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Cyborg Manifesto by Harraway... borrows New Materialist view of the assemblage

How We Became Posthuman by Hayles. In my opinion most important on the subject. Her next books excellent as well.. How We Think and Unthought.

Anything by Andy Clark... great stuff. Collaborated w Chalmers on concept of extended cognition

Techno-Human by Allenby

Harraway and Hayles are dense reads, Clark and Allenby a bit more layman.


Just musing this evening and wondering why are we as a society so fixated on cyborgs as technical entities? Spare me the definitions of cybernetic organisms, I'm more interested in the idea behind the cyborg and what it represents. Why aren't we discussing the posthuman present as described by Briadotti or Harraway rather than this malestream, techno-porn, capitalist vision? Any thoughts ?


How come there is no discussion of Mr Robot in this sub ?

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