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Why did bowman vote no for the bill? Didnt he propose that bill?


I do agree that season 2 was lacking at some points but I still feel like season 1 did a great job and season 2 had some positive points (except the finale). I feel like season 2 gets too much shit to be honest, I could still enjoy it and this subreddit makes me feel like I'm alone on that. Like people saying here now they're happy it got canceled, honestly if Netflix brings it back and does it in season 1 style with the continued plot I still feel like the show could be amazing.


I read a while ago Netflix was looking at picking this up have we heard anything since?


So what is this show now that its whole premise is essentially moot? Now it's just a weak facsimile of The West Wing with a left-LEANING Independent and little else. Maggie Q was wonderful in it, but everyone else seemed lost. Once they killed off the wife I lost all interest. Netflix can pick it up, but unless it gets a new serious purpose, I just don't see the point.


First and foremost, this was one of my favourite shows to work on. The production crew behind the scenes was always professional and treated us human objects nicely. I've played multiple roles (WH Staff, Press, Soldier, Bar Staff, Protestor, Audience member) on the show. I can comment about most actors/actresses (including MJF).

White House Badge for proof Old call sheet

NOTE I did not watch the show as I was spoiled before it aired and lost interest.


Kirkman wakes up in the desert after being ousted as President by Spicy Pea (as she now calls herself) and is diagnosed with space cancer by Dr. Frost who lost all her money betting on black.
He decides the only way to turn the country's economy around so that he can afford single payer when he takes back the office is is to make the money himself so he puts Dr. Frost and his developmentally disabled son (who lied, but in truth, was only accepted to Brown for Doge Meme cultural studies) in a one story house which has a pool for some reason even though they seem to be desperately strapped for cash.

He hires a dumb kid who dropped out at his workplace (Emily) and starts selling environmentally friendly meth labs to the Mexican cartels.
Emily says "bitch" a lot for some reason.

The setting is Alberquirky, NT (New Texico). Meanwhile, in Washington, Spicy Pea is fighting off inquiries by Ethan West about her collusion with Bananarama to blow up the Capitol and take her father's spot.

That can be the show's pilot.


Penny hacker-god theory


Could anyone please help with keeping track of the fake countries? Like Naruba, East/West Hun Chiu etc., and their real life counterparts? (I know E/W Hun Chiu mirrors N/S Korea but would love to know the rest)

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2 months ago

Let me preface this by saying that I actually love this show. Unironically, it's a favorite of mine and I'm sad to see it over. That being said:

I hate this show. This show pisses me off in ways that most people don't understand. I am the kind of guy to form timelines of a series in my head to form things up. However, this show wants to screw me over so much, and here are some reasons how.

First, the very first episode occurs in January of 2016. We know this because of recordings dating the event of the bombing/SotU as such. President Richmond's Chief of Staff also tells Kirkman that the administration is looking towards the second term of the Richmond presidency. So far so good, right?

When the special election to form a new cabinet and senate happens, the day of the week given is incorrect. I believe they said it was a Wednesday, but my memory on that episode is fuzzy.

Next, when President Kirkman is shot, MacLeish becomes Acting President. Seth specifically mentions George W. Bush (Bush 43) as one of the two presidents to give power to his VP for a short amount of time.

Finally, in one episode (again, my memory is fuzzy as to what episode), we see a portrait of President Obama in the White House. This means that he was president for, at the very least one term.

That seems all well and good, then. So what's the problem? Well, there's a couple.

First, Kirkman becomes President during 2016. That's an election year. Yet we never see a presidential election occur in the show. There are two ways this can work. One is that, because of the death of so many presidential hopefuls during the bombing (since most candidates are usually Senators or Congressman). The new Senate and Congress decided to skip a Presidential election in order to let people adjust to the new life.

Another possibility is that Kirkman won off-screen, but I find this hard to believe since they make it seem like Kirkman has never won any election whatsoever. Therefore, I think that the first choice is probably the better one.

Second, in the penultimate episode of Season 2, former President Moss is referred to as the 44th President. That would mean that the presidency went Bush 43 -> Moss -> Richmond -> Kirkman. However, that leaves out Obama.

The only way that I can seem to rationalize this is that Bush 43 envoked Article 3 of Amendment 25 once in 2002, rather than a second time in 2007. That way, he either didn't seek reelection or was defeated by Moss in the primaries. Then Moss doesn't seek reelection in 2008, allowing Obama to become President for one term from 2009 to 2013. Finally, Richmond is president from 2013 to 2016 before being killed.

However, there is still a problem that came from this. In the penultimate episode of Season 2, the presidential election is stated to be in "16 months". That would place the episode in July of 2019. This is a problem, since the Governor of Taurasi says to Seth and Lyor that "it's 2018".

Now Lyor is obviously the kind of guy to correct someone on their mistake, but he didn't. Therefore, the only solution that I can come up with is that the Senate and Congress passed a new Amendment to the Constitution, changing the date of Inauguration and election from November of a leap year and January of the following year, respectively, to something else. The inauguration has changed once before, from March to January, so I don't think this is too hard to justify.

However, this has never been mentioned once before. Though this show has many things that weren't mentioned or that were dropped, so it really isn't that hard. Either way, we could say that Congress changed the date of the election to sometime in April in order to justify the snow on the ground in D.C. (as opposed to July, where it would have been even though DC doesn't have Toronto snow). It would also place the finale within 2018, where Tom says "this year has been hard" as opposed to last year or something like that.

These errors are hard to rationalize, since the dating of the series has changed greatly. And I wrote an over-4500 worded post just to vent my frustration at the chronology of the series that no one else has. If you did read this, however, thank you for indulging in my terribly long rant/explanation for the problems of a show I love.

If there is anything I missed, please leave a comment. I'd love to try and find some way to rationalize it all.

EDIT: I just realized that the discussion with Leo about colleges has to take place in January 2018, because of the Governor's comments. That was a mistake on my part. The past year comment still makes sense, though.


  • 2 term Bill Clinton -> 1 term Bush 43 -> 1 term Moss -> 1 term Obama -> 0.75 term Richmond -> Kirkman
  • 2016 Election skipped by the USA
  • New Election Date set as May 2019

Hannah: Mr. President, I [mumbled: through completely illegal means] obtained proof that Emily Rhodes was behind the hack!

Kirkman: Emily, is this true?

Emily: [sighs] Sir, I have something to say... I... have a twin sister. We were separated at birth, and ever since she found out that I got accepted to Georgetown and she only got accepted to Ohio State, she's had it out for me.

Kirkman: What? Emily, why didn't you ever tell me?

Emily: I... [tears well up in her eyes] I just didn't want to disappoint you.

Kirkman: Emily, you could never disappoint me. [Gives a reaffirming handahake]

Aaron: [Rushing in, out of breath] Sir! It's Myanmar. They've threatened to nuke Mumbai unless you admit you have a crush on Andrea Frost.

Kirkman: [Solemn expression]


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I was in the middle of my final exams so couldn't watch it when it aired, but just finished it now.

Frankly I didn't really like it, and I feel in my opinion the quality of the show has been going down consistently. There are a number of reasons, but the ones that stick out to me are how "watered down" the show is. Let me explain.

I was born in '98 so I never caught onto The West Wing, and the only other political drama I have watched is House of Cards. I feel that since HoC is a Netflix series, it is more able to tap into the intricacies of the real world much more than DS, which, since it's on ABC, seems to be more for entertainment and wants to be politically correct and suitable for younger viewers (in terms of both complexity of plot and explicit content). In House of Cards, characters are allowed to curse, nudity and violence is able to be shown, and most importantly, the plot is developed in a much more subtle, realistic way. DS seems to merely be tons of action and plot twists packed into one episode, seemingly for the purpose of entertainment as opposed to storytelling. DS also seems to want to please the viewer more, and in doing so, comes off as tacky, while HoC wants to develop characters and tell a dramatic story, regardless of if viewers "like" the characters or not (for ex: President Kirkman doesn't play political games like real world politicians do because he is an "honest man", whereas in HoC, President Underwood would fight any opposition with force).

That's why I really hope Netflix picks this series up. I like the characters, especially Tom, Seth, and Lyor, and Netflix can really turn this show into another political classic in a way that ABC couldn't.

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