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Building Community

The Divi community channels (telegram, discord) are a very important first point of contact with people who may be interested in joining the Divi ecosystem. While we applaud feedback - negative as well as positive - we won’t tolerate intentionally vitriolic, hateful, destructive communication in our telegram channels. If you are a DIVX/DIVI coin holder, posting a lot of FUD and negativity is hurting everyone, including yourself.

Therefore, think before you post: Is a comment adding value to the discussion and community? Has the team already answered the question earlier? If you have an issue and feel inclined to challenge the team, consider asking a thoughtful question before going on the attack. You’ll get a much better reception and gain the respect of our community by taking the high road and asking questions, not providing leading statements.

We love that you are here to help us build a community and support us in our goal of making crypto easy. Yet, you must remember that membership in the Divi telegram is a privilege and not a right. We will not tolerate unprofessional, inappropriate conduct toward the team or the other users.

In an effort to keep conversation productive, Divi requires that the following guidelines be followed when communicating in our telegram. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in temporary restriction from posting, or in extreme cases permanent removal from the channel.

General Rules

Our community channels operate under a 3-strike policy. Offenders will receive a warning for each offense. On the third offense, offenders will be automatically removed from the channel. The rules are upheld by a group of administrators and the Guardbot. Rules include but are not limited to:

  1. Search the channel before you post a question to find out if your question was answered.
  2. Debates should be scholarly and fact-oriented. Baseless claims with no proof of claim do not make for a sound argument and will receive a warning. “My friend is an expert, and I trust his assessment more than you” does not gain any ground in an argument. Let your friend advance their argument if that is what they believe.
  3. Argue the idea or position not the person. “You are stupid” not only is an ineffective argument, but also will receive a warning for hostility toward another user.
  4. Users are prohibited from demeaning or otherwise insulting other users on the basis of race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or financial status. Depending on the severity of the offense, this will receive a warning or insta-ban.
  5. Outside links to pump & dump groups, other channels, airdrop scams, pornographic websites, etc... are forbidden, will be automatically removed and receive a warning.
  6. Incessant provocation (trolling) of other members is prohibited and will result in a warning. For example, making comments in a post either direct or implied toward another member that are purposely designed to upset, antagonize, make fun of, belittle, harass, insult or otherwise instigate an argument that takes away from the personal enjoyment of the channel by others.
  7. Excessive restating of a point of view after a reasonable explanation and/or discussion has taken place will result in a warning.
  8. Some subjects can invite a flame war. Be careful discussing things where emotions run high (e.g. politics, religion and which team will win the world cup). Show respect for those who have different beliefs than yours.
  9. Posting any files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of another’s computer will result in a warning or ban.
  10. Posting any information obtained or originally transmitted in confidence or with the implied belief that the message was to be kept in confidence without the express permission of the original author of the communication will result in a warning. Additionally any private, direct communication between administrators and a member is strictly prohibited from being posted or retransmitted in any way.
  11. Remember the golden rule and be excellent to each other.


Anonymous commenting is allowed. However, the Divi team will be much more tolerant of comments from users who are known to us. If it appears that a user is hiding behind a cloak of anonymity in order to start trouble, we may choose to remove that person. The founders of Divi are known people, and if we are to be attacked we reserve the right to know who is doing it.

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This pinned post will serve to answer any and all questions regarding Divi. If you have an additional question, please reply to this thread and we will add the answer here.

Before asking any questions, please read our Whitepaper

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FAQ DIVX and DIVI? Which is what?

You can obtain DIVX now. This is an “exchange token,” which can be held in any ERC20 compatible wallet. Upon launch of the blockchain, you will be able redeem your DIVX for DIVI at a 1:100 ratio.

How can I trade/exchange DIVX? Divx is currently listed on Cryptopia and Bleutrade.

What will happen with DIVX after the redemption period? It will no longer serve any purpose in the ecosystem.

What does DIVI Mean?

We originally took it from the word Divvy, which means “Divide up and Share.” It can also be an acronym for Decentralized Intuitive Value Initiative.

What is a Masternode?

A masternode is a program that’s on your computer, or on a cloud server you rent, that connects with other masternodes. It communicates continually with them and keeps a full copy of the Divi blockchain, constantly checking that it’s correct, and adding new blocks. By putting your coins into a masternode, you get rewarded with more newly created coins for helping to run the network.

How many DIVI are required for a Masternode? Divi will offer a 5 Tiered Masternode system. The levels of ownership are: 100,000 DIVI - Level 1: Copper 300,000 DIVI - Level 2: Silver +5% 1,000,000 DIVI - Level 3: Gold +10% 3,000,000 DIVI - Level 4: Platinum +15% 10,000,000 DIVI - Level 5: Diamond + 20%. Please note these numbers are in DIVI, if purchasing DIVX before the chain goes live, divide by 100.

If I have 3000 DIVI, what’s better, 3 copper masternodes or 1 silver masternode?

A silver masternode requires the same number of coins as 3 coppers but will receive a 5% bonus. You will also have less hosting expenses since each masternode requires a separate IP. However, by running 3 copper masternodes you have a higher chance of winning the lottery blocks.

Is there a limited supply of tokens?

DIVX has a fixed supply of 6,171,607. DIVI will start with 617,160,700 and practice a healthy inflationary method to mint new tokens. Read more about inflation


I've been holding since October last year, some have been holding for a couple of months and are already impatient. This is a very long term play, and from every single interaction I have had with the team I can definitively say this is one of the most legit teams and projects in crypto today. Many of the accusations that have been made could not have been further from the truth, and I will try to tackle them in this post.

There are issues in any project or company and our role is to try and help the company realize our mutual goals, not put sticks in their wheels and constantly put them down as if they are doing anything intentionally to hurt their supporters. I'm personally ok with holding much longer than this without a product and have voiced that many times and I urge anyone, whether disappointed more or less, downright angry or indifferent, to spend a little bit of time thinking where they could contribute to try and help the project along and make things better not worse and to think before they speak because words do have an impact, not only on other contributors or potential contributors but also the team and anyone involved.

Some of the issues and causes for the delay have already been explained, including by David Kelley himself. The team is doing everything they can to find the newest and best avenues going forward. Those who don't do, don't make mistakes...those of us who do and try to create things, realize what can happen, especially when it comes to software development.

What I'm saying now isn't new...I said it even back in March, that I can wait even as long as Aug or Sep for a good product, no need to rush. The team was trying to meet a hard deadline even though there were issues with development, was it a good idea? I think even they acknowledge now that it wasn't. They have taken full responsibility for it which is why now they are working with no deadlines in order to release a good product. Of course in true Damned if you do, damned if you don't fashion, now we have some complaining that there are no dates, but that's to be expected. I also own my own business and have learned very quickly that people will ALWAYS find something to complain about, no matter what you do.

Regarding the financial situation they really don't owe any of us any answers, and those of us who are so "concerned" about it - where were you during ICO? Maybe if more of those people had invested then, the team would have more money. You didn't support till much later and then you think if you own 1,000, or even 10,000 coins that you're owed something. That's just selfish. Ask them what you can do to help instead. It is a small but motivated and hungry team, trying to create cutting edge technology, working miracles with a small budget.

Mistakes happen it's what you do with them that counts, learning from them is important, going forward I believe things will be different. Not an excuse just is what it is.

Regarding the KYC complaint which we've been through a million times, if someone really wanted to look for serious answers and solutions, they would look for them on telegram where many people have offered to help, and not come here to whine and complain. The team is doing everything they can to be compliant with ridiculous SEC regulations. Mail the SEC, don't put it on DIVI, that's just insane.

SEC are the ones who created this mess and they are the ones you should be demanding answers from. A little bit of understanding towards the team would go a long way, instead we have serial trolls complaining that they have finally been banned. Understand that the only ones banned are the ones who are being deliberately belligerent, Divi is very tolerant to criticism and did not ban anyone even when other community members were practically begging them to on telegram. That is simply no more than another false, FUD accusation.

Investing requires discipline and patience and I feel there are some who are in way over their head and are taking out their frustration on the team, this will and shall not be tolerated. Criticism is one thing and the team has shown it is very open to it, but when you have other members of the community saying they won't engage in conversation anymore because it's too toxic until the people causing it get banned, you can't fault Divi for that. Also regarding KYC, Divi clearly stated during ICO that Americans should not invest, so anyone who did and is complaining now should have maybe paid more attention. Sure, at the time, many just stated it and didn't actually perform KYC...but since then things have changed and gotten stricter, and the way for DIVI to remedy the fact there was no KYC then, is to do it now. It is for the protection of the community and project going forward, which only goes to prove once again, divi is a serious project thinking about the long term, not just another exit scam.

I am actually using this price to buy more as I believe this project can be huge in the future. The blockchain will be regenerated so that was put to a vote and put to rest. Divi proved once again it is a truly community oriented project by doing that. Regarding price - I think most of it is simply the market environment. Since announcing the KYC and even all the delays after that, DIVI only dropped around 50 spots on cmc. That means it's performing just slightly worse than other coins. That could also be completely coincidental. You'd expect if there was a major issue due to the team, it would drop more than 50 spots. So this is mostly the market and not divi. When the market recovers and divi has a good product, so will divi's price.

I'll be happy to answer any more questions/FUD if there is anything that wasn't explained properly yet. Other than that, all there is to do is watch the progress and wait for release.


Nice to see some progress. This is how it should have been from the beginning instead of stupid deadlines and releasing a product with missing features that the non geeks need. I'm still extremely disappointed but nice to see some progress.

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I am glad to see that our concerns have been listened to.


I am not a techie. My background is in accounting. I assume that since the team wants to airdrop 10,000 divi each wallet, that they already know how many of the 701 wallets qualify (if they really want to be transparent they would tell us this). I'm going to assume it is just about 50%. That would mean approx 3.5 million divi. How much has actually been generated? Remember, "Since three million additional DIVI were generated at the onset of the genesis block, and more from the core masternodes". How much more? And how much more will be generated before people get to redeem divx for divi and have masternodes of their own? Let's say it is 5 million divi. What happens to 1.5 million divi? Does the team get to spend it? This can create what businessman might call a perverse incentive. The longer they take the more they can keep, since they already brought it to a vote and people who were keen on getting 10,000 free divi opted not to burn it, At what point will the delays really be about waiting to put out a quality set-up or their needs for cash? That's my big concern: What happens to the rest of the Divi generated after the airdrop? It seems like a pretty important issue not to have been mentioned in the proposal. Anyone?

Posted byDivi Mod1 month ago

To the Divi Community,

I’m David Kelley, leader of the development team that The Divi Project contracted to build their blockchain and smart wallet.

It’s come to my attention that there has been a lot of blame placed on the shoulders of Divi’s founders, with accusations of mismanagement, incompetence, or lying to the community, and I want to set the record straight about what actually happened.

The fact is that the Divi founders team set deadlines for launch which I believed we would meet at the time based on communication from my team. I was asked by the Divi Team multiple times whether we would be delivering a working product, even up until the day of launch and I told them YES we were on schedule and would deliver as promised. We believed this to be the truth based on our internal unit tests.

In each case, due to unforeseen bugs that appeared last-minute, we failed to be able to deliver and sent us back into new cycles of builds and testing. Since we were already past the deadline and feeling very bad about that, we pushed our developers too hard, working weekends and late into the night, resulting in more mistakes made that cost us even more time. It is more important to ensure that major bugs are not released for the good of the community. From an engineering standpoint, it is always better to delay than to release something broken.

I have been in the software development business for more than 25 years, and am very experienced at this. Michael Greenwood, Divi’s co-founder leading product development, and I, have even presented our work directly to Bill Gates in the past among other high profile projects. We have worked on over a dozen projects together without anything like this happening before. One of my biggest mistakes here was accepting a job that I thought was nearly impossible given the timeline presented. I should have been more assertive about moving the timeline from the beginning to something more realistic, especially after agreeing to take on the wallet components of this project, which I knew to be a big risk with such a short timeframe.

Our team is fully aware that this has caused a tremendous amount of anxiety about the Divi Project’s team’s competence, and our ability to develop the technology that they have promised to their community. For that, I want to sincerely apologize to the Divi team and community. I also want to assure everyone that we absolutely have the skill and experience to deliver this. We are still 100% dedicated to getting this right so that Divi can move forward and make its community proud. I want to ask you for your continued patience, and you’ll find the end result worth waiting for.

David Kelley


This is the only way we will trust Divi again. Pre-mining is going on and it’s unethical to keep the current chain going.


What is going on? This is very similar to other crypto scams in the past. We need a reset of the blockchain or this project is doomed right from the start.

Posted byu/[deleted]1 month ago

According to Etherscan Total Supply is 6,171,606.738 DIVX (should be 617,160,673.8 DIVI after token swap)

According to diviscan Current Supply is 625,298,705.853 DIVI

I was wondering, if there is no masternodes running, neither DIVIs being staked (since nobody got to redeem their coins), who is getting this pre-mined coins? This 8,000,000 DIVI is approximatelly US$ 100,800 considering DIVX current value! And how long will this pre-mine last?

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