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Has anyone else seen this guy’s work? It is highly impressive

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That definitely was impressive! The facial animations suprised me most, they really utilized the Wii models well.

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I'm pretty sure those are the QFI models from the Wii game.

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Well he clearly did lot of additional work (even if he's clearly mid level beginner, he's doing a lot, and that's good). Original wii models for example (realtime ones eh, not the cinematic ones which aren't rippable from the game as they're only in pre-rendered videos), don't have any kind of dynamic eyes or mouth, he clearly did some editing there, he also added jeremy, tried to do environement, scyphozoas and all...

Again, not the biggest talent there, but he's doing a lot of efforts, and that's visible, he's going to improve well if he continues like that. I would love to see him doing a remake from that in a few years :)

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