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I remember growing up in a time when our cartoons were great. We had things like He-man, transformers, Thundercats, GI Joe and Silver Hawks. While these cartoons were great, the movies that we had were far from it. We had the occasional Predator and Terminator, but we also had things like the Batman series or the later parts of the Superman movies. Truly it was really a dark time overall for science fiction. Even our TV shows, we interesting, but were relatively lacking in technical execution. I mean look at Knight Rider. It was a great show, but really the most advanced thing the kid ever did was turbo boost 20 feet in the air jump. Lol. Now we have shows like Agents of Shield, Black Lightning, Flash, Arrow and any many others, and we have the whole MCU to look at, and even though that DCEU hasn't given us the best movies, they are still far better than what we got with the first two Punisher movies and Howard the Duck.

That being said. How often do you just take a look back and appreciate the time that we're living in?

(No need to debate me on the other great movies of the 80's and 90's. There were a few more, but this post is meant to reflect on how awesome it is to live in the now).


First of all, if you don't want spoilers. Stop reading here. Don't ruin if for yourself (AOS or IW). You really should have known better than to click on this link in general.

Anyway, I've seen many people post about their desire to see the Agents of Shield team have the quickly becoming-iconic-ending of half the team fading away. Many people want to see this because they like the idea and because it adds tension and suspense. Others truly want to see Agents of Shield fit in with the rest of the MCU. Losing half the cast or so to the "Thanos-Wave" would prove that the Agents of Shield completely exists in the same universe as Tony Stark, Capt. America, and T'Challa.

But do you really know what you're asking?

Do you realize that Avengers 4 does not come out until May of 2019?

That means that any Agents of Shield member that disappears will be gone for a whole year?

If Agents of Shield is renewed and comes back again this fall the team members that left will still be gone.

If they take another break after the end of the fall season and come back in January/February those team members will still be gone.

Popular suggestions have been splitting up Fitz-Simmons again. They have brutally ripped from each other a few times now and it made a significant impact on their lives. The most they been apart though is a break between seasons. You really want them to be separated for a year?

Or what about Mack or Yo-Yo (the other most mentioned choices and we know that Daisy is not going anywhere) a whole year away?

You may be thinking, "well Ghost Rider can just bring them back or Fitz-Simmons can just come up with something." The reality of the situation though is that if the Agents of Shield TV show comes up with any way to solve the disappearance problem then it completely sabotages this Billion Dollar movie that we just got.

Or how about this? Do you really want your actor to be out of work from your favorite role for a whole year? What if they decide to not come back?

Don't get me wrong, I would completely ok if the entire supporting cast went away. That would keep AOS in line with the MCU without damaging the show itself...

But as to seeing any of the characters that I have grown to care about go away? I just don't want it, and after thinking about it, I hope you don't either.

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