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continue waiting for btc price to drop before purchasing?


so I have been waiting a few days to see if btc price would drop to buy because it seems to fluctuate alot, but it has just been going up and up! i would hate to buy at such a high price then the value dip after just to lose money! what do you guys think? continue to wait or just bite the bullet? do you forsee the price dropping anytime soon or will it continue to climb?

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Good luck trying to play the ups and downs of bitcoin. Just buy whenever, wait two days, and your value will have increased.

That's simplified and not always accurate, but if you look at the trends it holds up.

Original Poster0 points·5 months ago

so you're saying you don't forsee any significant dips anytime soon? I'm just worried about losing money cuz I'm gonna be buying a larger amount of coin

I, nor really anybody else can correctly predict this. If you're biggest fear is a big crash, buy coins whenever, and spend them asap. If you do it quick enough the price wouldn't have time to change that much. Maybe a little decrease or increase it can go either way

Original Poster1 point·5 months ago

you see, I plan to purchase via cash by mail, so it will take a few days, hence why I am so concerned that the price will drop. I'm just overly concerned because the prices are obviously at an all time high, so I'm thinking it's bound to drop soon....

My man, it's been at a new all time high for the past month. There was a dip but it quickly recovered. We hit 10k last week, 12k yesterday, and 13k today. Who even knows. My suggestion is just do bank wire transfer, it's faster and usually less fee's

Original Poster1 point·5 months ago

My suggestion is just do bank wire transfer, it's faster and usually less fee's

but also traceable! yall are complicating this. so then you're answer is that you forsee the price to continue to go up and I should quit waiting then?

Tumler my man, I don't know if it will keep rising but I believe it will. I'm suggesting just buy coin as quick as you can, and buy

Original Poster1 point·5 months ago

yea I'm probably gonna have to bite the bullet. I gotta get this rolling, can't keep sitting aroudn waiting for a possible dip

It is simply impossible to know but personally I believe in Bitcoin in the long run and believe that the price will keep rising, with occasional dips of course.

Original Poster1 point·5 months ago


Since it’s up over 20% today it should dip back down to around 12,000 within the next 48 hours. Buy then.

Trade the trend. Buy dips and sell spikes.

Original Poster1 point·5 months ago

yes, this is the exact logic I've been using, but the issue is that there hasn't quite been any dips! it's just steadily been climbing, that's why I asked this to see what you guys think about the price? will it just continue climbing you think or should I keep waiting for a nice dip?

Are you investing or trading? If you don't know what your strategy is a) no one can help you and b) the markets will take your money.

Original Poster1 point·5 months ago

oh no I'm sorry, I'm just looking to get coin to use on the markets... but it's a larger amount of coin and I would hate to lose money if it dips right after I purchase, considering its just been climbing... just assuming its bound to drop soon but idk for sure

If you're scared of losing money do not trade volatile instruments like crypto currencies. Just buy the coins you need for your purchases.

Original Poster1 point·5 months ago

no, I'm not trading the coin. I am looking to get coin to use on the markets but would hate for the value to tank after purchasing at such a high price. i'll be doing cash by mail, so it will take a few days and alot could change within a few days I think

Well, if you're putting them in the market in order to to buy you are trading coin. Coin in exchange for drugs. What I'm saying is to plan ahead. Before you buy coin pick out what you want to buy and who you're buying it from. Then, go get coin, follow the correct wallet proceeding to get to market wallet. Buy. That simple, the value of bitcoin won't have enough time to change that much. Maybe 5 or 15$ max.

Original Poster1 point·5 months ago

lol well considering the value of coin was around $10,500 at the beginning of this week and now it's up to around $13,500, that $5-$15 change you speak of makes no sense. like I stated, I will be buying the coin via cash by mail, so it will take a few days, so obviously alot can change in a few days. and by trading, I thought he meant like day trading like stocks or something

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