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I converted my carpet stairs to hardwood by The_Tylenator in DIY

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I have stained wood stairs almost just like this. I know what the hell I'm talking about and they are slippery if you're in socks. They're also dangerous for dogs.

I Built a Boxing Bell by measuredworkshop in DIY

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Okay, so I didn't make the bell itself, but I made the mechanism! I couldn't find much online by the way of how it works or dimensions, so it took a lot of trying to figure it out from pictures and videos. So it may not be 100% accurate to how a Bevin trip bell works, but it is close enough!

Video of the build

Hear it in action

Where to Find Black, Unmarked, "Furniture-Grade" PVC For Less than $1 / foot by mac_question in DIY

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Well he wants someone else to shop for him. I’ve gotta make my cut too. And he wants a pretty designer color.

Your right. Color, black, no marking will always command a premium.

.49 / ft and that’s my final offer.


DIY Secret Library Shelf - the book spines slide away to reveal hidden storage by KeithDecent in DIY

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hey keith! cool bookshelf :) xoxo mom & dad

edit: thanks for the gold, stranger. i'm so proud of my son and now i can rub my gilded comment in his face.

Here's My Stone Inlay, LED Lit Engagement Ring Box by MatchstiK in DIY

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Which I actually learned further down in the comments of this post. I figured I'd just leave mine absorb the shame. 😕

Building Your Own Smart Outlets!(Used To Automate My Grow Room Appliances) by atarimaster001 in DIY

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GOOD LUCK! You can do it! I have faith. (Turn off the fucking breaker first😉)

My wife and I updated our kitchen! by SlowFatGRT in DIY

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And changed the hardware and outlets, painted the wall above the sink, and installed a backsplash.

Honest question: what mechanism drives someone to make an active effort to comment negatively on something that doesn't affect them? I'd understand if you were writing about a politician or Net Neutrality, but you went out of your way to leave a negative comment about something that someone you didn't even know was proud of. I didn't mislead anyone with the title, I showed what I did and posted that we "updated" our kitchen. It seems like there might be something in your life that you're unhappy about. You should really think about it and talk to the people close to you, or even PM me and I'll help you through it. If you keep living this way, however, you're always going to be unhappy.

Latex Voldemort Halloween Mask by andrewrgross in DIY

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I mean, sure, the execution isn't quite right, but it certainly shows you put work into it. Fuck it, you have to start somewhere. Take what you learned from it and use that and improve on the next project. Who cares if this one looks like cottage cheese Voldemort. The next one can be better.

Smart thermostat installation (dumb installer) - gold for successful help by triplealpha in DIY

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HVAC guy here.

I'm assuming being in Florida you're running a heat pump, so white goes to Aux/E and orange to O/B (don't worry about the 'B'). You're going to use the letters on the bottom for 'heat pump'.