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Everyone has their favorite comic book as a child or even as a grown up. And whenever we think about our childhood we undoubtedly get nostalgic to these. The comic book TV Shows are popular since the 19th century. They frequently appear in the forms such as popping captions, speech balloons, and imitations that are indicative of dialogues and narrations. In the 21st century, the comics are made available in many different forms. The similar and the most common forms of comics include comic books and albums, comic strips, comics adapted from the original book volumes, editorial and gag cartoons, graphic novels and narratives, and online webcomics. These various categories of publications are adapted for theatrical, television and filming series.

#1 Mowgli 1893-1895 Series

Mowgli is a fictional, the most prominent and memorable character in the collections of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book Series. The protagonist of the Jungle Book stories is a naked untamed child from India, who originally appeared in Kipling’s short story Issue 1 as “In the Rukh”  in 1893, Issue 2 as the Second Jungle Book in 1894 and Issue 3 as “The Spring Running“ in 1895.

Rudyard Kipling adapted the Mowgli stories for “The Jungle” Play as early as 1899 but the play was never produced and eventually, the manuscript got lost for almost over a century. The Mowgli stories influenced many other boyish television characters such as Wouldbegoods (1899), the character Tarzan, the 1957 humorous science fiction story the “Full Pack (Hokas Wild)” and many other wild boy screen characters.

The novel book named “The Jungle Book” was first published in 2000 which illustrated the works of Rudyard Kipling and the Jungle stories.

Plot Variations:

In the plot Gisborne, an English forest ranger, at the time of the British Raj in India, along with the boss, Mueller, the head of the Department of Woods and Forests of India meets Mowgli when they visit the forest. They are awestruck by his capabilities when they noticed Mowgli exhibiting the extraordinary skills such as hunting, chasing, and driving the wild animals. Hence, they approach the boy and examine his physique like elbows and knees. The officers see the scars and wounds on his skin and realize that Mowgli is not using superpowers or magic. They offer Mowgli to join the forestry service, to which Mowgli agrees. Eventually, Gisborne learns that a pack of wolves in the jungle brought up Mowgli and taught the skills that made Mowgli, talented enough, with superhuman behavior. Later in the plot, Mowgli marries the daughter of Gisborne’s domestic help. By the end of the story, Mowgli has a son and returns to Jungle.

Detailing the days of Mowgli’s Childhood in the plot of 1893’s “In the Rukh”, Kipling wrote the stories of Mowgli, the lost in the Indian jungle, is saved by a pack of Wolves, when attacked by a tiger and learns all the skills Mowgli the hard way. Also, the character of a black panther takes care of Mowgli in the jungle and a bear character educates Mowgli “The Law of the Jungle”. The Tiger character is the evil character of the plot. The tiger tries to kill Mowgli on many occasions but remains unsuccessful. In the plot, Mowgli reaches a human village, out of curiosity. In the Village, he is adopted by the humans Messua and her husband. During his stay in the village, Mowgli learns that the tiger has sought another plan to kill him in the village. With the help wolves, Mowgli becomes successful in trapping and killing the lame tiger. Thus Mowgli saves both the jungle and the village.

In the plot of “The Second Jungle Book”, Mowgli finds and then discards an ancient King’s treasure.He does not realize its value. The plot also depicts that Mowgli battles and wins against the character Red Dog with the support of the python character and the wolves’ family.

Finally, the plot of “The Spring Running” depicts the factors that influence Mowgli’s decision to return to the human community, when he accidentally trips across the village where his adopted human parents live.


#2 Wonder Woman 1975-1979 Series

Wonder Woman is one of the American Comic Book TV shows. It is based on the comic book Wonder Woman of DC comics. The other popular DC characters are Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, and Aqua man.  Wonder Woman totally was cast in 3 seasons with 1st season cast on the network of American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and the remaining seasons aired on the Columbia Broadcasting System(CBS). Wonder Woman is rechristened as The New Adventures of Wonder Woman in season 2 and season 3. Along with the change in the title, the TV series also changed the entire crew members retaining only the lead stars. The costume designing was changed to new and modern. The season 2 and season 3 witnessed the lead male characters role change to Steve Trevor Jr., the son of his original character.The three seasons aired from 1975 to 1979 with the lead cast  Lynda Carter’s role as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince/Princess Diana.

Plot Variations:

The plot of Season 1 revolved around the introduction of the wonder woman, Princess Diana, along with the display of her superwoman powers. The season showcased a romantic relationship between Trevor and Diana. Though the season has action scenes, it never resorted to the kill policy.

The plot of Season 2 was nudged with a lot of changes. This season showcases the return of Ageless princess from her home Island after 35 years.In this season, she becomes a solo agent with the War Department of the USA. The Season casts the death of senior Trevor. The lead actor, who played the role of Trevor in season 1, now plays the role of junior Trevor, son of the Major Trevor, an ally of Princess Diana from season 2 onwards.

A lot of Season 3 sees the enhanced character of the Wonder Woman. The powers of Princess Diana are increased inclusive of strong physique, mental abilities like Telepathy communication and understanding the animals.


#3 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2013 series

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is an American TV series based on the Marvel Comics. It is an American superhero, action, adventure and science fiction TV Series running under ABC network, since September 2013.

The organization S.H.I.E.L.D. is a fictional spy agency in the fictional world of superheroes, which aims at peacekeeping. It is filmed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The several other characters introduced in the series were also inducted into the world of Marvel comics.

The series revolves around the character of Phil Coulson and his team of agents in S.H.I.E.L.D. After the incident of Captain America and the events of Avengers, Phil Coulson is the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D. The team deals with various unusual cases and faces their enemies, Hydra, and the Inhumans. The team wards off the enemy groups and prevents and save the world from any threat or danger. The S.H.I.E.L.D. super team has many superheroes, each with many different skill sets, ready to take on the villains.


#4 Supergirl (2015 -)

Supergirl series is the female version of Superman series based on the American comic book series, the DC Comics. The original Supergirl  Kara Zor-El is Superman’s cousin.She has the superpowers as that of Superman. Supergirl plays a supporting role in various DC Comics publications. From 1969 through 1984, The Adventure Comics cast her in the lead role with the name of the series as Supergirl’s adventures. A modern version of Kara Zor-El was re-established into the DC Comics in the issue of Superman/Batman comic book series with a title of “The Supergirl from Krypton”. This show is one of the most popular DC Comics TV show.

Several hundred years ago, Krypton, the house of Seg-El, grandfather of Superman, was about to explode. To escape the fate, his older cousin Kara-El took the Superman Kal-El, then the infant, and arrived on Earth. She protected the infant Kal-El all through the journey. Unfortunately, due to spaceship damage, Kara slipped into the timeless Phantom Zone and could not return to Earth for years. Decades later, Kara is found by her cousin, a grown-up Superman.

At the present day, Young Kara is now a professional stuck in an aimless job. Unknowingly, she ignites long hidden kryptonian powers when she falls into a crisis, where she protects her foster sister from the plane crash. Kara discovers her powers and decides to follow the path of her cousin’s superheroic ways. She is then committed to fighting off the alien menaces. She puts her heart into the adventurous action and becomes the Earth’s champion, defending her enemies to save her world. This is one such comic book TV shows that showcase the woman power similar to that of 1970’s wonder woman.

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There are a few exceptions to this, but overall the Marvel TV Shows are much better than their DC rivals. In a world where Marvel is dominating the box office, and making DC second guess it’s every silver screen step, it would seem that DC would want to get another win in like it does currently in comic stories, cartoon and presumably video games.

But it doesn’t. Regardless of the tone of the show I very rarely have to deal with the notion of “that just doesn’t make since” in the marvel shows. On the other hand, things that don’t make sense seem to be a method of DC storytelling. Marvel has the occasional flaw but DC TV shows are littered with superheroes seemingly forgetting how to use their powers, breaking their own rules for their shows, and inconsistent story-telling.

I wish I could depend on DC to pull its share of the superhero load.


I remember growing up in a time when our cartoons were great. We had things like He-man, transformers, Thundercats, GI Joe and Silver Hawks. While these cartoons were great, the movies that we had were far from it. We had the occasional Predator and Terminator, but we also had things like the Batman series or the later parts of the Superman movies. Truly it was really a dark time overall for science fiction. Even our TV shows, we interesting, but were relatively lacking in technical execution. I mean look at Knight Rider. It was a great show, but really the most advanced thing the kid ever did was turbo boost 20 feet in the air jump. Lol. Now we have shows like Agents of Shield, Black Lightning, Flash, Arrow and any many others, and we have the whole MCU to look at, and even though that DCEU hasn't given us the best movies, they are still far better than what we got with the first two Punisher movies and Howard the Duck.

That being said. How often do you just take a look back and appreciate the time that we're living in?

(No need to debate me on the other great movies of the 80's and 90's. There were a few more, but this post is meant to reflect on how awesome it is to live in the now).


First of all, if you don't want spoilers. Stop reading here. Don't ruin if for yourself (AOS or IW). You really should have known better than to click on this link in general.

Anyway, I've seen many people post about their desire to see the Agents of Shield team have the quickly becoming-iconic-ending of half the team fading away. Many people want to see this because they like the idea and because it adds tension and suspense. Others truly want to see Agents of Shield fit in with the rest of the MCU. Losing half the cast or so to the "Thanos-Wave" would prove that the Agents of Shield completely exists in the same universe as Tony Stark, Capt. America, and T'Challa.

But do you really know what you're asking?

Do you realize that Avengers 4 does not come out until May of 2019?

That means that any Agents of Shield member that disappears will be gone for a whole year?

If Agents of Shield is renewed and comes back again this fall the team members that left will still be gone.

If they take another break after the end of the fall season and come back in January/February those team members will still be gone.

Popular suggestions have been splitting up Fitz-Simmons again. They have brutally ripped from each other a few times now and it made a significant impact on their lives. The most they been apart though is a break between seasons. You really want them to be separated for a year?

Or what about Mack or Yo-Yo (the other most mentioned choices and we know that Daisy is not going anywhere) a whole year away?

You may be thinking, "well Ghost Rider can just bring them back or Fitz-Simmons can just come up with something." The reality of the situation though is that if the Agents of Shield TV show comes up with any way to solve the disappearance problem then it completely sabotages this Billion Dollar movie that we just got.

Or how about this? Do you really want your actor to be out of work from your favorite role for a whole year? What if they decide to not come back?

Don't get me wrong, I would completely ok if the entire supporting cast went away. That would keep AOS in line with the MCU without damaging the show itself...

But as to seeing any of the characters that I have grown to care about go away? I just don't want it, and after thinking about it, I hope you don't either.

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