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My 4yr (ongoing?) battle with birds! by atomicrabbit_ in DIY

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Raccoons keep shitting in my yard in the same spot. I was thinking " I wish they made a motion-activated squirt gun that hooks up to your hose." Then I went to Amazon and searched "Motion activated squirt gun" and it turns out they make a motion-activated squirt gun that hooks up to your hose.

Had 11 days to makeover my room with the wife and kids out of town. 9 sheets of plywood later, I'm pretty pleased! by Rausch-Haus-Projects in DIY

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I'm OPs wife, I cried happy tears when I saw the room. For years our room was a depressing, bland place that I didn't enjoy spending time in. We have slowly begun changing it over the last year, but this really took it to the next level. I'm sure you can gather this from the decor choices, but our tastes are on the eccentric side of things. It's definitely not a room for everyone, but what style choice really is for everyone? We are really busy people who love to decompress by setting our lights to weird colors, turning on some good music, and enjoying each other's company.

It's definitely out there, but one of the best things is hearing our close friends say it fits our personalities perfectly. We are striving to have some self-expression because it makes us happy. I love the creativity and effort that went into this space, I'm definitely proud of my husband.

Had 11 days to makeover my room with the wife and kids out of town. 9 sheets of plywood later, I'm pretty pleased! by Rausch-Haus-Projects in DIY

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The right side says "RICHIE", The left side is illegible since the spacing on the first line runs everything together and makes it appear as if the first line is all one character. ...._..._ is not a valid character and i'm not sure where the spaces are meant to be, but the remaining two lines say "ANNAH". If i use my detective skills and guess the spacing of the top line based on some very very very slight variations in the width between some of the holes, i'm guessing it's meant to say: "SAV"

so... "SAVANNAH" which seems likely.

SOURCE: amateur radio nerd who operates in morse code

EDIT: <tips fedora> "Thanks, m'golder!"

[Request] Found more water damage than I expected by sophiejoey in DIY

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You can cut out the damaged wood and replace it from the inside just be careful of load bearing studs like beside a window or door. Clean out all of the rotten or insect damage to prevent it from spreading. Cut studs off square and fit a piece tightly under the cut and then screw a longer stud onto the side to splice over the cut.

Washer drains into sink...is this ok? by Nillawafers03 in DIY

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Haha. Well. I’m a woman so I don’t know if I have a card to suspend ;)

I do have a snake (about a 10-20ft one I think) so maybe I’ll give it a shot. It’s a long distance to the main line though so it’s entirely possible it’d be further down. I have a clean out so maybe I can try both ways.

When we bought our house we didn't know this room existed, now it's my new office! by [deleted] in DIY

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2 to 1 this room was used for something unholy and has seen things no one should ever have to see. By having broken the seal, guaranteed something just stirred at the bottom of the ocean. Great job, man, you've doomed us all.

When we bought our house we didn't know this room existed, now it's my new office! by [deleted] in DIY

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I found an entire set of fully furnished rooms beneath mine as well as an angry man yelling something about my cutting a hole in his ceiling.

DIY Sofa Bed/Turn This Sofa Into A Bed by diycreatorsapproved submitter in DIY

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Thank you, I'm self-taught so I just apply what I think is right. Sometimes I'm wrong though LOL.

Couldn't find a couch I liked, so I built my own by tracheascharcoal in DIY

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Tall people can go lounge elsewhere. I'm 4'10" and its my couch for my house.

Water leaking from back porch, had the plumber out, the HVAC guy, and a general contractor, no solution. Does anyone have any ideas on what the source of this water is? by BrianHNY in DIY

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Looks to me like the siding was installed incorrectly. Specifically, it looks like J channel was used on the bottom run of your siding, where you should instead have some sort of flashing. Water condenses on metal and runs to what appears to be a seam and low point in that channel, where the water leaks out. The best solution without tearing it out and re-siding your house is to drill weep holes in the J channel to allow for air flow. Any metal you expose while drilling will have to be sealed to prevent corrosion as well.

This is all contingent on whether or not that is J-Channel running across the bottom edge of the metal panel though. I've made some quick drawings so you can hopefully see what I'm talking about.


Edit: it was pointed out to me that this is vinyl siding and I misidentified it as corrugated metal.

Edit 2: Now that I've got a little more time to expand, the principals and drawings I've laid out apply to corrugated metal siding. I never work with vinyl siding, and don't know much about it

My friend's kitchen has very little countertop space, so I made him some stow away countertop sections with an Inlaid Epoxy and Weathered Compass design on top. by JackmanWorksapproved submitter in DIY

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Ono! You know where a random guy from the internet lives! I used to have a book that gave me thousands of names, addresses, and phone numbers of people around my city! You could find anyone at anytime! Super scary stuff!

Help with kitten enclosure? Have pics but need advice! by Lockraemono in DIY

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Oh thanks, I didn't see the sticky thread. I will post there :)

Refurbished a go kart I found in a skip by mr-atomic-bomb in DIY

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The popular children's song "Skip to my lou" is actually a dark number about throwing your partner in the dumpster.