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Stickied postModerator of r/doctorwho

Hey guys,

We're now opening mod apps permanently!

No previous moderation experience necessary. Just be honest!

The primary responsibilities would be to cover the mod/unmod queues (i.e. approving, removing and flairing posts and comments; especially following the spoiler rules) and answering modmail. But don't take that as a limitation!

Please see the advice I gave to /r/NeedAMod users first.

If you're interested, please fill in this short form.

We're not expecting paragraphs upon paragraphs. Generally, We're after up to around a few sentences each.

As usual, any Qs just ask :)



So we don't limit ourselves to only looking when we need more mods, staying ahead of the curve. Hopefully resulting in better mod activity. Also, training 2 or 3 at a time can be more relaxed than training several. Also, it allows people to apply at any time rather than just be around to notice it when we put the call out.

Do I need to have CSS/AutoModerator/Python/etc. knowledge and experience?

No. They'll help your application but they're not required. We're mostly looking for a fantastic attitude.

How many mods are we after?

There's no number. We're just after good quality mods!

How long will it take to hear back?

Generally within a week or two. Unless you're exceptional, it will probably take at least 48 hours for the mod team to read, discuss and vote on your application, especially at the start as we'll be looking at many of them and probably setting a baseline. If you've not heard back within a fortnight, please send us a modmail.

Can I apply multiple times?

Yes, but within reason. Please wait a while and make sure you check the feedback given to past applicants.

Do I get paid?

You get paid in love. But not from the users. Or admins. Or sometimes other moderators.

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Village Idiot
2 days ago
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This is the official discussion thread for the DW Twitch Stream that is happening over the next several weeks!

The stream is here and I'm sorry this post is so bloody late!

If you want to see the schedule then it can be found here (if you scroll down you can get it in different time zones)

Finally, if you're unaware as to what the hell this is, here's the trailer!

Previous Thread


Just finished the Eccleston series for the first time in ages. So epic


By 'Hartnell Fluff', I mean the little mistakes/ad-libs often said by William Hartnell during his time playing the Doctor.

My personal favorite is at the end of The Chase, where Ian and Barbara are trying to convince the Doctor to help them get to London 1965 in a stolen Dalek ship. The Doctor, while trying to convey how dangerous the journey would be, instead says this unforgettable quote.

"You'll end up a couple of burnt cinders flying around in Spain!"

He soon realizes his mistake and corrects 'Spain' to 'space', but not before the dramatic tension of the scene has been entirely undermined. For some reason, I find the mental image of the burnt cinders of Ian and Barbara zooming around Spain to be completely hilarious.


Prior to a couple days ago, I was using this website,, as a reference to know which episodes to watch. He broke it down by Doctor, color coded for importance (blue=recommended, green=good episode, yellow=average episode, red=bad episode/skippable), and had small thing next to certain episodes (companions joining/leaving, creatures introduced, organizations that the Doctor worked with, etc.)

But now the website seems to have gone defunct (the guy did not reregister his domain name it seems).

I was wondering if anyone here may have had a screenshot of this website, a cached page, or something similar to the effect of what the gentleman was trying to accomplish.

Any and all help would be appreciated. 😁

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20 hours ago

I've been seeing this sentiment going as far back as Season 8, and it's something that leaves me pretty baffled. It was only recently when I realised that this kind of sentiment only seems to appear on threads on this sub that come close to reaching r/All, or when something related to the show gets posted on general default threads like r/AskReddit and r/Television, and what I've also noticed is that people who express this view never actually back up their opinions. It just seems to be a common Reddit sentiment on the same level as "Seasons 5-8 of Dexter were complete garbage" or "The Big Bang Theory is trash" or "Prison Break was only good for 1 Season".

But if you look at the reviews the Capaldi era has gotten, and even general views on his era from Doctor Who fans, that doesn't seem match up at all with these views.

Now, fair enough, if you happen to think that the Capaldi era was pretty naff on the whole, then fair enough. I wasn't very fond of the Smith era, but the interesting thing is that if you look at the critical reception of both Seasons 6 and 7 I'm kinda backed up on that. Capaldi's Seasons though have pretty much all received universal acclaim from critics, according to each Season's "Reception" section on Wikipedia

Season 8:

"Critical reaction to Series 8 has been highly positive, with many labelling it a return to form and one of Doctor Who's strongest seasons.

"Critical reception to individual episodes has also been predominantly positive. "Listen" and "Dark Water" in particular received critical acclaim, with many critics noting them as potential classics and some of Doctor Who's finest episodes.[115][116] "Deep Breath", "Into the Dalek", "Time Heist", "The Caretaker", "Mummy on the Orient Express", "Flatline" and "Death in Heaven" have also received predominantly positive reviews from critics, with many praising the show's renewed focus on character development and the series' darker tone".

Season 9:

"Doctor Who's ninth series received positive reviews, and was hailed by many critics as one of the show's best seasons to date.[1][2][3] Series 9 holds a 93% score on online review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes with an average score of 7.9. It has also won the Rotten Tomatoes' Golden Tomato Award for best-reviewed TV sci-fi/fantasy/horror show of 2015"

"In reviews for various episodes across the series, many critics highlighted series 9 as the show's greatest yet."

Season 10

"Doctor Who's tenth series has received positive reviews. Series 10 holds a 97% score on online review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes with an average score of 7.37"

In addition to this, Digital Spy's ranking of each Season of the reboot from 1-9 has both 8 and 9 ranked in the middle, praising 8 for having a wide variety of experimental episodes and for giving Clara much needed character depth, and praising 9 for having a firmer grasp on the character of the twelfth Doctor, and for some particular high points such as Heaven Sent and The Zygon Inversion.

Meanwhile, in their ranking of every Modern Doctor Who story only three Capaldi stories (In The Forest Of The Night, Time Heist, The Girl Who Died/The Woman Who Lived) appeared in the bottom 20, which is the lowest amount when compared to Tennant, Smith and Ecclestone (the latter of which had three in the bottom 10 just from one season)

Additionally, on both r/DoctorWho and r/Gallifrey, I've seen so many rate Capaldi as their favourite Doctor, and rate Bill, Nardole and even Clara (as divisive as she is) among their favourite companions. Surely this wouldn't be possible if his era was supposedly plagued by "bad writing". And although Season 8 is definitely a controversial topic to say the least, with opinion being very split on it, Seasons 9 and 10 seem to be pretty much universally well regarded on this sub's.

Also, if you look at r/Gallifrey's current Modern Who tournament it would appear that they regard Capaldi's era as one of the best ever, with a large amount of his episodes (particularly Flatline, Heaven Sent, Hell Bent, Witch's Familar, World Enough And Time, The Doctor Falls) making it really far, even over beloved RTD episodes like Dalek, Blink and The Family Of Blood.

And surely it appears as though most Doctor Who fans in general seem to regard (off the top of my head) Listen, Mummy On The Orient Express, Flatline, Dark Water, Last Christmas, Witch's Familar, Under The Lake, Zygon Inversion, Heaven Sent, Husbands Of River Song, The Pilot, Oxygen, Exremis, WEAT and The Doctor Falls as some of the finest episodes since the show came back in 2005, or at the very least as really, really strong episodes, even if I myself don't particularly rate all of them.

As for "horrendous writing", the only episodes from Capaldi's tenure that I've seen be met with derision from many are Robot Of Sherwood, Kill The Moon, In The Forest Of The Night, Sleep No More, Hell Bent and The Lie Of The Land. Out of those episodes, only Forest, Lie Of The Land and Sleep No More seem to be universally regarded as crap. I've seen many defend Sherwood as harmless fun, and both Kill The Moon and Hell Bent seem to receive heavy praise and heavy criticism from both ends, and no one can really agree on a consensus.

As for my own opinions, I can understand the claim that the material that Capaldi had to work with wasn't completely up to his standard all the time. That is arguably true, and I don't think any of his episodes would rank among my favourites of all time, but I've personally considered it a consistently solid era with a refreshing focus on darker themes, interesting new idea and character development, and I've always adored the way Capaldi's Doctor was written and performed, likewise Bill and (mostly) Clara, regardless of the episode quality.

If you're not fond of the Capaldi era, as I've said, then that's completely fair, but I don't really agree with people glossing over some really, really good episodes in his tenure to make a generalised viewpoint that the show sucks now.


So Doctor Who TV did many polls last month, with like 25,000 voters giving every episode since 2005 a score out of 10. The results can be found in the links below (from Worst to Best). Sorry if this has already been posted here since they're a few weeks old now.

All I wanted to know is what people on here think of the results. Anything that surprises you? Not much surprised me in for the lowest rated episodes, but there was quite a few surprises as I went up the list...Even if you have nothing to say, it's an interesting read to go through them all. (Lowest) (Above Average) (Good) (Highest)


The quote from Jurassic Park:

Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.

Does anyone remember The Doctor ever saying anything quotable along the lines of that quote? In any context? I'm trying to look through lists of Doctor quotes, but I'm not really sure how I'd go about searching for anything like that because it's a little abstract.


I'm referring to The Movie, Shada, and Power of the Daleks. We only got a DVD/Digital release here, but the UK also got Blu-Rays of these releases. Has the US distributor given any explanation why they skipped these for us?


Has anyone made, or know where to find, a complete timeline for the Daleks and Cybermen from their perspectives, including all (or most) forms of media? Similar to how Eyespider has compiled all the Doctor's adventures? My main curiosity lies in their TV and Big Finish appearances, but if anyone knows the placement of appearances in other media as well (books, comics, etc.) that'd be great too. Thanks in advance!

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