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You know what's sad? Wollay has no comment on the matter or any matter involving his game. At the end of the day, he killed this community with negligence and apathy.

Games like Portal Knights, Hardland, and Trove all thrived under devs that had a public voice, clear insight on their goals, and a short turnaround of gameplay/asset updates. (credit, we're still waiting on hardland 1.0 after 5 months for story mode update, but the devs are active about showing what they're up to.)

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Except those games all suck compared to cubeworld :(

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You make it sound like Wollay wanted his game to thrive.

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Remember phil fish, the maker of fez? Remember how he showed a little bit of his game, got loans and funding to make it, and then proceeded to have emotional and psychological breakdowns for several years because he couldnt handle the stress of production? Remember how this pissed everyone off because it delayed release? Yeah this is happening again.

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Except Wollay isn't having a breakdown. It's an impatient, demanding minority of the community that's having issues.

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Well it doesn't help that it can't be bought right now for those who don't have it.

I still do not understand that decision. (yes I know you can torrent it etc, not really my point though)

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Impatient!? Fuck off are we impatient. I cannot actually believe you said that.

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it's a pity, really. I'm really sorry for that :( And thank you for your hard work ;)

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F (Press f to pay respects)

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Really appreciate all you've done, Chris. Thanks for keeping on as long as you have.

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What was Foxdev..?

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A KOTH server that allowed for quick "Legitemate" XP farming and PvP Play, with teams and great gameplay. It served as the main longstanding cube world server, and the only one to consistently have someone online. It also stood as the only server to run consistently for arround 5 years.

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An era past.

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Wollay should look at their website and think again at his plans..

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Almost every pro came from FOVDEV, and it shut down.