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Hey Reddit: Want to write better? Eliminate grammatical mistakes, wipe out wordiness, and let your ideas shine. See for yourself why over 10 million users are hooked on Grammarly's free writing app.

Posted by
5 months old | Karma CC: 2342
4 hours ago

It's a shame what this sub has become. Any re-post of a "news" article gets upvotes. But someone posting an opinion piece, or worse... looking for other peoples opinions, gets downvoted like crazy.

I know 50% of it is bots from other coins/ projects that auto downvote any "competition" but it's not all bots. There's humans hitting those buttons too.

This used to be a helpfull place. Now it seems so tribalistic that I pitty anyone looking into crypto for the first time & coming here. I have thick skin & don't care. But someone who's just learning ( or trying to learn) coming here for their first impression, is met with so many derogatory comments, I don't blame them for fleeing. 

If a friend came by & asked for your opinion / help with their taxes, a business idea, real estate advice, or even thoughts on the best place for an oil change or new tires.....   would you say DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, butthurt newbie, dump your bags & get the f@ck out? Then kick them in the arse with a "down vote" on their way out the door? Just for needing help or asking for advice?

No, you wouldn't.  You'd offer them the best advice you had on hand. Or.... if you were unsure yourself,  you'd show them how to get better advice from what ever resources were available.

This sub used to be a GREAT resource in & of itself. Now it just seems to be a place where people who bought too high or didn't know how to protect their stack, try to downgrade & punish people for asking the questions they should've asked themselves.

As a community, we can welcome new people into crypto & try to teach them how to research & learn or we can chase them away with all the latest crypto slang & then wonder why there's no "new money" or "increased awareness"

.....  Just my opinion. Let the downvotes begin. I started at zero, I can go back. LOL


Hi Reddit! I spent the last 3 months building a better version of Telegram with 50 pins, favorites, chat tabs, and a built in cryptocurrency price tracker. The Bettergram app is open source and 100% free.

Posted by
11 months old | Karma CC: 1682
1 hour ago
  • According to a report by Coindesk, decentralized exchange, Kyber Network, is releasing an on-chain liquidity smart contract that will enable businesses to accept payments in any form of ethereum ERC-20 tokens. CEO and co-founder, Li Luu, said in an interview with Coindesk that the, “main goal is to make tokens usable anywhere.”  
  • According to Finance Feeds, the U.K. government is facing questions over whether or not it is actively monitoring the impact of the global crypto bear market on the domestic blockchain industry. Lord Taylor of Warwick reportedly asked the UK Government if they have been monitoring whether or not declining cryptocurrency values have had an impact on the UK blockchain industry, to which the government replied that they had not made a formal assessment of any specific implications.  
  • A new botnet was discovered by security researchers that, as opposed to posing a threat, is seeking to destroy crypto-mining malware. The botnet was discovered by a team at Qihoo 360Netlab where they deduced that the botnet is seeking out a malware known as com.ufo.miner.  
  • Notable cryptocurrency hedge fund, Multicoin Capital, said in a report that Litecoin (LTC) is a, “significantly overvalued relic.” In the report, Multicoin detailed that LTC faces a variety of negative catalysts with no bull case. The report goes on to mention that LTC’s bull run in 2017 stemmed largely from retail investors and immaturity in the cryptocurrency market. Multicoin Capital is short on Litecoin.  
  • Tether, the world’s eighth largest cryptocurency and second most traded coin, faced serious technical problems as transactions froze for about eight hours Tuesday. The USD-pegged stablecoin faced issues after the engine that feeds the coin’s data from its underlying Omni protocol stopped working. The stablecoin dipped about 2% immediately following trading coming back online, a significant amount for a stablecoin.  
  • The New York Office of the Attorney General released a report indicating cryptocurrency trading platforms are vulnerable to market manipulation while referring several exchanges to another agency for possible violations of state laws. The New York Attorney General’s (NYAG) initial inquiry began in April, seeking voluntary cooperation from 13 of the world’s largest cypto trading sites, including Coinbase, Karaken, and Binance. Some of these exchanges would go on to say, “it was impossible” to prevent market manipulation while the NYAG’s report pointed out that exchanges like Gemini are seeking to monitor exchanges more effectively.  
  • Theta, a leading video delivery blockchain network advised by the co-founder of YouTube, announced that media companies MBN and CJ Hello have joined its Media Advisory Council as strategic partners. Theta’s token was recently listed on crypto exchange, Bithumb, at the end of August.  
  • A US private equity firm, Brookstone Partners, is launching Soluna, a crypto mining entity that is working to build a massive 36-megawatt mining farm in Morocco. The mining farm intends to leverage local laws, known as a power purchasing agreement, by selling 20% of its electricity back to the Moroccan government while gaining a foothold in the region. The mining farm is expected to be finished by January of next year. 



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