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Hey, How do I bind this to one key, so when I press it it goes to 0.5x speed and then to 1x speed. I´ve tried incrementvar, bind toggle and bindtoggle but dont quite know how to do it. The thing I have rn is an alias for it slowing down only when I hold down my key, looking like this:

-slowmotion : demo_timescale 1

+slowmotion : demo_timescale 0.5

bind f6 +slowmotion

Thankful for any help!


Hey guys

As the title suggests, I would love if you guys could give me a bind that allowes me to zoom the minimap in and out.

thanks in advance.


Hey. Trying to get both the damage dealt and the upcoming map in comp working in my autoexec:

developer "1" con_filter_text "Damage" con_filter_text_out "Player:" con_filter_enable "2"

developer 1 con_filter_enable 2 con_filter_text_out "game:mapgroupname" con_filter_text "game:map"

Any ideas on how to get them to work? It only runs one at a time.


When I execute my autoexec, every other binds and commands work, but not my jumpthrow bind. Here's my bind script: alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack;-attack2" alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump" bind "n" "+jumpthrow" Every times I press the "N" key, nothing happens! Is there something wrong with my script? Pls help :(


Hi guys, about jumpduck i cant have it on mouse scroll (mwheelup) alias "+jumpduck" "+duck; +jump" alias "-jumpduck" "-duck; -jump" bind "space" "+jumpduck"

is there any wrong or? :/

and i saw this video couple days ago and i want this bind or script whatever when he got grenade his crosshair is bigger


I want to make a jumpthrow bind such that I would have my nade out, hold mouse1 or mouse2 to cock the grenade as normal, and then my spacebar would release the nade and also jump at the same time.

However, I want my spacebar to only jump when I'm not holding mouse1 or mouse2, since I still want to use my spacebar for normal jumping.

is this possible to create? if so, thank you so much!


Alright so my title might be a little misleading - the mute/unmute part of the script works; but the text display up in the upper left of my screen doesn't. What the script is intended to do is when I toggle between voice_enable 1 and voice_enable 0, it should display up in the top left corner either "VOICE CHAT: ENABLED" or "VOICE CHAT: DISABLED" respectively.

Here is the script I have written:

developer "1"
con_enable "1"
con_filter_enable "2"
con_filter_text "[defaultfilter]"
alias "defaultFilter" "con_filter_text [defaultfilter]"

voice_enable "1"
alias "voiceOffFilter" "con_filter_text VOICE CHAT: DISABLED"
alias "voiceOnFilter" "con_filter_text VOICE CHAT: ENABLED"
alias +voice "voiceOffFilter"
alias -voice "voiceOff"
alias voiceOn "voice_enable 1;play player\vo\balkan\affirmative01;clear;echo VOICE CHAT: ENABLED;alias -voice voiceOff;alias +voice voiceOffFilter;defaultFilter"
alias voiceOff "voice_enable 0;play player\vo\balkan\negative01;clear;echo VOICE CHAT: DISABLED;alias -voice voiceOn;alias +voice voiceOnFilter;defaultFilter"
bind "m" "+voice"

I have absolutely no idea how to get this script to work. When I manually set the filter to


and then type


then it will display the text on screen. But through the bind, it doesn't. What I THINK is happening, is that the echo requires the quotes around it to recognize the text as all one word. However as far as I can figure out, this is impossible to do through an autoexec, and would instead have to be manually typed into the console every single time I wanted to use it - since in the autoexec the quotation marks have to be placed at either end of the string each alias is bound to, rather than isolating the desired echo.


I know that there is a bind/config where if you press 3, it takes out the knife and immediately inspects it. I have a bayonet, and whenever I pull it out and inspect immediately, the animation gets fucked up and glitches out. Thanks!


Recently, I've been testing some scripts that would bring some function to disable something. but, based on the scripts to disable voip by BananaGaming, I came to bring the script that has the same function, with the difference that disables the in-game text chat, it is recommended if you use some 4: 3 resolution, or if you want to avoiding that shitty message spam. But before I start explaining the script, I just ask for 3 things

  1. If you're going to show the script in some video, please leave the total credits for me
  2. Relax, this will not result in vac ban, since it is the game itself and by the in-game console
  3. You can add me if you want to talk with me about it or other things.

here's the script, just put in your cfg and enjoy :)

alias "disabletext" "text_chat"
alias "text_chat" "text_1"
alias "chat_1" "cl_chatfilters 1; playvol buttons\blip1 0.5; alias text_chat text_0"
alias "chat_0" "cl_chatfilters 0; playvol buttons\blip2 0.5; alias text_chat text_1"
bind "KP_PLUS" "disabletext"

Well, the "cl_chatfilters 1", on the console, it is used to disable chat. The default is "cl_chatfilters 63", but it makes no difference if you set a value to more or less except 0, because "cl_chatfilters 1" turns on and "cl_chatfilters 0" turns off. All I did is turn both commands into a switch, with sounds indicating if it's on or not.


Is it only if you are hosting a community server that anyone can join? Or also if I'm just playing 1v1 or surfing with friends in my own private server?


Hey there.

Long story short my GTX 1070 just died cuz of an electrical instability. So am stuck with the igd of i5 8600k until I get another graphic card. So am looking for a decent cfg with the most updated fps improving commands so I can get a stable fps just to run the game without stuttering. I got a 17mb download speed connection (wired) also launch options if you can. I didn't find any proper place to ask more than here. So I hope I get any response.

Thanks in advance :)


I want to be able to toggle voice_enable with my mouse5 button, but my game doesn't let me make a bindtoggle command to any of my mouse buttons. Bindtoggle works fine on my keyboard and I can make normal binds on my mouse but bindtoggle doesn't work on it. What's wrong?


I have a functional auto exec file, but when i decided to add a grenade equip bind the keys used still performed their old tasks, even after being rebinded.

It works fine when i type the command in the console, so i have no idea what im doing wrong.

Any help will be greatly appreciated


Hey there, I was wondering if there are any commands I can use in an offline server that make it easier to find boost spots. Is r_draw_clip_brushes 2 the only one?


as the title say , i tried a lot of binds but didnt work edit: i tried to copy this smoke by magisk but i couldnt do it , so i thought maybe he have forward + jumpthrow to do it , after some time i did bind 1 but still cant connect the smoke


So I like playing coop maps with mates and especially the CTX ones. So I've put a few commands in my autoexec for these types of things. Some of the creators of such maps like CTX put commands in them that affect gameplay and you have to input these commands via global text chat so I want to make binds for them. Would like some help with them. This is what I have rn.

alias "CTXCHEAT" "say_team CHEAT MODE ACTIVATED: certain cheats can now be used by host. Some need to be unlocked, type once to activate, twice to turn off or cycle through settings. To see list of available cheats check console; CTXCheatlist"; alias "CTXEZBOT" "toggle bot_knives_only 1 0; toggle bot_dont_shoot 1 0; toggle bot_difficulty 0 3; toggle mp_radar_showall 1 0; say_team CHEAT ACTIVATED: EZBOT; cheer";

alias "CTXMOON" "toggle sv_gravity 100 200 780 800; say_team CHEAT ACTIVATED: MOONJUMP; cheer"; alias "CTXMATRIX" "toggle host_timescale 0.5 0.8 0.9 1; say_team CHEAT ACTIVATED: MATRIXMODE; echo requires NOSUFFER to function; cheer";

alias "CTXMONEYBAGS" "toggle mp_buytime 9999 0; toggle mp_buy_anywhere 1 0; toggle mp_startmoney 90000000 0; toggle mp_maxmoney 900000 0; toggle cash_player_respawn_amount 9000000 0; toggle cash_team_loser_bonus 900000 0; say_team CHEAT ACTIVATED: MONEYBAGS; cheer";

alias "CTXBULLETHELL" "toggle ammo_338mag_max 9999 60; toggle ammo_357sig_max 9999 104; toggle ammo_357sig_min_max 9999 24; toggle ammo_357sig_p250_max 9999 52; toggle ammo_357sig_small_max 9999 48; toggle ammo_45acp_max 9999 200; toggle ammo_50AE_max 9999 70; toggle ammo_556mm_box_max 9999 400; toggle ammo_556mm_max 9999 180; toggle ammo_556mm_small_max 9999 80; toggle ammo_57mm_max 9999 200; toggle ammo_762mm_max 9999 180; toggle ammo_9mm_max 9999 240; toggle ammo_buckshot_max 9999 64; toggle ammo_grenade_limit_default 99 2; toggle ammo_grenade_limit_flashbang 99 4; toggle ammo_item_limit_healthshot 9999 8; toggle ammo_grenade_limit_total 99 6; say_team CHEAT ACTIVATED: BULLETHELL; cheer";

These work fine since they are custom "cheats" I made however the next ones feature custom commands CTX made up. Only the objective one functions:

alias "CTXOBJECTIVE" "say !Objective; cheer;

alias "CTXNOSUFFER" "say NOSUFFER; wait 100; say_team CHEAT ACTIVATED: NOSUFFER [UNLOCKABLE], you can now use sv_cheats 1; sv_cheats 1; cheer"; alias "CTXHESOYAM" "say HESOYAM; wait 100; say_team CHEAT ACTIVATED: HESOYAM [UNLOCKABLE]"; cheer;

so the engine refuses to act out both say and say_team at the same time and they apparently removed the "wait" command. any suggestions to make it function like I intended it to?


Is there any console command to disable Laptop Power Saving?


The problem I am having is that in between games my binds keep resetting to default and this is getting annoying because I have to exec my config again during games when I realize that the binds have been reset to default. I think it has something to do with my config.Help would really be appreciated.Thanks in advance.

Here is my autoexec:


Hello guys, I saw this post earlier and I would like to know how to use it with some of the commands that I use. I play with a lefthand viewmodel and when I throw grenades I use the right hand to throw it. I want to add this dynamic crosshair to it heres the link to the post; I wanna use this but my mouse1 is bound to other commands. I use these commands;

alias +customattack1 "+attack;"

alias -customattack1 "resetmouse1; -attack; cl_righthand 0"

alias +customattack2 "+attack2"

alias -customattack2 "resetmouse2; -attack2; cl_righthand 0"

alias customattackbinds "bind mouse1 +customattack1; bind mouse2 +customattack2"

alias resetmouse1 "bind mouse1 +attack;"

alias resetmouse2 "bind mouse2 +attack2"

bind 1 "slot1; cl_righthand 0"

bind 2 "slot2; cl_righthand 0"

bind 3 "slot3; cl_righthand 0"

bind 4 "slot4; cl_righthand 1; customattackbinds"

bind 5 "slot5; cl_righthand 1"

bind t "use weapon_knife;use weapon_smokegrenade; cl_righthand 1; customattackbinds"

bind mouse4 "use weapon_knife;use weapon_flashbang; cl_righthand 1; customattackbinds"

bind v "use weapon_knife;use weapon_molotov; use weapon_incgrenade; cl_righthand 1; customattackbinds"

Moderator of r/CounterStrikeBinds

Hey everyone. A year ago I posted these tips and the game has grown and some might have missed it. I've updated everything and added a bunch of other things so this isn't exactly a repost but some of this might be redundant to some of you.

First things first: How to add shit to your config

Remember, every autoexec needs to end with host_writeconfig!

In this folder you should find your "autoexec.cfg" file:

c:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg

You can edit it by Right clicking it and "Open with notepad".

The autoexec is basically a list of console commands your game will run every time you open the game.

So if you put this into your autoexec:

bind f5 "say On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog"

Your game will bind F5 to say this trope, and rebind it every time you launch it.

If you have no autoexec.cfg file, you can create a new .txt file, name it autoexec, and then simply rename it from "autoexec.txt" into "autoexec.cfg".

You may need to enable "Show extensions" option in Windows Folder settings to see the .txt or .cfg affix.

Launch options

Do you really want to know the dirty trick about launch options? You don't want any of them.

-threads? Fuck that.

-nod3d9ex? vMcJohn denies

-high? Wrecks system stability.

-mat_queue_mode? No.

-exec autoexec? Have you tried host_writeconfig?

-refresh, -hz? CSGO will regardless run at your default refresh rate.

-tickrate 128? If you're hosting your own server through the CSGO client and think you need 128 there, you got other bigger problems. (It's OK for practicing nades specific to 128 tick servers though)

The only one that might actually matter? -novid, to disable the intro video when launching the game. That one will save you minutes of your life.

Various console commands you might want to know/have in your config/change

These are all commands I think people should at least know about, if not configure.

sv_cheats               "1"         // Enable cheat commands on private servers
con_enable              "1"         // Enables console without requiring -console in launch options
fps_max                 "999"       // 999 is better than 0 for some loading times, sometimes
cl_righthand            "1"         // Right-handed viewmodel (0 for left)
cl_disablefreezecam     "1"         // Disables freezecam 
cl_autowepswitch        "0"         // Disables auto switching to weapons you pick up 
cl_use_opens_buy_menu   "0"         // Disables E opening buy menu
cl_timeout              "30"        // Time allowed disconnected before timeout (max 30)
cl_disablehtmlmotd      "1"         // Disables advertisements/videos/stuff on community servers
cl_join_advertise       "2"         // Allows friends to click your name and join your server
cl_showloadout          "1"         // Always show your items on screen (bottom right)
hud_showtargetid        "1"         // Shows enemy name when you aim at them
r_drawtracers_firstperson "0"       // Removes tracers coming from your own weapon (careful, it helps with spray)
cl_show_clan_in_death_notice "1"    // Shows team tag in death messages
snd_mute_losefocus      "0"         // Enables game volume to play when alt-tabbed 
net_client_steamdatagram_enable_override    "1" // Force Steam datagram relay on (recommended)
snd_hwcompat            "0"     // 0 = Turns on HRTF and Sound Occlusion. Change to 1 to turn HRTF off.

mm_dedicated_search_maxping     "100"   // Max ping for MM servers you join (set low)
mm_csgo_community_search_players_min "7"    // Minimum amount of actual players on servers Valve connects you to (no more joining servers full of bots!)

cl_hud_healthammo_style     "0"     // Enables healthbar next to your health and ammo
cl_hud_playercount_pos      "0"     // Sets the players-alive count to top (For bottom use 1)
cl_hud_playercount_showcount "0"    // Shows the avatar and healthbars of players alive (For number only use 1)
cl_teamid_overhead_always 2  // Shows you where teammates are through walls 

bind        "KEY"       "holdpos"   // For commanding the fucking bot

Network options

Best network options if you have a 6 mbps stable connection or higher:

rate 786432
cl_cmdrate 128
cl_updaterate 128
cl_interp 0
cl_interp_ratio 1

If your connection is VERY bad and unstable, use cl_interp_ratio 2

If you do not have 6 mbps stable or higher, then you should change the rate value from 786432 to the appropriate value:

Your Bandwith rate
0.5Mbps 65536
1Mbps 131072
1.5Mbps 196608 (default)
2Mbps 262144
4Mbps 524288
6Mbps 786432 (max)


HRTF is always the superior choice if your intention is to accurately soundspot enemies. The only downside is the inability to adapt to change.

Just felt like this needed space here.

Turn off mouse acceleration

If you have mouse acceleration, that basically means that mouse movement is never consistent. Flicking at different speeds will give you different results.

m_mousespeed            "0"         // Disables mouse acceleration 
m_customaccel           "0"         // Disables mouse acceleration
m_rawinput              "1"         // Enables 1:1 raw mouse input (no acceleration)  

Mouse acceleration doesn't make or break you though. If there are pros that use it (and there are), then you can use it if you feel it's better, but just keep in mind most people don't like it - there's probably a reason for that - and some people get really snobby about it.

Jumping steep crouch-jumps more reliably and faster

A lot of jumps in the game require you to crouch at the exact same time as you jump to achieve maximum height. Some are very difficult to pull off because you need to crouch and jump at exactly the same moment. Even pros can have a difficult time with this, I've seen s1mple on his stream fail like 10 times in a row to jump up on the box in Cache mid garage.

A solution I just found is to type the following lines in the console (or put it in your autoexec):

alias +cjump "+jump; +duck"     
alias -cjump "-jump; -duck"
bind KEY +cjump

Train your movement on movement maps!

Shortcut maps

They're a great way to improve your agility on maps. Also try to master some beginner surf_ maps, bhop_ maps, and some kz_ maps. They'll vastly improve your movement skills and handling.

Quickly zoom your radar in/out:

Put this in your autoexec.cfg:

// radar zoom in-out script
bind "KP_plus" "incrementvar cl_radar_scale 0.25 1.0 0.05";
bind "KP_minus" "incrementvar cl_radar_scale 0.25 1.0 -0.05";

Obviously change the keys KP_plus and KP_minus to whichever keys you want to use to zoom in/out.

Quickly increase/decrease in-game volume:

// Game volume incremental key bind
alias "vgmin" "volume 0;echo  |*__________| VOLUME  0% MINIMUM;alias vgup vg1;alias vgdn vgmin"
alias "vg1" "volume 0.1;echo  |_*_________| VOLUME  10%;alias vgup vg2;alias vgdn vgmin"
alias "vg2" "volume 0.2;echo  |__*________| VOLUME  20%;alias vgup vg3;alias vgdn vg1"
alias "vg3" "volume 0.3;echo  |___*_______| VOLUME  30%;alias vgup vg4;alias vgdn vg2"
alias "vg4" "volume 0.4;echo  |____*______| VOLUME  40%;alias vgup vg5;alias vgdn vg3"
alias "vg5" "volume 0.5;echo  |_____*_____| VOLUME  20%;alias vgup vg6;alias vgdn vg4"
alias "vg6" "volume 0.6;echo  |______*____| VOLUME  60%;alias vgup vg7;alias vgdn vg5"
alias "vg7" "volume 0.7;echo  |_______*___| VOLUME  70%;alias vgup vg8;alias vgdn vg6"
alias "vg8" "volume 0.8;echo  |________*__| VOLUME  80%;alias vgup vg9;alias vgdn vg7"
alias "vg9" "volume 0.9;echo  |_________*_| VOLUME  90%;alias vgup vg10;alias vgdn vg8"
alias "vg10" "volume 1;echo   |__________X| VOLUME  100% MAXIMUM;alias vgup vg2;alias vgdn vg9"
alias "vgup" "vg5"
alias "vgdn" "vg5"
alias "vol" "volume"
bind f3 vgdn
bind f4 vgup

This will allow you to scroll between volume 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, ..., and it circles around to 0.1 if you increase it from 1.0. It will also print a graphic in console indicating your volume.

Change the last 2 lines if you don't want it to be on F3 and F4.

Mute all in-game music except for the 10 second bomb warning

Put this in your autoexec to mute every music in-game, except the warning music that starts when there are 10 seconds left until the bomb explodes. This music is really good to have, since it will tell you whether you have enough time to defuse the bomb or not.

Note: The default 10 second warning music is only 9.7 seconds. If the music has started at the same moment you started your defuse, it's too late.

Note 2: If you're using a music kit, the length of the 10 second warning music varies.

// Sound commands
snd_musicvolume         "0.3"       // Master music volume level
snd_deathcamera_volume  "0"         // Music in deathcamera
snd_mapobjective_volume "0"         // Music that starts when bomb is planted
snd_menumusic_volume    "0"         // Music in main menu
snd_roundend_volume     "0"         // Music when round ends
snd_roundstart_volume   "0"         // Music when round starts
snd_tensecondwarning_volume "0.2"   // 10 Second bomb music timer (actually 9.7 seconds) (recommended on)

Show net_graph only when you have your scoreboard open

This is useful to unclutter your screen. Net_graph is useful to be able to see, but you don't want to be looking at it always. This bind will hide it way above your screen, until you press "TAB" which will bring it back to view.

//Show netgraph when checking scoreboard
net_graph "1"
net_graphheight "9999"
alias "+scorenet" "+showscores; net_graphheight 0"
alias "-scorenet" "-showscores; net_graphheight 9999"
bind "TAB" "+scorenet"

Jumpthrow bind

alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack;-attack2"
alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"
bind "i" "+jumpthrow"

This will allow you to reliably jump throw a grenade the exact same way every time.

Keep in mind that this one is against the rules in some competitions and LANs.

Crosshair bind to easily line up your grenades

Warning, this will reset your crosshair to my crosshair unless you change the values in the last line to match your own crosshair values. Do not put this in your autoexec without putting your own crosshair values instead of mine in the third/last line:

//NADETHROW crosshair
bind "capslock" "+crosshairmax"
alias "+crosshairmax" "cl_crosshairsize 5000; cl_crosshairgap -10; cl_crosshairthickness 0.5; cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0"
alias "-crosshairmax" "cl_crosshairsize 3; cl_crosshairgap -1; cl_crosshairthickness 0; cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0"

This will create a crosshair scope that covers your whole screen to allow for easy grenade lineups.

See this image taken from an older thread here

/u/WastedSpaceman pointed out that you can use a much simpler bind:

bind capslock "toggle cl_crosshairsize 3 500"

This one will toggle it on/off everytime you press capslock, instead of mine which is only enabled when you hold down capslock.

Clutch script

When you're trying to clutch, sometimes your inconsiderate teammates will be talking so you can't hear anything.

This clutch script will toggle temporarily disabling in-game voice chat, enabling gameinstructor so you'll get an arrow pointing to where the bomb is planted, clear all decals (bullet holes, blood splatters), and announce to your teammates that you can't currently hear them. Press the key again to toggle this off.

//Clutch bind
alias "clutch" "clutchon"
alias "clutchon" "voice_enable 0; gameinstructor_enable 1; cl_clearhinthistory; r_cleardecals; playvol buttons\blip2 0.5; alias clutch clutchoff; say_team Voice Disabled, I can't hear anyone now."
alias "clutchoff" "voice_enable 1; gameinstructor_enable 0; playvol buttons\blip1 0.5; alias clutch clutchon; say_team Voice Enabled, I can hear you now."
bind n clutch

See the damage done during the round without opening console (toggle bind)

Warning, this script enables "developer 1" which clutters your console and can possibly somewhat reduce FPS.

// Display damage (toggle bind)
alias displaydamage "displaydamage_on"
alias displaydamage_on "con_filter_text Damage Given To; con_filter_text_out Player:; con_filter_enable 2; developer 1; playvol buttons\blip1 0.5; alias displaydamage "displaydamage_off""
alias displaydamage_off "con_filter_enable 0; developer 0; playvol buttons\blip2 0.5; alias displaydamage "displaydamage_on""
bind "f5" "displaydamage"

Shows you, when MM queue pops, which map it is

Warning, this script enables "developer 1" which clutters your console and can possibly somewhat reduce FPS.

This only works if you're the lobby leader.

developer "1"
con_enable "1"
con_filter_enable "2"
con_filter_text_out "game:mapgroupname"
con_filter_text "game:map"

Clear decals when running or inspecting weapon

bind    "w"     "+forward;r_cleardecals"


bind    "f"     "+lookatweapon;r_cleardecals" 

Buy and instantly drop a P250

// Buy and instantly drop a P250
alias   buydrop     "buy p250; slot2; drop"
bind    "KEY"       buydrop             // REMEMBER TO BIND TO A KEY

You just press P four times now to drop four guns to your teammates.

You can change the name of the weapon, find the short name of a weapon in this article


Don't forget to end your autoexec.cfg with this line:


You should remove "exec autoexec.cfg" from your Launch options if you have them. host_writeconfig at the bottom of your .cfg is all you should have.

Practice config

It is very useful to have a practice config that will automatically input all settings to make practice easier when you're on a private server.

Step 1: Put this line in your AUTOEXEC:

alias prac exec "practicecfg"

Step 2: Create a new .cfg file (you can copy the autoexec.cfg)
Step 3: Name the .cfg file practicecfg.cfg
Step 4: Edit practicecfg to include only these commands:

// Main PRACTICE config

// Server config
sv_cheats                   1       // Enables cheat commands
mp_limitteams               0       // No player limit in teams
mp_autoteambalance          0       // No player balancing
mp_roundtime                60      // 60 minute round-timer
mp_roundtime_defuse         60      // 60 minute round-timer for de_ maps
mp_maxmoney                 60000   // Money, max allowed 
mp_startmoney               60000   // Money, starting amount 
mp_freezetime               0       // Disables freezetime
mp_buytime                  9999    // Buy anytime 
mp_buy_anywhere             1       // Buy anywhere
sv_enablebunnyhopping       1       // Bhop: Enabled
sv_autobunnyhopping         1       // Bhop: Auto-bhop enabled  
sv_airaccelerate            1000    // Bhop: Allows FAST air strafing 
sv_infinite_ammo            1       // Ammo: infinite
ammo_grenade_limit_total    5       // Ammo: Allows you to hold all types of grenades
sv_grenade_trajectory       1       // Grenade trajectory visible
sv_grenade_trajectory_time  10      // Grenade trajectory time visible
sv_showimpacts              1       // Bullet impacts visible
sv_showimpacts_time         10      // Bullet impacts time visible
mp_ct_default_grenades "weapon_flashbang weapon_hegrenade weapon_smokegrenade weapon_decoy weapon_incgrenade"       // Gives CT all grenades
mp_t_default_grenades "weapon_flashbang weapon_hegrenade weapon_smokegrenade weapon_decoy weapon_molotov"           // Gives T all grenades

bot_kick                            // Kicks bots
mp_warmup_end                       // Ends warmup
mp_restartgame              1       // Restarts the game

Step 5: Now you only need to type "prac" in the console when you're on a private server, and it will execute all these commands to start a practice mode.

Quickly see if CPU thermal throttling is an issue for you

If you have CS:GO performance problems on Windows, write

cpu_frequency_monitoring 2 

in your console or

+cpu_frequency_monitoring 2

to your launch options to see if CPU thermal throttling is an issue. If the displayed CPU frequency percentage drops below about 80-85% then you may have a problem with your CPU slowing down due to overheating. If it drops below 50-55% then you may have a serious problem. CPU overheating can be caused by overclocking, insufficient cooling, insufficient airflow, failing or dirty fans, or other causes. The CPU frequency results are displayed in console or with cl_showfps or net_graph.

Watch your demos

When you play a good game (not necessarily one that you win, but one where you were really into trying to win), make a habit to sometimes watch demos of those matches. A quick way to do this, although you won't catch everything, is to go into the "Watch" tab and rewatch Your Highlights from a match. It will only show you the kills you get, so it only captures gunfights, so not much of your time is wasted.

Another important side of this is to watch your lowlights. Every fucking time I watch my lowlights, I get stunned by how often it was easy to kill me, and how often I made myself vulnerable completely unnecessary - most commonly by overpeeking or overextending.

This is not just a tip for MM players though.

If you would like to watch your deaths from the perspective of the player who killed you in a round, you can type the following console command:

playdemo <demofilename> <steamid> lowlights

If you see blood, you definitely hit them.

Blood effects will always come from a server message confirming that you hit someone, but bullet impact decals on the world come from your client. Impact decals on the world come from the client because when those impact effects are delayed (as they would be coming from the server), they feel laggy, the game looks and feels unresponsive and it’s more difficult to control recoil

4.7k points

It is generally not recommended to set cl_cmdrate higher than your minimal fps. I get 60 to 65 fps an average but sometimes it gets around 45 the minimum.

What should I keep its value? Till now I am using its value 128 from past 3 months. And didn't really noticed it. But today I was lagging too much.

So what value I must set it?

Edit:- This is the network settings in my autoexec currently

cl_interp "0"                                   // def. 0.03125 min. 0.015625 on TR64 and min. 0.007813 on TR128  max. 0.500000 - Sets the interpolation amount (bounded on low side by server interp ratio settings).
cl_interp_ratio "1"                             // def. 2       min.     1  max.      5 - Ratio of interpolation Time (values from 1 to 2 are enforced by almost all servers via the setting `sv_competitive_minspec 1`).
cl_cmdrate "128"                                // def. 64      min.    10  max.    128 - Maximum Command Packets per second, sending to the Server. - DO NOT SET THIS HIGHER THAN YOUR MINIMAL FPS!
cl_updaterate "128"                             // def. 64                              - Maximum number of Update Packets per second, received from the Server. Gets adjusted by the Servers TickRate if Server TR < cl_updaterate. Also bound to cl_cmdrate via sv_client_cmdrate_difference 0.
rate "786432"                                   // def. 196608  min. 20480  max. 786432 - Maximum Download Bandwidth in bytes per second.

Normally my number pad would be used to buy things, but I had the amazing idea to allow it to double as a copypasta pad. Unfortunately, what I have doesn't work properly and I have no idea why.

//copypasta spam bind

alias +pasta bind numlock "say h-hewwo...owunce of weed pwease >///< arigato... dealer-kun puts weedie-chan in bong and inhales waaah!!(╯✧▽✧)╯";bind kp_slash "say daisuki cannabis desu~! (^ ω ) uwaaa! weedie-chan i feel so kimochi!!(〃°ω°〃) hehe~ ur deep inside me now x3";bind kp_multiply "say weedie-chans drug pussy is so good! (ノ´ з )ノ everything is daijobu ! n-nani??(O_O;) eehh munchie-sama is over now... (´• ω •)ノ"; bind kp_minus "say devours pocky and left over cummies uwaaa~ daisuki cannabis holy shit =w="

alias -pasta bind numlock buymenu; bind kp_slash buy vest; give item_vest; bind kp_multiply buy vesthelm; give item_vesthelm; bind kp_minus buy defuser;

bind "End" "+pasta"

What I want to happen is the number pad keys buy items, but will use the "say" commands when I'm holding "end".

With that in my autoexec, all that happens is numlock is buymenu, while slash, multiply, and minus work to spam the copypasta. End doesn't change anything.

Can anyone help fix it, or is it just not possible?


So, my issue is that the noclip nor the bind on the 6 key work. I can't figure out why it wont work. I found this on the web. I added the second row of binds under mp_restartgame to try and force it to bind those. No luck.

My basic use is just practicing throwing nades and such. Thanks.

Edit 1 - I took the "" off the noclip command, and it seems to work... No luck for the 6 key.

// Server config
sv_cheats 1
mp_limitteams 0
mp_autoteambalance 0
mp_roundtime 60
mp_roundtime_defuse 60
mp_maxmoney 60000
mp_startmoney 60000
mp_freezetime 0
mp_buytime 9999
mp_buy_anywhere 1
sv_infinite_ammo 1
ammo_grenade_limit_total 5

sv_grenade_trajectory 1
sv_grenade_trajectory_time 10
sv_showimpacts 1
sv_showimpacts_time 10

// binds
bind “f” “noclip”
bind “6” “give weapon_hegrenade;give weapon_flashbang;give weapon_smokegrenade;give weapon_incgrenade;give weapon_molotov;give weapon_decoy”
bind “KEY” “cast_ray”

mp_restartgame 1

bind “f” “noclip”
bind “6” “give weapon_hegrenade;give weapon_flashbang;give weapon_smokegrenade;give weapon_incgrenade;give weapon_molotov;”
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