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Bienvenido a /r/Colombia!

Este post contiene toda la información necesaria para que planee su viaje a cualquier parte del país, esperamos que le sea útil.

Formato de información:

Para todos aquellos que deseen contribuir, respondan como comentario a cada nombre de ciudad o zona, la idea es que la información esté tanto en Español como en Inglés, pero si no pueden traducir bien me avisan y traduzco los comentarios. Los datos necesarios son los siguientes

  • Seguridad
  • Sitios Turísticos (incluyendo advertir sobre sobrecostos para turistas)
  • Comida típica
  • Sitios Culturales
  • Lugares aledaños
  • Métodos de transporte
  • Discotecas
  • Restaurantes
  • Centros comerciales
  • Planes y paseos

Mil gracias a todos los que ayuden, incluyan por favor la mayor cantidad de información que tengan, sean honestos al advertir sobre seguridad y costos.

Welcome to /r/Colombia

This post has all the information you need to plan your trip to anywhere in the country, we hope it proves useful.

Info format

For all of you who'd like to help, please answer as to each City or zone comment, the idea is to have all the info in Spanish and English, but if you're not confident with translating, just message me and I'll translate the comments. The following data is required for the FAQ:

  • Safety
  • Touristic Places (include any touristic fee and scams you might know)
  • Local food
  • Cultural sites
  • Near places
  • Transportation
  • Clubs / Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Malls
  • Field trips and nice plans to do

Thanks to everyone for your help, please include all information you might know about, be honest about safety and scam warnings.


I was watching the opening ceremony of barranquilla central american games today and saw shakira perform. Do ppl in Colombia know who she is?


Coming over to see me friend in Santa Marta but I literally know nothing of the place. Any idea of where to go, what to do, and any good restaurants?

Also if anyone has any information regarding crime and safety that would be great.

If anyone is there then let’s meet up!


Vivo en el 11 piso en un edificio en chapinero y acaba de temblar todo el apartmento. Qué fue?


Hey, guys! I am dating a Colombian women. I myself am originally from the southern United States, but my girlfriend and I had a discussion today that I want to have a deeper understanding on.

She sent me a "meme" that I didn't particularly find funny that had a dark, not so attractive woman. It was along the lines of "When your son tells you that he has a girlfriend but you find out she is from Venezuela." I kind of just shook my head and told her I didn't find it all that funny and that I thought Venezuelans were fine people.

This is kind of where it went off track, I guess. She said "I disagree, Venezuelans are all lazy thieves and whores. The women just want to find American men to bring them out of poverty, that is why there are so many whores and prostitutes." Living in the southern U.S., this made my blood boil. I hear people say some of these things about Hispanic people (usually just calling them all Mexicans) and it makes me extremely angry. So, I called her out on it and said that was idiotic to say and she comes across as ignorant when she says things like that.

She again tried to re-enforce her point of Venezuelan women being dirty and the men being lazy thieves and murderers. I again fought her on it saying that those were terrible things to say. The conversation ended, she was upset that I called her out on it and I was upset that she said these things.

Are these thoughts normal for many Colombians? Is there a brewing hatred between the two countries? I was rather shocked to see her say these things and then adamantly defend what she said. I asked her if a Venezuelan had done something to her and she said "no".


Is there anything she can do to get her documents back? She's an Indian resident, her phone, credit card, kindle, and identification were stolen. We're just hoping to get the identification back...


Any place in this area where you can walk in and play for an hour? Thanks

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3 days ago

Vivo en el lado norte de bogota y tengo Claro de 10MB, estoy mirando en cambiarme a ETB por la fibra optica y los 15MB al mismo precio que estoy pagando en claro por 10MB.

Cual es su experiencia con ETB? Ha sido buena la calidad? Se cae mucho, o no llega a la velocidad que es... Basicamente me quedo o me paso a ETB?


Hi! Many thanks for reading this post. Asking for a friend.

I recently found out I am 11 weeks pregnant. I will be traveling to Colombia for trip in two weeks. I saw my OB today and she instructed me that Colombia is a risk area. I paid a lot of money and the trip is important to me. I will be in Bogota for 4 days and Cartagena for 2 days. I am asking what is the local view and consensus on this? Is there a huge Zika/mosquito risk there?

Again, forgive my ignorance about Colombia. I am just a traveler and decided the best people to ask were people who actually lived there.

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4 days ago

Esta pregunta va dirigida para aquellos que han salido de su lugar de origen a cualquier edad o por cualquier razón y vivan en otra parte de Colombia o del mundo.


¡Hola Colombianos! He escuchado que existe una escena de punk rock muy vibrante en Colombia. Voy a viajar a Bogotà por primera vez en Augusto y me pregunto: ¿Alguien puede recomendar un buen bar de punk rock en Bogotá, o algunos bares similares de esto? ¡Muchas gracias (y lamento la calidad de mi español)!


Queria saber si alguien los ha usado, parece demasiado barato para ser verdad, entonces queria saber si son buenos o al menos aceptables.



My wife and I are going on a trip to Colombia soon and we are having a debate about what to bring and what not to bring.

She is from Colombia, born in Ibague and she went to College in Bogota; while I have only been there once to visit her. I DID go to both cities as well as Cartagena and Villa De Leyva (and of course Raquira), and in total spent a month in the country. Regardless, I felt totally safe (this was maybe 2013).

We are going back at the end of this month, and I wanted to buy a drone to get some really cool video and photos of the trip. Plus she has always wanted one and her birthday is on the 23rd! But she is convinced we would get mugged if we brought a drone to Colombia! While I am inclined to believe a Native Citizen, I am just a little incredulous. Last time I had a Nikon DSLR Camera and an iPhone (granted I wasn't waving them around, but I wouldn't wave the drone around either).

We are also two women, not that we wouldn't immediately give the robbers whatever they want. But we might look like easier targets. But we traveled alone last time (everywhere except Ibague because her parents live there). And this time would spend most of the time with her family (her sister from London is also there on a trip right now with her daughter and Boy Friend), so they would be with us maybe 70-90% of the time.

Thoughts? To drone or not to drone?

P.S. She has never been to the Zona Cafetera, so we are extra unsure about that part of the trip, but I told her that its something we should do because she has never been! And we both love coffee :P


La empresa que nacio en colombia para proveer aplicaciones de calidad y a bajo costo.

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