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Posted byu/[deleted]1 month ago

What are your opinions/experiences relating to "SPICE" and all THC analogues?


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Synthetic cannabinoids are very unpredictable. Take LSD analogues for example, we cant say theyre safe exactly but after people trying them and toxicology reports yada yada we can determinr that the safety profile is pretty good. Therefore even when a new psychedelic comes out theres so many analogues that we have hints on what they could do.

Now take THC and CBD. We had marijuana for a long time before even knowing what the alkaloids were. Once we made extracts and such we found THC isolated can even be unpredictablr compared to marijuana. Its not dangerous hut its stronger. We still dont know a lot about rhe many other alkaloids. Most of the analogues are very unpredictable and dangerous. Spice has been known to affect peoples mental health and physical health. Therefore even though we may understand THC and CBD this gives us no hint on the safety of other cannibinoids.

For me I dont touch the stuff. I can barely handle marijuana nowadays without having severe anxiety so canmibinoids are just not my thing 馃槀

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An absolute nightmare. I mean, just the compounds themselves are variable quirks of chemistry that can have wildly different effects for every person at different doses, far more so compared to more traditional drugs making them unpredictable as all hell. Plus, the way they are manufactured is often absolutely dire, I remember having a batch of them that we ordered from numerous online head shops/had sent in from music festival drug amnesty bins that were ostensibly from the same few factories in India/China and when we analysed them they had a wide variation in the actual compounds present despite comparable branding and worse still, a much wider variation is actual dose present, almost as if they were eyeballing it and had no control procedures. Anyone that takes them is definitely taking their life in their hands.

Edit - I didn't even mention the contamination potential of being made in substandard lab conditions. It's a very real prospect.

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I鈥檝e never used it to my knowledge. But a good friend of mine got stuck in a seriously bad time loop using spice. Thought he was in a coma. I鈥檓 only even an occasional weed smoker, more of a LSD user than anything. But I personally have no interest in experiencing any kind of spice. Heard to many horror stories.

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Didn鈥檛 like 14 people overdose at once on that shit the other day?

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Oh I have that side, too. The thought of possibly dying is exciting to me.

I won鈥檛 fuck with spice though bc me and any kinda weed鈥漣sh鈥 things don鈥檛 jive well.

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Spice is to pot what crack is to cocaine, prolly. A strong affinity for one receptor, a mimicry of a single cannabinoid.

It's addictive.

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Not even. Spice is to pot what Crack is to Ritalin.

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I is to You as We is to Them .

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Having past experience with spice, it is horrible stuff. It's like the slight anxiousness, confusion, and minor dissociation cannabis can be produce, but instead, full blown panic attacks, debilitating confusion, and hallucinatory dissociative experiences.

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I must have did it wrong, that's a whole bunch 'o negative.

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I read it was one of the drug that sent people most commonly to the emergency room, and my bathroom at school even has a health advisory on synthetic cannabinoids and coagulopathies.

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