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First match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup is Thursday, June 14th. Due to the time difference most matches will air in the morning for North American viewers. International viewers can click on the Full Schedule link bellow and select their county from the drop down to see what channel matches will be on. In the US matches will be on FOX Broadcast Network, FS1 for English and Telemundo, Universo for Spanish.

> Full Schedule <

> FOX Sports FIFA World Cup<

How to watch the World Cup in English On Demand

  1. FOX Website (Requires provider login) -

  2. FOX Now App (Requires provider login)

How to watch the World Cup in English (US):

  1. Antenna - If you can get your local FOX station OTA this is going to be the best way to watch those matches.

  2. Streaming Services - PlayStation Vue (Access), DirecTV Now (Live a Little), Sling Blue, YouTubeTV, Hulu with Live TV, & FuboTV: These services all have FS1, in select markets they may also have your local FOX station live.

  3. FOX Sports Go - FOX & FS1 matches will be available along with additional online only bonus streams. Authenticate to the FOX Sports Go app with your streaming service credentials. Apps are available on iOS, Android, Roku, Kindle Fire, FireTV, Fire Stick, Chromecast & Windows 10. You can also use their website: You will find your streaming provider on the list after you click "More TV Providers"

How to watch the World Cup in Spanish (US):

  1. Antenna - If you can get your local Telemundo station OTA this is going to be the best way to watch those matches.

  2. Streaming Services - PlayStation Vue (Access - Telemundo, Español Pack - adds Universo), DirecTV Now (Live a Little - Telemundo, Go Big - adds Universo), Sling Blue (Need Español ad-on adds Universo), YouTubeTV (Telemundo & Universo), Hulu with Live TV (Telemundo) & FuboTV (Telemundo & Universo).

  3. Telemundo Now - Authenticate to the Telemundo Now app with you streaming service credentials. You can also use their website:

How to watch the World Cup in Canada:

  1. TSN - TSN Direct will be streaming every match live:
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!! edition.

What are you watching this week? What shows/events are you excited about? Use this thread to share new shows, new seasons, marathons, events, and movies that are going to be available this week with the community.

Please see our Wold Cup Mega Thread


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The only reason I have not cut cable is because of nick jr and disney now apps. Our family doesn't watch live TV but we can't use the apps without a subscription. Any suggestions?


We started looking into ditching cable about 3 months ago, and after some planning we finally called and bought out the remainder of our Directv contract. After searching for some quality antennas for our area, I chose the 1byone antenna. It arrived yesterday and after mounting it and programming channels, we now have TV with no astronomical cost!


Very sure that I wanna cut cable but not sure about what to change it with.

I was thinking Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, PlayStation Vue, or something else.

Anybody gotta some recommendations?


I live on a second floor apartment.

Here is the TVFool analysis:

Which indoor antenna would allow me to get the maximum amount of channels available in my area?

I will fully admit that I am rather new to this whole thing, so any and all advice would be appreciated.



Haven't really looked at anything else since I got it. Is there a better option now?


Hello all, great sub here. I have a question regarding converting an old satellite dish into an outdoor antenna. When I moved into my house there is a satellite dish on the roof that was already installed. I was watching some YouTube videos about how easy it is to convert this into an outdoor antenna using the existing wiring and a preamp. My question is regarding my Internet service. I have cable Internet service hooked up in my home through Cox. I was wondering if I convert this dish with existing wiring if the internet signal coming from cox through the same coax would interfere with the OTA tv signal, causing me to have to run a new cable to the TV. (I hope I’m explaining this in a clear enough way).


Wondering what I need at my family’s cabin in southern NH to pick up some news stations.

When I was growing up my granddad was able to get Hartford, CT stations on a clear day, as it’s up the CT River valley, about 100miles away. This predates digital, although we’ve never taken his antenna down. WFSB is the Hartford station we would tune into.

I’m taking my grandmother and daughter up there for a week and with no reliable cell phone service, looking for some way to get the news/weather.


I live down in the bottom of a valley surrounded by mountain ranges on one side. My signal is kinda weak and outside of mounting a roof antenna, which I can't do because rental house, a bunch of other antennas i tried were junk. Any recommendations on a good affordable antenna from any other valley dwellers out there? And no, I can't mount anything in the attic, which is just a crawlspace with the hatch nailed shut.


My FireTv cube showed up tonight and I got it installed to replace an Fire Tv 2 and Echo dot in the same room. Plex app works well but every time I try to change the channel in HD Home run the app crashes back to the home screen.

Roku PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE figure out a way to support the HD Home Run.


So, I cut the cord about 18 months ago , I was with Spectrum while renting my last place but the cost was astronomical for a whole heap of content that I didn't even watch! When we bought our first house and moved in I made the easy decision to ditch it all, I took the highest speed Internet only deal I could get (300mb from Spectrum again) even during that phone call with them they tried to sell me on all sorts of additional crap, it's not the Spectrum sales person's fault but the companies, at large, really have no idea why I, and others like me find their packages and services so unappetizing! Netflix, Amazon and pay per view through Google play are the only services we actually use and I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I do have a current sub to PlayStation Vue, which I've been running as an extended trial because my wife still wanted some loacal content, news etc. But honestly it gets very little use from her and I'm going to end that as well.

Cable companies have to stop penny pinching their customers and expecting people to pay $100/$200 dollars a month for video content, plus equipment rentals, service fees, etc. It's ridiculous!

The biggest thing I can't live with these days....commercials!

My point being, traditional viewing, for me anyway is a totally dead medium.

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