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Divi adoption

Some devil's advocate points in here:

One of the big appeals of the divi platform is making crypto really easy for a large group of people. How does the team plan to do that? When I think about paying someone, I wouldn't be able to use Divi if my friend doesn't also have it. However, I haven't seen much in ways of marketing. Is that planned/coming up in the future? In addition, what is going to happen as far as setting up the marketplace? Is this just going to be like craigslist but with crypto payments?

How would you answer the following: what is the unique value proposition of DIVI? Seems like many other payment projects do the same exact thing, albeit with larger followings. What is going to make DIVI a winner?

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Divi Developer / Founder2 points · 3 months ago
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Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago

awesome, how is reaching out to retailers going?

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Nick Saponaro on telegram mentioned that there are small businesses ready to start accepting Divi and there are some bigger businesses that are waiting to see the product live.

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Divi Developer / Founder1 point · 3 months ago

Yes it will be much easier to gain merchant adoption once the product is live. Although going after them one by one is not necessarily the plan. Instead we are pursuing larger partnerships than can give us a more widespread market share.

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You can send divi to anyone with an email address. Idk if they will have that feature at launch, but it should come.

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like paypal ? :D

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first more exchanges

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First a product instead of just an ERC20 token.

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how they gonna deal with volatility of divi ?

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