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William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s CG Nightmare

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"That CG is Pucked up!"

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Yeah, that's what happens when they do cgi oberon the old computers

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The 'Level 3' makes me feel like this is a sourcebook for the absolute worst Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting ever.

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I think you mean best.

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honestly the hilarious cg and font choice aren't far off from some of the modules i've seen

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looks more like a shitty steam game "cutsene"

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The designer really took that saying to heart.

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Shakespeare got really good once he reached level 3.

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Well, I mean, duh. Thats when he gets his first bardic college features.

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What is going on? There are so many things wrong with this

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They should really tighten up the graphics on level 3.

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A mid-summer nights LSD

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Have you read Midsummer Nights Dream?

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It's beautiful. Taking this sub back to its roots

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Welcome to level 3 you piece of shit

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This looks like it came from r/surrealmemes

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Never knew there was a PS1 game about Shakespeare

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It even says which level of Hell it came from so you can send it back from whence it came.

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Im fucking crying is that goblin creature supposed to be Puck??

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Someone got hold of Blender or DAZ.

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Hiring actual artists and designers is important.

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It looks like they hired some design freshman and paid 2 dollars for it

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I'd buy that and put it on the coffee table. My most prized posession

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Duuuude, I remember that party, it was insane! Mustardseed brought these fucking sick pot brownies and I'm talking made with the good stuff, not like that lame ass shit Oberon slings. We got high as hell and I think I even ended up hooking up with Peasblossom too. Didn't even know when this picture was taken. Good times, man, good times.

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Legitimately thought I was on r/surrealmemes for a sec

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Is this from the 90s?

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The designer is blind ?

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I feel like every art teacher and professor would nearly have a stroke if they saw this.

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If you've ever read it, the cover is actually rather fitting with the absurdity of the play

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Graphics design is my passion

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Sir we got a Level 3 midsummer night's dream on the loose!

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Deep Web level 3

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A Midsummer Nightmare

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I think we got the weekly winner of this sub.

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Oh Jesus Christ!

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Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

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Is that nightmarish troll creature supposed to be Puck?

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In this case, I think it would be just fine to judge by looking at the cover.

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I laughed my living ass off