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Cryptocurrency Prices, Charts, Market Capitalizations

Posted by
New to crypto
6 hours ago

I tried to log into my account in gate exchange to trade as I do everyday, I have the account linked to my Gmail account and verified it to google authenticator which is logically no one can have access to it without my permission. I contacted gate support but still got nothing from them. are there any advices or procedures I should take into consideration to get F. Money back. do you think the guys behind gate have anything to do with that because it really doesn't make sense.



Controversial discussion below, like the disclaimer said, my own interpretation might be wrong! Come to your own conclusion by reading belows discussion, lots of respect for both sides from me.

Edit 2:

This might warrant further explanation since some guys think I want to discredit any side here.

I'm at one side curious whats behind that claim and on another hand a bit disappointed that two leaders of projects that vastly form our space can't have a constructive discussion (yes yes I'm demanding! if you bring up such a big topic, follow trought it?).

Now go ahead bash me, yes the title is maybe a bit to sentional / misleading. Can't change it anymore ...

Is the title everything that counts?


The post title is my own interepretation, link to original post:

Interestingly that Vitalik doesn't seem to get in a discussion regarding it, ignoring Colin so far.

It's something I didn't realize so far yet ...

Can anyone elaborate on the technical differences of Vitaliks consensus or Colins claim?

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PiiiiikkkaaaChuuu!!!! Sign up for Reddit Gifts Pokémon exchange by August 19th to get matched!

Posted by
26 days old | CC: 21 karma
17 minutes ago

I’m sorry to clutter up r/cc with this. I did try to keep it ‘in house’ on r/VeChain. But I’ve kind of been forced to post it here as my previous comments and questions on r/VeChain have been deleted. I also appear to have been shadow banned. So I’m posting my thoughts as I feel the VeChain community who are unaware of this should know about it. It could be of interest to non VeChain holders on here too.

Context... So I have been meaning to make a post on ‘CREAM Crypto’ for a while. He is quite secretive, uses many aliases and is listed as an ‘advisor’ on multiple VeChain ICO’s alongside Sunny Lu. Under these advisor roles he is described as being a ‘Crypto Merchant bank’. He also runs a militant pro VeChain Telegram group called China Crypto Info.

I wasn’t ready to make a proper post on CREAM yet. But yesterday a post in r/VeChain by CREAMs ‘head admin’ on the CCI telegram made me voice some concerns, which I had screenshots to go with.

Thread in question -

My comments where then deleted, which is very strange as there is quite a bit of flack directed at him in that thread and yet mine got deleted. Maybe it was the proof I provided.

For those that don’t know the threads author, ‘Laowai’ is an admin on the ChinaCryptoInfo telegram group that is ran by CREAM Crypto. He’s also just happens to be his right hand man.

As you can see from the screenshots below Laowai and other CCI admins participate in fud campaigns, use threats of violence and other shady behaviour. All with CREAMs blessing, as admins in his very own Telegram group. These are just a small sample of what they are like. There are lots more like this. The fact that CREAM is an ‘advisor’ on these ICO’s and intimately linked with VeChain is a red flag. Why would a legit project have dealings with such nefarious characters. And it’s about time that more of the VeChain community start asking serious questions about CREAM and his henchmen. CREAM Crypto is now in the process of setting up a KYC only group to prevent leaks of stuff like this.

Here are a few comments from Laowai that give you a bit of insight into character...

And a few from CREAM...

The first is a response as to why he is making his new Telegram group KYC only.

Him and Laowai saying Vitalik is invested in VeChain

Recently saying that VET should be $1 by Sept 1st. It’s currently $0.0066

He also says creepy shit like this...

There is a whole load more information that will no doubt start to come out since these guys are starting to like the limelight and feeding their own egos.

Definitely not the type of people I would like associated with my investments.

At the minute he is trying to rebrand and put a legitimate front on. I’m guessing this is to do with him now being listed as an advisor out in the open. Take a look at his shitty empty website that has only been up for about a month

So a little bit more on CREAM and his aliases.

Take a look at @BangCryptoBangs twitter...

Notice he has exactly the same avatar as CREAM in his CCI telegram? Also all the VeChain related content?

That’s another one of CREAMs aliases, there are many more.

Here he is with Roger Verr. He’s the one with the bitcoin belt on

You can tell it’s him because @BangCryptoBang tweeted a picture of this belt a few days before

He is also more than likely CCK imo. He has direct contact with Sunny Lu and the timings of his messages on his CCI telegram coincide with CCKs tweets. Such as this one example. The price of VEN was going through the floor on the 14th of July. As you can see from this screenshot CREAM was trying to placate the heavily invested CCI group and assured them that 'Armies are mobilising'

A couple of hours later we get a CCK tweet

Also here is @jasonrockwood, VeChain ecosystem ambassador calling @BangCryptoBang to defend VeChain when Bobby Lee called them out today.

There is more proof out there and even more shady dealings. I’ve barely scratched the surface in this post. So if you hold VeChain or plan on doing so I suggest you DYOR on this guys aliases CREAM Crypto, @BangCryptoBang, Deaf_Null etc and his associates too. For me, it’s a massive red flag to have such nefarious characters, hiding behind multiple usernames, intimately associated with the project.

Even more so when genuine concern is being censored.

Edit: It seems I have shook things up a bit. Since I posted this the first time, he has deleted all of his comments on the China Crypto Info telegram. He’s still down as an admin though as it’s his channel.

Posted by
CC: 29 karma
10 hours ago

Hey guys,

In case you didn't read it yet. Seems like South Korea is preparing to legitimate the crypto industry soon. Local financial authorities and the Financial Services Commission (FSC), the main financial watchdog of South Korea, have focused on legitimizing the industry by recognizing cryptocurrencies as regulated financial institutions, placing them under the authority of the FSC. This is a great deal for crypto overall. Don't get fooled by price drops, adoption is being pushed forward fast.

Here is the full article if you are interested:

Posted by
CC: 826 karma
3 hours ago

If this has already been posted in here I'll remove this post, but I haven't seen it mentioned in this sub, so I thought I'd share AA's thoughts on the ETF. Ultimately I'm still in favor for the ETF but I Antonopolous does raise some really good points here. It's worth discussing for sure.

Link to video:

Posted by
2 months old | CC: 2293 karma BATProject: 2931 karma
8 hours ago

What: AMA

When: 9:30 AM Pacific / 12:30 PM Eastern Time

Where: /r/BATProject subreddit

Who: Brendan Eich, CEO of BAT/Brave, creator of JS, founder of Mozilla & Firefox

See you there!

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