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Paul Bennet, a father of two bludgeoned to death

sound familiar?

okay I’ll go now


Everyone hates Dexter's Sixth season, but I thought the dynamic between him & Uncle Sam was terrific. It was a manifestation of part of Dexter's advanced relationships he would later experience throughout the show. Brother Sam went from being the one Dexter wanted on his table, to the misunderstood serial-killer, to suspiciously renowned priest to a real friend of Dexter's that ended up being monumentally more significant and stable unlike what we saw with Dexter & Miguel's friendship in Season Three, where Miguel's selfish desires clouted and harmed Dexter and the people he cared about (sound familiar?).

There definitely could have been a lot more done for his character, who, looking back, technically was sidelined to focus on the development of a character who was already fucking dead, but I think that for the little arc they HAVE given him, he shines as a notable character in the whole series. Brother Sam was an inspiration to Dexter, a man who could give Dexter something to relate to, and a man who even provided Dexter much sanctuary when he was still being vetted. He was one of the few characters in the show who never tried to harm Dexter or the people around him that Dexter cared about. remember Brian (Dexter's Brother) tried to kill Debra, Lila tried to kill Cody, Astor & Dexter, Miguel harmed/tried to kill Dexter and was about to make an attempt on his family by the looks of it, Trinity harmed Dexter and killed Rita, Season 5 saw Dexter being harmed by the woman he was trying to protect, Season 7 saw Dexter ironically get Debra in harm himself, and partially lead to Isaak's death, and Season 8 saw his own relationship with Evelyn get strained and lead to her death, same goes for Deb... Brother Sam buries them all.


I've had Dexter on my Netflix list for a while but was only able to just get to it. I'm only on S05E03, but here are some of my comments so far.

Season 1 felt like it should have been season 4 or 5. They started the show by laying out every detail of his character. I would have saved all of that until later.

What happened to Doates was bullshit. He was an asshole, but he didn't deserve to go out like that. I liked him better than I do Quinn. Quinn is boring as fuck.

Angle is cool.

Deb is a whore.

Which brings me to where I am. Half way through season 4 I was starting to pray that nothing would happen to Rita. Then he got her into that taxi for the airport and Arthur went to Deb's apartment by mistake I was relieved. Then on the finale when he came home and you hear the baby cry I was so pissed. They never said how Arthur found Dexter's real house. Plus I find it hard to believe she would have forgotten her I.D. When you leave for a flight your I.D. is kind of the first thing you make sure you have.

So like I said now I'm on episode 3 of season 5. I knew the kids would only be around for a few episodes of drama before they were shipped off. So now I have a dilemma. A part of my enthusiasm for this show died with Rita. Not just because I liked her, but also because I liked seeing Dexter try to maintain his family while being who he is. Now that's gone.

I'm going to keep watching, but with much less enthusiasm than before. I've heard some of the later seasons suck. Is this where it starts or do I have a bit to go?


So we all know how original showrunner Clyde Phillips would have ended it if he had stayed, but Chip just done season 5, which was kinda decent, and Scott Buck done 6-8. Showtime still probably wouldn't have allowed him to kill of Dex, but do you think the show would have become the laughing stock it became?


bout to start up season 2 am I in for a treat?


What would it be? And how would the plot change from then onwards? I know a lot of people talk about how shocking the ending is (me included) so I'm interested to hear how people would of done it differently if they could change one thing throughout the seasons. For me it would be rather than Deb see Dexter kill Travis Marshall, Dexter hears her coming at the last minute and cuts Travis free then hides during which he drops the blood slide in to the grate. Deb then walks in and finds Travis naked with a cut to his face and arrests him. In the following seasons Travis goes through trial which throughout he makes claims about The False Prophet whilst Dexter gives his evidence, meanwhile La Guerta still finds the blood slide and reopens The Bay Harbour Butcher case in secret which this, along with Marshalls claims & circumstances in which he was arrested, leads her to believe Dexter is the Bay Harbour Butcher. The final few episodes would be La Guerta along with the FBI revealing this to Deb who refuses to believe the claim at first so warns Dexter. Dexter then tries to flee on his boat leaving Harrison with Hannah until he is stopped by an enraged Deb who has come to terms with the news, Deb asks Dexter to come to the station but he lunges for the boat controls and Deb shoots him in a rage filled panic. The final scene would be Deb being taken away by La Guerta and Dexter laying dead on his boat surrounded in blood. Spoiler tag added for those who haven't see the show.


What’s your favorite season and why


I'm rewatching Dexter and have just made it to season 7 (god help me) but one thing j noticed in the first episode of the series really annoyed me. Dexter decides the only way to deal with Deb finding out about his secret is to make another kill, so he decides to do this on a man who has just killed a Miami Metro homicide detective in the middle of a busy airport. It might be that they're trying to show Dexter losing control but I mean come on, all it will take is for someone in Miami Metro to figure out Mikes killer, go to the airport where he bought a ticket checked in and didn't get his flight, watch the 100s of cameras worth of CCTV that would most definitely be in place in every inch of an airport and see Dexter walking round with the dude in a wheelchair before coming out of the lost baggage hold with a surfboard. I'm pretty sure the writers had just given up by this point.


So currently I’m watching dexter for the first and I’m watching S7E9 now. Between the seasons I’ve seen so far I wanna rank them out in my opinion (I’ve seen some lists before and know 8 isn’t too high)

Here’s my list:

4- the second most kills behind dexter plus lithgow is terrific

1- simple, macabre, and the brother twist

2- dexter under pressure but I knew other seasons were coming so I knew he wasn’t gonna get caught lol

7- I know it usually ranks lower but I like the mob boss as the bad guy instead of an outright serial killer and I’ve been waiting since s1 finale for deb to find out

3- dexter bringing in an ally that was such a high ranking member of law enforcement

6- city wide panic and the hallucination twist was great

5- high profile kill but it all felt so sad all season with post Rita

I will update with 8 but that’s my opinion so far!


So I’m currently on S7E8 and I’m trying to finish the dang show but it’s just becoming a chore to watch. Sadly, I’ve seen so many spoilers so I get the gist of how it ends. I still thought i wanted to see how everything unfolds. But so many of the storylines are ridiculous. Quinn falling in love with a random stripper who struck up a conversation with him? Angel owning a restaurant? The fact that Jamie’s nerd boyfriend (i already forget his name..Louis?) goes from being a likeable nerd who got the girl to being a creep with an obsession and vendetta against Dexter. And now he finds love with another serial killer? Just everything. Ugh.


Why didn’t anyone question Dexter moving in with Deb in the first part of season 7? It seems like if he moved out of his apartment where he lived with his son, and didn’t take him with him, people would find that odd. But to the best of my knowledge no one (namely Jamie) even mentions it...


He had more of a cameo in the movie, was good.
What he has been upto ?
Any new projects.

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