect 10 web interface and reset the codecs and then all of a sudden G729 appeared on the list. I guess its not enabled by default. Once enabled and move it to the top of the list and the calls are now working.

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ACLs or NAT?

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Is it only the Konftel that is affected? What about other IP phones? Are they SIP or SCCP? Also, what happens if the Konftel receives a call from another office?

Offhand, it sounds like UDP is being blocked at the WAN interface.

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It is a codec issue. You could enable MTP required on the device to address the issue as well, considering you have proper media resources configured.

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I tried that but it didnt work for me.