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What are the methods for/reasons why carbonated drinks and fatty meals potentiate gabapentin? I already started splitting my two daily doses further into 2 half-doses an hour/hour and a half apart to increase absorbtion, which seems to work.

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What are some reasons people take Kratom? Thinking about trying it. Is there physical addiction potential?

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With prolonged use I think there is some addiction potential. It can be used when tapering of of opioids, but it can also be slightly relaxing or stimulating depending on the dose.

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inb4 I ruin my life

Is it even possible to be a casual opie user? Like how realistic is it for me to think I'd be able to do them once a week? Assuming I had the mental ability would I be able to avoid physical dependence at 1 day/wk? What about alternating between opies and benzos?

Regular disso user but want to branch out more. Weekends only.

Edit: OK perhaps not

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It is possible but everyone will say not to do it.

I've never been addicted to opiates but have been labeled as a polydrug addict. I really do accept the fact that if you try and trick yourself into allowing taking opiates everyday you are pretty much sealing your fate.

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You might start out able to avoid dependence, at least on a physical level, but you’ll eventually end up addicted. It happens on different timelines for different people, but it’s a near guarantee that it’ll happen.

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if you have money and unlimited supply, you are asking for either addiction or an overdose. The only reasons I stopped opiates was because I only use pharmacy grade opiates, and I could not afford that. Opiates have plagued humanity for ages with addiction and death, so chances are you aren't any different.

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Fair answer.

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Thinking about bringing edibles on a plane tomorrow (chocolate bar and gummy cubes) through my carry on. Thinking about mixing it into trail mix but know they have a 3.5oz limit on food. Suggestions?

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hi guys could help me indetify this pill? i cant order a new test kit for a week

last week someone at a party gave me this pill for free. i could not find anything about it online. anyone took this or know this one? thanks in advance



looks like a house, in the last picture i kinda see a pitchfork/fork on the right side but im not sure

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the logo is from thuisbezorgd not sure about anything else with the pill

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Is it safe to mix nitrous oxide and alcohol?

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Probably. I've done so many times. Just be sure you're not about to pass out from the booze or throw up when the nitrous knocks you out.

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Well is it a fun mix then ? Done MD + Ket and sober with it before but never with alcohol. Does it compare ?

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I mean, it's about as fun when you're sober, maybe a little more so. The best part is doing it with a bunch of drunk friends on a massive bed or something :P

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Is it safe to mix Zoloft and norcos?

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Gonna be first time rolling Molly. Super nervous about the health effects and feeling not in control. Is this a drug I should avoid? I plan on taking it at a festival with a good crowd so Im not worried about the experience as much as the side effects.

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for me molly is the first drug that i feel im in control of myself. i was nervous to go in to a crowd but i felt free social and energetic. side effect is only chewing but its not as horrible as people say. it has it vibe to it. start with small amounts, drink water. drinking alcohol will reduce the effects. have fun bro

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    Damn it why is this necessary? They're in the sidebar ffs. I just want to provide the kid some harm reduction

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    Do not take Molly if you're taking antidepressants. Look for some pre-load and post-load advice. Don't take more than 100mg the first time (actually I would start with 50mg on the first day, just to thread the waters).

    Make sure you'll have enough time to recover afterwards (several days without anything emotionally or physically challenging). Wait several months before using again, give your brain time to come back to normal serotonin levels.

    It's not a drug that makes you "lose control" under its effects, certainly not at a normal dose at least.

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    I am not on anti depressants and I am starting college again the week after. Will I have problems if I am still recovering? Only plan on taking 50 mg

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    Just take it easy and if you feel very sad or pessimistic at some points during the week, remember it might be because of what you took.

    50mg may give you mild effects, in that case think of it as a sort of preview of what a full dose would give you. Enjoy!

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    Start slow. You can always redose, pretty hard to take it back once you've done it. Drink water and weigh your doses ahead of time! Erowid.org is a great resource for dosage reference :)

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    Start with only 100mg and I'd try to avoid redosing your first time. No matter what you think of it, do everything you can to split your rolls up by 3 months at least. Too much can lead to serotonin syndrome and addiction and its supposed to lose its magic. I personally only get crystal because I like being able to weigh it out and know exactly what I'm taking. Make sure you drink water, but not too much. If you have a furry pet you can cuddle with, absolutely do that. It feels so fucking amazing

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    Dont do too stupid an amount if its your first time. Ive had an awesome fucking time off 100mg as someone who doesnt roll that often. Ive done up to 450mg (which is really fuck all compared to some friends of mine) and had a blast. Even on 100mg i still felt pretty depleted in energy the next day, and my appetite never fully returns for a couple days. Like you can still eat fine, just not as much and you dont get as hungry.

    Ive had a headache the next day once or twice, just sip water when you can while you're rolling and before you finally fall asleep drink a cup of water, is my advice.

    And take gum! If you start to chew compulsively or grind your teeth then chew your chewing gum instead! A mate of mine chewed the inside of his cheek the first time he did MD and ended up spitting out blood all night. But he just kept chewing! Didnt give a fuck! Gum is much better. Expect a sore jaw the next day. Infact if you're dancing all night, expect sore everything, haha.

    It can definitely put you in a depressed/angry funk if youre not in a good mood/place or with good fun people to begin with. You will quite possibly find that it is impossible to talk to people not rolling, for any length of time, because they just dont get your wavelength at all and it can piss you off. But if everyone is fucked up on booze and other shit you might not be trying to have any deep conversations (although id highly recomend it if you werent at a festival) so it probs wont matter haha.

    Your heart rate does go right the fuck up, thats normal, so if you have a bad heart idk maybe dont take MD.

    Sleeping could be tricky, but if youre partying all night you probs wont want to sleep until its no longer an issue anyway.

    But otherwise, enjoy, relax, youll be absolutely fine. The danger of MDMA is veeeery overblown. Music is going to be fucking awesome, you are going to looove your friends, no need to feel uncomfortable if you kiss someone of the same sex thats just the molly haha. You are going to dance so easy and its going to feel so damn fucking good to move in time with the music. Im jealous as fuck bro, rolling at a festival would be fucking awesome.

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    Thanks! One more question. Is it lame to take a small dosage like 60mg? The increased heart rate stuff makes me paranoid (when I smoke) and will I get reduced side effects the following days if I take less?

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    No not at all my dude, infact that is a very good idea for your first time. The least ive had in a night is 50mg and the effects were absolutely obvious haha, had a great time. So 60 is a good, very safe amount to have when youre not used to the effects.

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    Awesome thanks

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    Anybody on here spun?

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    Can someone hit me up who'd had experience with morphine overdose? Very scared for friend in a coma, I'm tweaking but theres no ice involved. Help me bois...

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    hey man, looks like no one has commented. Hope it all turned out ok.

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    Hey I've had Molly in a "airtight" container for over a year-- how can I tell if it's still good ?

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    If it hasn't gotten wet it'll be good. Phenethylamines are almost indefinitely stable so nothing to worry about.

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    Can someone tell me a good market place to buy heroin in the U.K. Without getting scammed. Thanks

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    Friendly Reminder

    Strictly no requesting, mentioning or giving sources of drugs or paraphernalia, whether legal or illegal. If in doubt, then DON'T. If your post, or a reply to it would make it easier for someone to get drugs, it's not permitted. This includes sourcing conducted in private messages or in other subreddits.

    This does not include harm reduction related paraphernalia such as scales, testing kits, syringes, micron filters and so on.

    Find a test kit vendor here

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    What’s everyone’s favourite thing to to when on disassosiatives?

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    Listening to the Space Cadet album by Nigel Good when I'm alone, or walking around all wonky when with friends! Seriously that album is so good for when you're slowly losing connection to the world. I've K-holed so many times while listening to it, it's such a nice journey because all the tracks are basically already mixed to flow into each other.

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    I love snorting 200+mg of k and just laying down with my eyes shut. If I take enough then I can feel my body changing in shape and size and it'll feel like I'm riding an invisible roller coaster. One time I remember I snorted either 100 or 200mg and was sitting at my computer desk with my dry herb vape and it felt like I was melting into the chair and merging with it. Other times I've felt my body expanding infinitely in one direction

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    Stretching is fucking great. I also like to do what I call makeshift yoga where I move my body around in all sorts of ways but idk yoga so it's not like any real positions lol.

    Basically just moving. Either that or listening to music in the dark.

    I know some people watch movies or play videogames but I just can't do that when I'm fully dissociated like that.

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    Walk around outside

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    i feel so sucked into the drugs cycle that i cant get out

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    You are not alone. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but the most courageous thing you can do in that situation. Remember that you are loved and that you have the potential to be the master of your fate, the captain of your soul. Stay strong and connected. Much love to you!

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    Talk to some friends? Talk to your parents? Call an ambulance? If you want out and cant get out by yourself, then you need a helping hand. Go get the help you need! Life is precious and incredible, dont cut it short by overdosing mate! Love from Albury, NSW, Australia.

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    Tripping balls rn trying to get at the root of things

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    I appreciate your response

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    I’m stusying on Vyvanse, but because of state-dependent memory, should I also write my test on it? I’d prefer not to, because it’ll add to my stress and possibly make me hyperfocus on a question. But what do you all think? Thanks!

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    I've heard of this before. In my experience, just try to relax as much as possible before the test, and just tell yourself that you'll do better. Taking some theanine helps in my experience, as it's a weak GABAergic, also found in tea

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    Hello friends!

    Feel free to pm with answers. I am looking to ski on an international trip to Italy. Mainly far southern Italy. How easy or hard is it to find things in that territory? What are the good hangouts or people to talk to? Anyone with experience?

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    I've taken a long break from acid. going to be tripping in October. anything I should know about dipping back into psychedelics after an extended break?

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    Don't get cold, bring a warm jacket. I always forget to and I feel like it's trying to ruin the trip. I normally never get cold so it's really weird. Just my experience.

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    Be mindful of your mindset and surroundings (set and setting) while on your journey. Make a playlist ahead of time so you don't have to keep distracting yourself with song selection. Maybe a couple based on various moods. Think about your intention for your trip ahead of time, doesn't have to be super serious but enough to provide direction. Remember to love yourself and have fun!

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    it's much like your first time, feels like you're just coming back into it and remembering what you loved so much. visuals will be more captivating and you might derp out a bit more, since you're not as accustom to the doping effect. I tripped on some mushrooms recently but have done lsd many more times. it seriously feel so refreshing and clean to come back to. to add to this the afterglow is much more noticable than with frequent use. happy trippin!

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    Just bought a gram of etizolam and should be here in a few days. I've got a lot of experince with it and now that I'm on methadone benzos are the only thing that give me the old opiate feel. I know the combo is dangerous and to not go above 2mg. Just wanted to ask how you all like etiz? I won't lie I think xanax is better and even though xans are cheap etiz is even cheaper.

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    Methadone and benzos is how a fuckton of people die.

    But yeah dont take over 2mg its very similar to xanax

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    Never heard of etizolam before, is it a common drug or a more local scene?

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    It's one of the most well-known 'research chemicals'. Basically like Xanax in that it's a short acting benzo. Go check out r/researchchemicals to learn more!

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    It's is not really common on the local scene but big on the online scene. Besides alcohol, tobacco, and methadone. Im an only online scene guy anymore.

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    It's all good, might do some research lmao. Good luck with your experiment 🙏

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    i took about 200 mg's of focalin xr spread throughtout like 6 days and had a drug test 6 days after that binge, will i pass??

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    I like to play fuck nigga by stitches when I snort fat lines of blow

    Also, listening to girls on social media talk about fall is why I'm an alcoholic

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    4AM bay bridge music by Andre nickatina for when I’m ripping lines

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    Reducing social media usage is almost always a good decision

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    Agreed. Although im on reddit for literally hours everyday and that is what's fucking my brain up the most

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    Have any of you all ever been in love? There's this girl I dated for two years which ended poorly and we've been talking again recently. Help me out guys if you have advice

    We were very close so Im not sure what to do

    Ive been smoking weed but it makes me think a lot

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    Go for it and see what happens. I'm always up for a chance to make things better than they were last time. I'm currently dating my first love from high school again after things didn't pan out (see my post history if you want the full story). I'm not religious in any way but sometimes I really do think people find their way back to each other for a reason.

    But two years is a long time to date the first time. What were the reasons it ended poorly if you don't mind me asking? Regardless, those reasons are essential to the decision. If it was cheating - that's a hard pass for me now because I've had so many bad experiences. But if it was a result of poor communication or something like that it can be rectified if you two really want to work with each other.

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    Weed makes me over think too. This is such a stoner thing to say but go with the flow man. I've been in love several times all for different reasons and like honestly nothing is the end all or be all. None of us (even spiritualist types like myself) have one try love but I hope you guys fall in love all over again 😝

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    I’m thinking about trying lean soon and I was just wondering how long the high typically lasts, and how much I should drink.

    My friend said I should drink a whole pint, but that seems like a lot. I’ve only done opioids once before when I took a few oxies a couple years ago so I have no tolerance.

    Anybody with experience want to help me out?

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    Lean really does suck. You'll feel the drowsiness from the promethazine more than you'll feel the codeine. And promethazine is just an antihistamine similar to Benadryl. Now if you find liquid hydrocodone, drink that sh"". Otherwise, just find some hydros and maybe a bar and you'll have a way better time.

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    I hate opioids, just get nauseous all the fucking time. And the itch is so annoying. Took kratom this afternoon, and I still feel sick because of it. Even heroin was horrible. Oxycodone's the only thing I enjoyed. Generally speaking codeine is incredibly weak and not worth it, especially if it's not pure, as in cough syrup with a bunch of other shit in it

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    You hate all my favorite parts about it lol. But that's prob a good thing. I've had my struggles with oxy and heroin in the past. Well, then enjoy. Safely.

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    Lean is worthless. Drank a pint and it felt nice for like 20 minutes until I just fell asleep. Save your money.

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    People do lean for the image. Don't buy it. If you got it prescribed sell it and buy something better

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    nah my friend was gonna let me try some of hers for free so i figured why not

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    just do oxy, codeine is pretty much redundant. or better yet don't do opiates, but that's not my call.

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    Ayyy i produce music and i hooked my dealer up w a beat and he gave me half an o for 75 bucks. It’s dank as hell too!

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    .... Bro. A half ounce COSTS 75. Nothing special

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    o of what

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    Most likely weed. Half an ounce ig

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    Half an o ain’t even good for 75$

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    Bro in england for nice bud its £100-£110 where i am

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    It is to a lot of people