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Let's face it, comics can be confusing. No matter how big or small your question may be this is the place to ask and /r/DCcomics will do our best to answer it for you!

As the /r/DCcomics community continues to grow we are receiving an influx questions from readers of DC comics, or simply new readers to comics entirely. As Stan Lee has said, every comic book is someone's first, and even though he maybe be one of those other guys it certainly applies here as well. With this spirit in mind, these Q'n'A topics are intended to give those who may be puzzled a centralized place to connect with other knowledgable readers and clear up some confusion.

A new Ask the Veterans thread is posted every Sunday, and in the future answers to these questions will be organized into this subreddit's wiki page.

To those answering

Avoid vague replies like "yes" or "no". Rather do your best to explain your answer, and if necessary provide a link that may help anyone interested in learning more. Remember to hide spoilers when discussing major events that have taken place within one year of its release..

Other online resources that may be helpful are listed below.

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Bleep bleep bloop! I am the robot horse doppleganger of /u/dmull387.

Welcome to the Saturday Open Book thread! This is the place to come and discuss what you've been reading lately, from older DC to Marvel, IDW to Valiant, Dynamite to Image. You can even talk about this thing I've heard whispers of called "prose."

Also be sure to join us on our Discord channel, where we'll be talking comics all the time, including a bi-weekly Book Club run by members of the r/dccomics community!

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Posted byI've always wanted to be a crocodile handbag7 hours ago
Posted byI've always wanted to be a crocodile handbag1 day ago

Within the DCEU is Lois and Clark’s relationship a secret or is it publicly known?

Posted byShe's brave. She's nothing but brave.8 hours ago

So the Green Lanterns are the universe's police force and well the universe is insanely massive and more or less infinite (though I guess in DC there's the source wall). How do the Green Lantern manage to do anything with just having two Lanterns per a sector and there being only 3600 sectors. That seems like a lot but saying how massive the universe is they'd be useless. Even if they just monitored the milky way that would be 28 light years on average which is still a fair amount of worlds (there are 52 systems within 16 light years of Earth) and as the sectors got closer to the center of the galaxy the amount of worlds per sector would go way up.


It was my favorite era both publishing and universe wise. The late 80s were an awesome time of progressive storytelling and reinvention, but this was something different. They were in the middle of some kind of "neo Silver Age" (in spirit) renaissance with people like Waid, Morrison and Peyer in charge bringing back Pre-Crisis storytelling sensibilities and elements, inspiring heroes with larger than life adventures after the admittedly more "grounded" approach the late 80s Post-Crisis era took. The universe was bigger than ever and had a great sense of history behind. Legacies have been formed and the lore showed a sense of progression that built on previous continuity. You had the League, the JSA, the Titans and Young Justice and it was like this big, sprawling family of superheroes with friendships and storied pasts.

In the publishing side of things they were killing it, the quality was over the charts. Morrison's JLA, Waid's Flash, and then Millar and Morrison's and then Johns' run on the title, Robinson's Starman, Peter David's Young Justice, Walt Simonson's Orion, Tom Peyer's Hourman, Sandman Mystery Theatre, the No Man's Land crossover in the Batman titles, awesome Elseworld series like Kingdom Come and I can just go on!

Even to new readers, I wholeheartedly recommend to check this era, to know one of the greatest periods in DC history and the reason so many like me love this universe.

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