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Welcome to another edition of the weekly free for all!

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When I first started smoking weed I loved it, I would smoke it every now and then and at some point started hanging around stoners and was smoking everyday.

To me it was amazing, it killed my anxiety and depression, made everything interesting and music was incredible on it. I had some of the best times of my life smoking weed with friends and I honestly thought I would smoke it for the rest of my life.

Then one day even though I was in a great set and setting I just started feeling really anxious when I smoked it, I felt shitty and just wanted the high to stop. I tried more times with different strains but it was the same every time.

I quit weed about 3 years ago but I still smoke it every now and then. Everytime I smoke it I get very similar results. I still get music enhancement, and things seem less boring but the negative effects can ruin the experience.

I've seen some people say the exact same thing online and I know people in real life that have said it as well. I just don't understand why it has this effect on some people.

If I drink or take benzos or opiates with weed then the weed is amazing but I don't like it by itself. Who else has experienced this and does anyone have any idea why it happens to some people?


Drug abuse is not good, but aren't drugs fucking awesome? They can make you feel literally like a god and can change the way our senses feel/sound/taste/hear/etc things.
Seriously, I think drugs are the future of humanity. I think, if dosed properly and with restraint, us as a human race could benefit fucking immensely from many drugs.

obviously I am on many drugs rn but heehee


So I just want to preface that I have had several drug problems / addictions In the past that I have pretty much got control off. these days I work long hours (as an underpaid and under appreciated chef) drink a few beers and hit a few bongs at the end of a shift and occasionally use cocaine (once or twice a month) .

I Have a wife and kids that I adore and provide for and although I have Been in trouble with the police in the past have kept my self out of custody for a good few years.

So I was at a friends the day before I was due back at work having a beer and spliff. All good so far. Friend produces a 'surprise' as we haven't smoked Crack in a few years. All nostalgic and that. So abbreviated as I was I happily obliged.

24 hours later I am a no show at both my home and work and down £ 300. OK not so bad, We've all been there . Go home , argue with the Mrs explain what I have done which esculates to a full blown argument .

The full blown argument led to me leaving and going straight to a pub, which led to me getting cocaine, which has lead to another night off madness and another no show at work.

So I eventually turn up to work 2 days late and still under the influence. Argue with boss, storm out of Job and rage quit. Which led to more alcohol and cocaine.

The next day was payday, boss refused to pay me due to my outburst 2 no shows and leaving on the spot. Which led to a 3 day Alcohol cocaine session. During this session I spoke to my former boss serveal times, but was point blank refused my wages,

Wednesday morning in a cocaine/drunken rage I turn up at work , argue with the boss who still refuses to pay me , so of course I lose the plot run out the front and proceed to punch out 2 off his brand new Range Rovers windows.

Got arrested, charged with affrey , criminal damage and threatening behavior. Still not Been paid and now on bail and I have a court date in 4 weeks.

After 20odd hours in a police cell and a lot of thinking /soul serching I traced the whole thing back to smoking that Crack pipe. If I had 'just said no' everything would have been fine. As it has been for the last few years.

I quit that shit for a reason guys..,, DON'T SMOKE CRACK


It was a Tuesday night, and I was trying to sleep. But whenever I felt at peace, a flashing light would remind me of how awake I still was. Realizing that sweet slumber wouldn't come for now, I decided to get out of bed and investigate where the light was coming from.

Out of bed I went and up the shutters from the living room I rolled. It revealed a beautiful thunderstorm going on. I couldn’t have heard it thanks to the double glazing and the ear plugs I was wearing.

Even more awake now, I thought it would be a good idea to enhance this experience.

Mushrooms would have been perfect right there, but I didn’t want to wait for them to kick in, and did not wish to spend the rest of the night tripping. Instead I decided on ketamine. It was still new to me, having only taken it once before, but I knew it could transform this beautiful event in a magical experience.

I weighed 40 mg of the white powder, sniffed it all, and headed out on the balcony.

After a while, the rain started to intensify, and with each new droplets crashing down to the ground the drug induced euphoria felt stronger and stronger.

I couldn’t move much sitting there on the balcony outside, but I had this urge to go back inside. It was hard to get up under the influence of the drug, but I made it.

Once inside, I decided to eat a tomato. I had a particularly hard time removing the green quail with a bread knife. In retrospect, I should have used another knife.

I ate a few bites, and then sat down on ikea comfy chair to have a better look at the weather. Amazed by the spectacle taking place outside, I forgot about the tomato in my hand and put all my focus into admiring the thunderstorm through the open window.

At one point, there was this huge fucking thunder stroke. First the light : it went from all up in the sky, to all down in the ground. An edgy line of pure electrical power. I wish I could have seen the impact, but the view was obstructed by the building in construction on the other side of the road. A few seconds later, the noise. That noise brought with it a wave of wind. I swear it was the biggest lightning strike I ever witnessed in my entire life. So powerful it setup the alarm from a nearby car. Or maybe it was just a coincidence, but I prefer to believe it was similar to the wind you experience as nuclear bombs go off.

Back to the tomato : it didn’t feel like what I really wanted. I needed more sugar. But there were no cookies in the kitchen anymore. So I set up a mission to go outside to the parking lot and retrieve cookies stored in my car.

At this point I guess I was walking more or less straight.

I went outside, making sure not to forget my keys (I have this kind of door that can lock you out). It was raining lightly still, which was very agreeable.

Once next to the car, I opened it, and got the big pack of cookies. I knew there were 5 smaller packs inside of it. After some arguing with myself, I settled on taking only 2 back to the apartment and leave the other 3 there.

With my 2 packs of biscuits in hand, I headed back to the apartment.I was easier to go back inside than to go out to the car.

Once inside, I sat down on the chair, opened the pack, and there it was, the smell !

These were no random cookies. These were blueberry flavoured cookies : these particular cookies, I associate them with this girl I really like. A few times she was hungry but did not thought of taking food with her, so I had no choice but to give her some of these. I gave her cookies multiple times, with different flavors, but these ones might have been her favourites. Which is why it reminds me of her so much.

So I smelled the biscuits a few times, a melange of blueberry and sweet cereals mesmerizing my nose, thinking about her.

Once I had enough of this (well to be honest I don’t think I can have enough of this, but thanks to /drugs, I know that you shouldn’t abuse something that feels so good), I finally went to eating the damn cookies. And let me tell you, they were as tasty as they were smelly.

Having left the door to the balcony open, it was a bit chilly now, so i put on a sweatshirt. Then I went back outside on my hammock to keep admiring the storm. Even though the spectacle was still grandiose, after a while I got bored.

So I went to bed : the floating and turning and bending sensations were very interesting. I stayed there lying, waiting to fall asleep.

But the drug wouldn’t let me, so I took my drawpad and started a new drawing.

After some time, I finally felt tired enough, switched the light off, took my red short off and went back to lying in bed, waiting for sleep to take me away.

The next day, as I scribble some notes, I feel so full of joy and contempt. All I can think of is this “Of course Ketamine can be used to treat Depression, it’s fucking magical.”.


Ok, small rant but seriously the community in /r/kratom needs to just accept the fact it is a DRUG. I understand their want for a positive vibe surrounding it but the more I read into the community the more obvious it gets that it is in fact a drug. Weed, cocaine, heroin, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol etc... it’s all a drug just like kratom. What is the big deal?

I read into them wanting it to be positive because it helps people recover from opioids, that is great. However, there are a lot of drugs that do that as well. It alters a state of mind and body like a lot of other drugs as well. Not to mention their rules over there will get you banned with any reference or slang that is “negative” indicating it’s a drug.

I don’t want to send a direct link but I read a post today on that sub from some guys girlfriend saying her boyfriend takes 20-30g of kratom a day. Today he went to work and forgot his kratom at home. Called and freaked the fuck out that he won’t have t for the day...sounds like addiction, sounds like dependence, sounds like outrage you won’t have your drugs for the day. Kratom is a drug and there is nothing wrong with that.


Fucked on ket an I had the spooniest thought our eyes always see our nose but just choose to block it out !! Baffled me.


Hey so I’m 16 one of the younger quieter members of this sub, and have been using lsd every couple weeks since March. I’ve also done shrooms, and peyote. Anyways, my mom checked my phone while I was asleep and found out about the acid, shrooms, and lots of other things ranging from a video of driving my car 115 and blackout drunk on the floor. She thinks I’m a seller as someone hit me up for acid as I was there. I was caught with weed a while back and got grounded from everything for a very long time. My parents are Christian and have agreed with the drug propaganda, and have have twisted notions on these drugs.

So, my parents are pretty angry and disappointed. They’re talking about spending my college money on military school, smashing my phone, and not letting me hang out with any of my friends who do any drugs ever again. My priorities are 1. My job, 2. My friends, and 3. My car, and it looks like I may lose all of those. They asked if I’m addicted, and how often I use, and told me that lsd is extremely addictive to teenagers especially. I told them I had used lsd twice and shrooms once. What can I do not get sent away.

Update: So I talked with them and my dad broke down in tears, I’m either getting sent to military school or I can never associate with anyone who uses drugs, including my childhood best friend who I now have to abandon. I will no longer be able to have a smartphone, I will be using a flip phone from now on that’s completely monitored by them, I have to go to church and confess all of this to my pastor, and will be attending every Sunday until I graduate. I also gave to attend therapy twice a week now. This is complete bullshit, I’m going to by my friends old phone and get on his data plan so I can at least have that. In exchange for all of this I can keep my job and be able to drive to and from school and work. :(


Just a heads up, im still pretty floaty from the xanax so I’m honestly not sure if this will make sense, this is my first time ever really trying to make a trip report so bear with me

It all started last night, close to when school would start back up for me. I did a lot of thinking and realized that this would be the last perfect night I’d have to myself to do whatever before i had to get back on a regular school schedule.

No obligations, a house to myself to recover the entire next day, i decided that this would be a cool night to take a tab of acid and trip. I wanted to trip with my friend at first but she had work the next morning, so i would be on my own if i decided to. I spent the next 2 hours debating whether i wanted to take the tab or not. I have huge issues with indecision, especially when it comes to acid. So there i was, writing down all the pros and cons, flipping tons of coins(which never helps lol), trying to imaging how the night may go. I finally decide to take it, and it comes on rather quickly.

I’m feeling pretty good about 30 minutes in, but there’s a looming feel of loneliness over the whole experience (likely because i spent so long psyching myself out over it before i dropped). I was watching cartoons and playing mario sunshine which was fun for a while but i decided I’d rather be lying down doing something more passive. I moved to my bed and put on some music- the B side of abbey road. It really tripped me out when the sun king came on and they started singing Italian, i couldn’t understand anything they were saying and actually wondered for a second if i had somehow forgotten all english, but then realized that’s how the song has always been lmao

That was chill for a while but i moved on to watching youtube, laughing a bunch sent the trip into a great direction, but i was still alone. I was only 3 hours into it so i still had another 5, and i realized i just wasn’t up for that much tripping. I mean i would just end up having to sleep the whole next day away to recover. I thought to myself that I’d had enough fun for the night and that i would be satisfied if it ended here, so i went to grab one of my emergency xanax bars for bad trips. I figured it would kill the trip and help me melt into my bed and actually be able to fall asleep at a decent time.

I’ve always had bad luck with mixing weed on an acid comeup, in fact i haven’t even tried it in years after the bad trips it has sent me into. However, since i was going to take a benzo anyway, i thought that i may as well smoke a shit ton to see how i handle it before ending the night.

To my surprise I actually took the weed quite well, probably because i was only on ~100ug. It was a dab pen that i was using, so of course it was super easy to just stumble around sucking off the pen constantly while admiring all the pretty colors and sounds. After a while of that, i was somehow still doing pretty good, however i remembered that i still didn’t want to be up all night so i popped 2/3 of a xanax bar. (Keep in mind that i have next to no experience with benzos)

The pill went down kinda weird and i freaked out that maybe i had inhaled the pill into my lungs (thanks weed for the paranoia) so after a while of chugging water and coughing a shit ton just in case i did inhale it, i was able to relax. The benzo hit me like a ton of bricks, all the acid visuals sorta melted back into their normal positions and i was absolutely glued to my bed.

I remember nodding out for a second and opening my eyes to some crazy visuals, i couldn’t explain it if i tried. They werent colorful and wavy like acid makes, but the best i can explain it is that everything just looked... alien. Everything looked different and there were really dark spots around every fold of a blanket or corner of a wall and stuff like that

After i snapped out of that, I had my computer autoplay an entire season of how i met your mother so i could just zone out and not care or worry about anything. I also had the (not so) brilliant idea of going back to the dab pen, i mean theyre just so god damn convenient, how could i not!

Since the episodes kept playing back to back, i really lost track of time. I must have sat through 7 or 8 episodes because next thing i know its 4 am and I basically can’t remember anything at all. I obviously knew who i was/where i was, and what i had taken, but i had literally no train of thought. It was the trippiest thing- i would start thinking of something to myself, notice a spot on the wall or some stupid shit and then next thing i knew id forget everything i was thinking about from the past few minutes (and also the past few hours as well)

Each time that happened was like starting all over again where i had to retrace my night, think about everything i had taken and why I am where i am, what I’m doing and so on... it got scary at one point because i was able to piece together that i was just thinking about some sort of harm reduction, yet i couldn’t remember what that harm reduction might be, so the paranoia from the weed sent my mind into all the worst places

Being so inexperienced with benzos, i began to worry about all the forgetfulness. I’d never experienced anything like this before after all...

“What if this is what a benzo overdose is??” - my tripping, high as fuck, barred out self thought. I don’t have a ton of knowledge on benzos like i mentioned before, they’re really just for emergencies. I couldn’t really calm myself down by knowing FOR SURE that 2/3 of a bar wouldn’t kill me (i know, it sounds ridiculous to me now too) so i hopped on and asked for help.

After explaining everything to them i get the best answer anyone could have given- “dude, you’re tripping balls on psychedelics while blasted on weed and barred the fuck out from a benzo. You’re high as fuck but you’re fine.”

After that i remembered why i had taken the benzo in the first place- to fall asleep at a decent time. Well, it was no longer a decent time but i could still pass out. So that’s exactly what i did,

now its 12 hours later and I’ve got this really chill hangover from everything. Its not like what i would have expected the hangover to be though, its not at all unpleasant. I basically just have a “don’t give a single fuck” attitude about everything and I’m completely content just sitting and watching the rain fall outside.

Overall, I don’t regret last night. It wasn’t my best night, probably not the best use of LSD either but it was a new experience. That’s what i love most about drugs anyway, being able to step into and explore completely different and new headspaces, so I’m content.

Congrats if you made it this far, i have no idea how this story will end up reading/flowing, but i gave it my best shot


How many of you drug users or retired drug users smoke cigarettes? Where I’m from most of the people who use drugs also have a pretty heavy smoking habit, would you say this is pretty common for drug users?


Man I had just finished mixing up a few grams of some 🔥 maeng da kratom into milk. Best combo to slug it down; give it a try if you haven’t. Then I started juggling muffins because when there’s three chocolate chip muffins left on the counter you’re not going to not juggle them. All is good and right in the world then when I go to catch the last muffin to set it down I miss it and it plops right into my mixture of the nectar of the gods. That shit started disintegrating immediately and I only got about 2/3 of the muffin out of the cup.

Drank that shit, 7/10 tasted like chocolate chips but made it even chunkier. Not sure what value this post has but here you go.


I started with loratabs. No, I don't want to die of Tylenol overdose. I extract the hydrocodone...roughly 180mg. Good. And it's in alcohol. Great!

Of course, hydrocodone's LD50 is higher than you may think. I was unsure. I hate being unsure!

Xanax. Of course! I crushed down 15mg worth into a fine powder to add to the solution.

Xanax. Hydrocodone. Alcohol. Okay, now we're talking. But it doesn't feel like enough.

Phenibut. Oh how I hate to love you. My great mistress. At the beginning, phenibut felt like a combination of rolling on molly combined with some bars. Not a single fuck to give, but euphoria to have. I add 2 grams for good measure.

Finally, the crews all here. I fill up my half pint bottle with the hyrodocone solution, then the crushed xanax, and the phenibut. Fill the rest up with vodka - good quality shit, to be exact. I add a packet of lemonade flavoring for good measure - not because I can't handle alcohol, but because fuck the taste of CWE hydro.

Into the freezer you go.

This was the story of what was. It is no longer. I didn't drink it. I would of had an extremely quick and easy death. But what's the actual point? Life is short, we're going to die. I don't know what's going to happen. But I may as well go for a ride.

For those of you battling with the horrible condition that is being human, I feel for you. I have universal empathy for all of life. If there is a god, I'd tell him to fuck off for allowing the levels of suffering he/she enables. Keep fighting the good fight. It's all temporary. All of it. The good, the bad, the neutral. But especially the bad. It gets better.


Sorry for the novel. Wanted to give you my whole experience.

In 2016 I lived in an apartment with my boyfriend at the time. It was a house that had been converted into three Apartments. There was an apartment downstairs and two upstairs, mine was upstairs. I knew my neighbors. The person across from me was a handyman, and my downstairs neighbor was a meth dealer. For the purpose of this story I'm going to call him "dealer". Me and dealer actually grew to become good friends. He was good company, caring, friendly, and really respectful on the outside. He would invite us over if you knew we were struggling to buy groceries, and he would help me carry my books upstairs after school.

Dealer was an African American man in his mid-30s. He lived with his girlfriend and they both use meth and drank every single day. At one point I had watched him drink a gallon of vodka and smoke a gram of meth in 30 minutes. Dealer was also physically abusive toward his girlfriend. On multiple occasions my boyfriend and I witnessed him slap her and choke her. He would become irrationally angry and super aggressive at a drop of a hat. Thankfully it would only be towards his girlfriend and not my boyfriend and I. Dealer was actually a really respectable guy apart from all of this. He was actually very respectful to every female in his life besides his girlfriend, including me. He wouldn't even hug me without asking my boyfriend if it was okay, which struck me as odd considering how he treated his woman. I told him once that I was a victim of domestic violence and I wouldn't come over  if he was doing that to her. So when he would start to get physical, he would tell me to leave because he didn't want to disrespect me.  Several nights my partner and I couldn't sleep because dealer was fighting his girlfriend. On two occasions, dealer pulled out a gun to show us while simultaneously threatening his girlfriend with it in a drunken and tweaked out rage. My boyfriend and I shook it off at the time, and rationalized it by thinking that he only did that when he was super out of his mind and lacking sleep. We were wrong.

Then one night when we were hanging out with them, dealer opened up his phone on to Messenger, and had discovered that his girlfriend was still logged in and was sending naked pictures of herself to a mutual friend. In an instant everything went from normal to life or death, and me and my boyfriend couldn't escape.

Dealer read the messages, stood up, walked over to his girlfriend and punch her so hard in the face that she went to her knees. He started screaming at her "Who the fuck is this?"... "You lying whore!"... " I should pop your ass right now!". My boyfriend and I were terrified. We kept exchanging words with just our glances. Both of us are victims of domestic violence ourselves, and we both knew how dangerous is situation just became. We both knew that there was no rationalizing with a person that was this tweaked out and was this aggressive. We both knew that we had to get out of there. Then dealer turned to my boyfriend and asked "What do you think should happen to her?" My boyfriend was speechless. I piped up and said "Y'all don't get like this, go outside and smoke a cigarette to calm down..."..."Y'all need to spilt up and take a break." Dealer turned to my boyfriend and said "You need to get Laura out of here. I don't want her to see what I'm about to do." So my boyfriend and I got off the couch, and started walking towards the door that went up the stairs to my apartment. Our backs were turned, and at this point dealer gets out his gun, and his girlfriend screams. She bolts past us, through the door and up the stairs towards our apartment.

We turn around and see dealer with the gun in his hand coming towards us to get to his girlfriend. He starts yelling "I'm gonna kill you bitch! How dare you cheat on me after I give you a place to live and food to eat!".

My boyfriend and I are standing at the bottom of the stairs. Dealer is standing at the bottom of the stairs between me and my boyfriend. Dealer's girlfriend is standing at the top of the stairs. He has the gun pointed up towards her, merely inches from my face, screaming "Come back down here!" Then all of a sudden, with no warning, the sound of a gunshot rings in our ears.

My boyfriend and I look at each other, with fear in each other's eyes. We both hesitate to look up because we think that she is dead. Surprisingly, the bullet didn't hit her, and the bullet was lodged in the wall of my apartment.

I burst out crying and shaking. My boyfriend is shaking too but it's not as noticeable because he can hide his emotions way better than I can. Dealer looks at me and before he could say anything I managed to mutter the words "I'm so scared." I think that's what it took for him to snap out of it. He has a daughter that's my age, and I'm pretty sure in that moment he saw his daughter in my eyes. He stopped what he was doing and apologize to me and my boyfriend for putting me in that situation after he told me what I had been through. I could barely hear him because of the ringing in my ears. I threw up, and couldn't stop crying.

Dealer kicked out his girlfriend and my partner and I went up to our apartment, still shaking and scared shitless. Dealer comes up to our apartment a few hours later and gives us an ounce of weed to say he's sorry and to lie to the police if they came.

I never went back to his apartment again. I lived there for another 3 months, and left because on two other nights after that, we heard fighting and shots fired again. We knew that he was going to kill her, it was just a matter of time.

In August of 2017, I was reading the news online, and saw an article about him shooting his girlfriend. He actually shot her this time, and after a few days in the ICU she passed away.

That moment was one of the scariest moments of my entire life. I would genuinely thought that he was going to kill her and then kill my partner and I for being witnesses. I no longer associate myself with any person that commits domestic violence, or any person who uses drugs and carries a weapon. I no longer associate with people that do meth or sell meth, and I will now always report domestic violence that I witness.

I'm thankful and surprised that my partner and I made it out alive that night.

TL;DR My boyfriend and I witnessed our black tweaked out meth dealer try to murder his girlfriend at point blank range, a year later read on the news he actually killed her


Hi, it's been two months since my boyfriend left me, since that day I did benzos, codeine, coke, amphetamine, mdma, opium, various opioids, lsd and a very large abuse of weed and alcohol. I barely know who I am as sober and I refuse to be completely sober.

I'm on all day binge drinking and smoking pot and I'm craving for some 'real drug', can't even get high from simple things like lots of alcohol and weed..

Did a blowjob to a guy right before my parents came home for dinner this evening just cause I was half drunk and wanted to do something stupid, multiple times I turn back home still high from amphs, coming down md/lsd or just heavily drunk/pot high.

I'm 21 and don't know what to do with my life, I don't have a job, don't have driving license, still studying psychology (only started last year, had some other troubles when I was a teen) and feel worthless and empty, trying to fill with drugs every hole in my soul.

I'm very good at school, I love what I do but it's not enough to make a difference with my abuse of drugs and I don't want to stop..

Idk I'm half drunk and high, sad and confused, just needed to open up..


Certain drugs on here are constantly "discriminated" against. Posts about opiates or other hard drugs like meth get flooded with comments about how they shouldn't be using them and have to stop immediately. Sometimes they'll just get down voted into oblivion. I understand that they definitely do ruin lives, and I understand the dangers, but why are they being shit on constantly when we're on a drug subreddit? There's a disgusting skew towards psychedelics and benzos(which can be just as dangerous).

I know it's an unpopular opinion but it needs to be said, there's way too much moralizing and too many people trying to "help" by spamming threads about hard drugs telling people how they're wrong for trying them.


Me and my friend have decided to try shrooms for the first time tonight, and while I'm very excited, I'm also curious about what to expect. The only hallucinogen I've ever tried was LSD, and so that's really my only basis for what a trip should be like. We plan on eating about 2.5g a piece. I'd love to learn what I can beforehand (to reduce that pre-trip anxiety) from you wonderful people!


I like all of you like drugs in some type of way, whether it’s a simple coffee or something more. With that said, we have to advocate more responsibility to these substances.

That’s probably one reason why the war on drugs still exists is that when these substances are used it’s not done responsibly. Whether you’re a teen dropping 4 tabs, or an adult doing meth and masturbating for 8 hours, others who don’t dive into this sphere of the world will see that and go, “Man these substances are ruining people.”

Not everyone is as libertarian in regard to drug use, whether it’s alcohol, weed, harder drugs, this sub should be used not only to express the good behind it but also the responsible use of it. I’ve read too many posts of people who’s brains are still developing doing things that can literally ruin the rest of their lives. So please, let’s be responsible, I’ve met too many who haven’t. Peace and love to all my friends and be safe.


I am psychologically prone to depression. I read Michael Pollans book and think this could help me change my depressive cycle and exhausting anxiety. But the substance is still illegal. Any suggestions for studies etc. I could sign up for? Is there a path the average person can take?


I’m crashing from Adderall XR worked all day with 5 hrs of sleep. Got 7.5 percs. Can I take it to get some energy/good feeling?


So. Acid and me realise 200ug. Everything humans do is subtle. We interact through subtlety.

If you don’t like someone, most of the time u will be subtle about it and drop little hints that they’re annoying. If you fancy a girl you won’t straight away tell her you have to be subtle and flirt, with little clues until u think there’s a chance she’s into you know. If you want people to know your good at something you won’t tell them straight up all the time or you could seem arrogant.

When we kiss someone we don’t ask. We drop subtle clues and hope that the clues are dropped to u so u can kiss them. When you think someone is bad at singing you tell them that they’re good or don’t rlly say much but you don’t rlly call someone shit.

Change. Change comes from when someone breaks the subtlety. If someone gets mad and finally snaps, or gives up and finally asks the girl out etc. That’s when change happens. Change doesn’t occur from being lowkey. You must cause change. I’m not sure why it’s so embedded in human culture to be subtle. I can understand in situations where you would like to be polite. But a lot of the time it’s not about being polite, and I can’t work out why humans aren’t upfront and why sometimes people can be too upfront.

I’m on acid forgive my ramble

Actually it seems to only apply to people that you care about or if you care about what they think of you. Which makes sense actually


I'm pretty sure a lady at my pharmacy thinks I'm the worst person on earth. It all started when I got a small script of Percocet after a neck procedure. I had one refill. When it was time I went to pick it up and they said I couldn't until the next day. The next day, same thing. And if you can believe it, the next day they did it AGAIN. Each time it was someone different so I had to explain that "someone else told me it would be ready today". It looked like the last lady I talked to saw a note on my profile or something and looked at me like I was dirty. Today they put in too few Clonazepam and I had to tell that same lady there were supposed to be more. She stared at me, even after verifying with the pharmacist that I was right. I think I'll change to the old family-owned local pharmacy to avoid this. (and to avoid being put on a list or something for other people's errors)


I have seen more reports lately regarding Spice. Even though it never went away, I'm seeing a resurgence in synthetics. I think it is still something to discuss, as the market is seemingly growing bigger. I have encountered and tested several products here recently, and see the potential for disaster. What do you think of Spice?


Sad day. I have starting symptoms of psychosis and severe anxiety. The doctor told me to stop using any drugs, otherwise I risk getting severe psychosis or schizophrenia. I don't even know if drugs caused it, but it's likely.

I'm gonna miss the good times. I'm not addicted, but I could have never had better nights if it wasn't for drugs.

I don't regret any decisions I made. It probably wasn't worth it, but it is what it is.

As the saying goes Laugh now, cry later. Or is it Cry now, laugh later?

Who knows, I may get better at some point.

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