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Advice for first-timer trying shrooms

Me and my friend have decided to try shrooms for the first time tonight, and while I'm very excited, I'm also curious about what to expect. The only hallucinogen I've ever tried was LSD, and so that's really my only basis for what a trip should be like. We plan on eating about 2.5g a piece. I'd love to learn what I can beforehand (to reduce that pre-trip anxiety) from you wonderful people!

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Just let it happen

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8 points · 1 month ago

Dont be scared man, if you feel like crying because you are overcome with emotion, just let it out, it will be quite therapeutic (pretty common). Just go with the flow, think about things, particularly things youd like to analyze in your life, if youd like to improve those things. Youll see some paths you can take, just remember what they are after and set goals to achieve them. Dont psych yourself out, youlp be just fine

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I definitely plan on doing a little self inflection, it's one of the things I loved about LSD! The two times I've tripped so far, I've been able to keep a pretty cool demeanor, so I'm pretty confident I'll be able to keep things positive!

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2.5g is a pretty high dose. Prepare for a real trip. For me personally LSD is more mentally challenging and shrooms are more playfull and make me feel like a kid again. Have someone on stand-by who can come if things go south. Try to relax before your trip, remember it's just a drug and everything will be fine!

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I did 2.2 my first time about a week ago and the trip was very underwhelming (have done acid multiple times before)

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3 points · 1 month ago

2.5g is a nice dose. But on the high side for a first time but you've done LSD so you'll be fine. My favourite thing to do when I trip with people is wear comfy clothes, listen to music and just dance around. Have a drink (alcohol) when you eat them, it'll help with the nerves.

I'd recommend avoiding weed until you've come down. Shroom comedowns with a spliff are heaven though, you'll never feel so at peace with everything.

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I second having a sober third party with you. Someone you can trust and that won't mess with you while you're tripping. Be prepared for about an 8hour trip!

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2 grams and a benzo on hand.

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2 points · 1 month ago

Personally I don't think there's much you can do beforehand. I've heard to fast beforehand but I think this makes the digestion very...up front. You'll feel it sitting in your stomach being digested which is a little nauseating. Since you've done lsd, you should be fine. Seconding an earlier comment: lsd is a more anxious trip due to it's stimulant, chemical effects. Mushies are more natural and have been eaten by humans for thousands of years. The effects (to again second an earlier comment) are childish, you'll feel like a kid. They're very fun but some people critique that they're a bit emotional and sometimes take people to dark places but these dark places you'll find your way out of if you just lean back and enjoy the trip. Vs acid you get caught in these loops that are challenging to get out of. One piece of advice for tripping with a partner is to both support each other which can even mean silence, if one person is freaking out, trying to talk to them can sometimes confuse them further, just be there to listen without speaking first (too soon). Have a place to go, some people are okay with sticking in one room the whole trip but I find it much better to have the option of walking around outside. It's very freeing and a good kind of stimulating. Being around plants and nature is in part the point of shrooming imo, to connect with the natural world, staying in my room with material possessions for too long makes me a little upset because you realize none of those things are important. It's good to come home near the end of your trip but personally I don't think a whole trip should be spent at home. Have water with you. Maybe oj if you want something tasty, colorful, natural. Shrooms are great, lots of fun but as with all psychedelics, you can catch on to weird vibes from places or people. Going to stores and checking out is not a whole lot of fun but being outside in a park is great. Good luck, you're going to have fun. Having acid under you belt should eliminate a lot of worry for this trip. Go outside and have fun

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Buckle up

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Take an eighth, trust me

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