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I'm a guy who loves weed. Like holy shit it's so fucking awesome!!! But despite that (or maybe for this exact reason) I try to limit my smoking sessions to 1-2 times per month. That way I can always experience the element of suprise at how weird and funny it actually is.

Well this time I decided to catch up with an old buddy of mine (Daron) who was one of the two people who introduced me to Cannabis. He was a long time daily smoker so unlike me he has a bit of a tolerance while I tend to go absolute ape shit on weed every time (which is fucking hilarious honestly :D). So we meet up on a warm September day, sun's shining, it's a perfect day to get high! We go to a pretty open park near his house. Little lizards are everywhere on the rocks and wild rabbits are playing around in the distance. Remember this is in the middle of a major city!

So we sit there, smoking some weed and catching up with each other since both our lives have been pretty busy over the last few months. When the effects started to kick in we went off to the nearest tram station to get to the city center or something. We didn't know for sure what we wanted to do but that didn't really matter. Just let Marihuana take the wheel and roll with it, right? So far we are about 10 minutes in and I'm feeling great, being silly and giggling and generally happy to be high again.

As soon as we arrive at the tram station though things start to go south. Looking back I just got way too high but that thought didn't cross my mind at the time. I was feeling awful. Not physically sick, I was just very confused and couldn't comprehend what was happening to me or around me. The thought that I had treated being on illegal drugs in public way to recklessly crossed my mind. I thought it was completely obvious to everyone on the tram that I was stoned off my ass. I closed my eyes and pretended to be really tired so my "mole eyes" wouldn't give me away. Time was going by really slow and the 10 minute long tram ride felt more like an eternity of suffering and punishment for me being high in public.

We got out at the main railway station of our city to grab something to eat. I think it was me who suggested to go to Burger King but I'm not really sure. I must've forgotten these words as soon as they left my mouth because I had no idea where we were going while walking through the crowded main hall of the station. Daron had no Idea how high I was since I never said a word. I was so out of it that I didn't even think about seeking help or even needing it despite still feeling scared and confused. It was as if I was in a dream just following along whatever was happening without ever questioning it. And as if life wasn't shitty enough already, around this time LSD-like visuals were starting to kick in. They were less profound and beautiful than true LSD visuals but the colors were stronger. So strong in fact that I had trouble seeing what was directly in front of me. Picture something like this over your vision. Needless to say I was absolutely miserable by now.

We get in the line at Burger King and that's where shit starts to really hit the fan. While waiting to order something I'm back in the realm of eternal punishment. The visuals were getting stronger and stronger. Time is going by so slow it's agonizing and I just want to escape. I had just given the cashier my money and was waiting for my burger when it all became too much. I could not see past the visuals anymore. The visuals became everything I saw. I couldn't hear what was happening anymore. I couldn't feel my body and I didn't know where I was. It was like being pushed under water. After what was probably a few seconds I was able to feel something again.

I felt a pain in the back of my head and became aware of my surroundings again. Then the relization came over me like a shock of cold water. I had fallen to the gound in a seizure and repeatedly slammed my head on the tiles while twitching. In the middle of a fucking Burger King! Not good! Feeling a bit more sober (probably from the adrenaline rush) I quickly got up and told my friend "Dude let's get the fuck outta here!" before walking out as fast as I could without running. I still had a small amount of weed on me and didn't want the people to think I had like an epileptic seizure and had to be treated by paramedics. Without looking back I hurried through various halls, tunnels and escalators in the main station, still without the slightest bit of orientation and ended up on a platform for the underground trains.

So there I was, alone, confused, stoned as hell and probably with a concussion, lost in the endless realm of public transportation. I still wasn't sure if I had shaken off my imaginary pursuers so I contemplated taking a random subway. In the end I decided against it because I knew Daron was my only hope of finding my way out since I had zero hope of figuring it out by myself in this state. Eventually he called me and asked where I was. I tried to explain it as best as I could but he didn't seem to understand, probably because he was stoned too. After a couple of minutes of me desperately trying to explain to him where I was, I hung up. Then I tried to figure out where I came from to go towards him but I quickly got lost again and went back to the platform hoping he would find me eventually.

After another painfully long period of time Daron did find me. He even picked up my burger after I had stormed out of Burger King. I have no idea how he managed to stay so calm in this situation while being baked too. Boy was I happy to see him!

The next memory I have is us sitting in another park on a bench in front of a little lake with a few ducks swimming in it. I have no idea when or where this was or how we got here. But I was starting to calm down and the high was slowly turning into a positive one. I was just glad the horrors were over. We were eating our burgers, my friend was laughing at the ducks while I just quietly enjoyed still being alive. Daron called another one of his friends to come over, so we must have sat there a long time but I'm not really sure. The three of us went back to the park where we first smoked and again I don't know how we got there. Now this park was built on a disused railroad yard and so I sat in the sun on some warm rocks of former railroad track bed while Daron and his other friend were lighting up another joint. The visuals started to kick back in and this time they felt almost like LSD. The rocks I was sitting on turned into colorful Illuminati eyes but in a funny and trippy way I was enjoying a whole lot.

In the end we went back to the tram to go to the main station again so I could take my train home. This time Daron and his buddy were giggling non stop while I was just happy, content and a little exhausted. While on the tram I almost had another seizure. The visuals were back to being ugly and so strong I could hardly see, everything went dark purple and I was starting to shake uncontrollably to the point where wy legs almost gave out. Looking back this was probably due to there being not enough air circulation on the tram. Anyway the other two dropped me off at the station and I made my way back home. I have no memory of the train ride, which is almost an hour. My next memory is me talking to my sister while still more or less tripping and spouting nonsense. Which is where the story ends. The whole thing took place over the span of about five hours.

My head still hurt a little over the next few days, but I don't think I actually have a concussion.

Moral of the story: Weed can fuck you up bad time, so take it slow if you haven't smoked in a while!


Smoked pot after a month break, got way too high and had a seizure in the middle of Burger King.


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I have a big fucking problem. When I was 15 I got introduced to drugs, first it was weed. Later it got a bit out of control when I started doing amphetamine like every weekend. At a certain point I stopped because I realized my brain getting damaged. Nevertheless I didn't stop smoking weed and got myself a bit into other drugs. ketamine was one big thing I did some time, like a month. Other drugs I did occasionally were GBL and alcohol. My biggest problem unfortunately was mdma which I did pretty often in the last 9 months.

Now I feel the Aftermath and regret it to a point of feeling like I'll never archieve something in my life with this impaired brain. My problems are a weak short term memory, finding the word I wanna use and generally holding a conversation. Even my Vision is kinda broken cause I have this filter on my eyes like image noise on TV when you turn it on and there's no channel on. I asked my eye doctor and he said it has to do smth with the brain.

I finally turned my back to drugs until I reach the age of 18. But I still want to take psychedelics at special occasions. I started 2 months ago with supplementing vitamin b12 cause my blood test results showed I had a huge deficieny (I'm vegetarian). Now I also supplement iron, magnesium, zink and different nutrients .

Currently I'm 16 years old and hope for good advice from yall.
Do you know any other supplements that help with potentionally repairing my brain


So the universe blessed me this week. My dealer left his whole stash in my car. This was my first time meeting him and he didn't even have my number. The come up is so fucking real today!


Hi guys, my cat did a deep solo DXM trip on maybe 2nd or 3rd plateau dosage around noon the other day. I followed the procedure and just lied on my bed with earphones on, listening to Brahms Symphonies.

And then an hour later, I was transported to this alien planet, where I saw a giant dark tower made out extremely blackish alien materials, shinny like steel but also glassy. The tower interior walls are made out of 6th dimensional fabrics. In order to move around the place, I had to use my desires. There was a room coloured pink, so my mind told me that this room stores 'Love'.

Using the power of desires, I then moved to the top of the tower which is another room that's all black but has this giant rectangular glass window where I could look outside and see the view of the alien planet. The room stores 'Loneliness'.

I can't remember much of what happened afterwards, besides robo-waltz my ass to the bathroom a few times and extremely tired after the come down.

Can anyone explain to me what the hell happened? And how come DXM is as psychedelic as DMT?


A list of every psychoactive drug I've done (I think), most multiple, some once. Only smoke cannabis now.





Cannabis/THC (natural)

Hash/Wax/THC (natural)

Spice/Synthetic Cannaboliods

Marinol/THC (synthetic)

Nitrous Oxide

Cocaine (freebase)

Cocaine (crack)


Magic Mushrooms/Psilocybin







Salvia divinorum











Suboxone/Buprenorphine & Naloxone

Poppy Seed Tea/Opium Alkaloids

Opium Wax/Sap








I'm 16, I smoke weed 3-4 times a week, get drunk 1-2 times a week, vape consistently, have used acid 3-4 times, and Xanax a couple times. But that's pretty irrelevant to what I'm asking.

I've realized recently that, even though I don't use drugs a super excessive amount, I still feel like I can't really have fun unless I'm fucked up. Getting high, drunk, crossed, whatever it is - I don't really have that much fun unless I'm using. And looking ahead to my future as an adult / as a college student, there's no way I can function my whole life with that mindset.

My question is, will I grow out of this? Will I be 28 and realize that I don't even like smoking weed that much? Or will I have to fight the battle of forcing myself to stop. Because if so, I might as well start doing that now.

I think just hearing other peoples experiences with this will help me a lot. Thanks.


I have a family member (parent) that has been acting very strange. Was wondering common signs of stimulant abuse. Anyone on here have close family members go through it? I’ll list off some of the strange things

-They moved away 3 years ago.

-hardly contacts family

-super conspiracy theorist (I don’t remember this aspect of their personality ever)

-apparently has been passing out for no reason/ vision starts to go black and they can’t move or get up and get vertigo (they have raynauds which is blood pressure issues and have been off the meds for it for at least 4-5 years but they are relatively young so it shouldn’t be that bad)

-tired often at least when I see them which isn’t very often

I will say I don’t believe they have ever been high around me but I do not see them often at all. I would like to figure out what the hell is going on and if this is similar to anything you guys have seen.

I will also note they do have ADHD and have been off their meds for 4-5 years.

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I have a 300mg a day codeine habit, going on 10 years now. I've recently been trying oxy but I'm struggling to get decent effects. I had some a few weeks ago, and was needing to take more than one 40 of tablet to get noticeable effects. I wanted to remain cautious with doses because by all accounts 40 mg should definitely have noticeable effects.

Yesterday I took 30mg, then a few hours later redosed another 10 mg and got a mild but enjoyable buzz. Today I took 60mg in one go. That was an hour and a half ago and while I can feel the oxy, it is again kinda weak.

I know my tablets are genuine. They're Toroxycon ER (UK brand). I'm crushing them up and swallowing the powder.

I'm considering upping my dose, but I know that 80mg is considered to be a lot and I don't want to approach OD territory. Is it possible that my codeine use has given me a high tolerance to oxy? Is it dangerous to top up my current dose?

If anyone has some insight as to why it might be taking me so much, I'm all ears :)

 These puppies are awesome to be point blank. They work really quick and you can take more throughout the night because they have a short half-life. The body high is noticeable and they make you super relaxed and comfortable. From my experience, there is no hallucinations or crazy trips. Personally I don’t enjoy tripping so that is an added bonus. You can also snort them, but I don’t know about all that lol. Z-drugs are apparently lovely.

Got few gs of speed and md want to test them out so I took a line of speed and felt very clean, didn't take any md but before I realised I took 2 gs when I started at 12am to 4 am and now where I live it's 6.23 am I can't sleep and have to start getting ready for school at 7 45 am. What do I do here any help ??

Also have 4 xans should I take one to sleep until 8 or ??


Hey everyone, i'm not sure if I've been doing it wrong but every time I've done codeine I haven't felt anything. At the most, a tiny bit of pain relief. I've tried lean and made cold water extracted codeine from cocodamol tablets, I did this earlier with 25 8:500 tablets and got some good results. After I worked it out I was taking 160-200mg of codeine and it's been a few hours now and I don't feel much. This is the third time I've taken codeine and nothing has happened every time :/ (Tried Lean as well but didn't feel that either)


I find its really easy for myself to have a bad with psychedelics, but when im having a good time its obviously a R E A L L Y G O O D time. I think I've found that i need a trip sitter (someone thats relatively sober) with me to properly enjoy myself or i just start to freak out. Im gonna be going to a doof (essentially an aussie bush rave) pretty soon and was just planning on just taking mdma but i really want to try them together and i feel like it is the perfect kind of environment for it (other than the fact that there is like no sober people)

Advice and what to expect?


State is California.

I had 6 beers and 3 10mg marijuana edibles.

I plowed into a tree. Busted up the front left of the car. Car still runs, engine works fine, but it has a flat tire. I have a spare. I called my insurance and they sent someone to replace the flat tire.

But it's 1 hour before help arrives. I'm sitting here on the side of the road shitfaced in a busted-up car. How likely is a cop to drive by, "check up" on me, and give me a DUI before help gets here???


So, I’ve been consuming cannabis since 9th grade. I never really have the money to buy, so I usually save up for a month or two and then buy some, so I don’t smoke often.

Well, I’ve noticed that when I’m really high, things happen.

One, I spin backwards. It used to startle me the first few times, but I began to be able to “control” it, and now I just lean into the rolling backwards, and it feels amazing.

The other thing, is when I’m super high, and I need to do something that requires attention(walking past parents, or if I need to do something important, I can “push” the high to the back of my head. That way, I no longer feel as high as I was, and I can finish the task.

I know this isn’t some “special ability” that only I can do, so, who else here can do this?


So my grandmother found out that I smoke weed. She's 75 , and we are living in E Europe. One day she put a sticky note with this link on it . What the fuck :)))


As the title says, this past week I have been drinking quite a bit everyday. It should be mentioned that I don’t get very drunk, I require a lot of alcohol to feel the effects I find and so I drink a lot to just ride a buzz for a bit. I have been drinking mainly gin and tonics, sometimes wine. A couple to about 7 or 8 drinks at its highest, but not at once, over the course of a day. I figure its time to clean myself up a bit and cutting down because I could see myself falling into a habit. I know it is not a good idea to quit alcohol cold turkey for those with alcohol addiction. I am not an alcoholic, this is the only week I have done this, but because I have been drinking this much everyday, would it be wise for me to ween myself off over the course of a few days rather than just not drinking altogether? Or would it be safe for me to just stop since I am not dependant on it? Does it matter? Thank you in advance!

I tried to post this question in r/alcohol, but it was locked for being “medical related.”


My friend was saying her friend did a drug referred to as "fortnite". Yeah like the video game haha. But I was just wondering what drug that is if anyone knew.


Over the past few weeks I have been experimenting with different drug combos and the effects it has on my brain and body.

After trying 15+ combinations of benzodiazepines, hallucinogens, sleep aids, stimulants, and cannabis I have come to find one of the best daily routines that allows you to function properly during the day and get a good nights rest all while having a blast.

7am: My usual 12oz mug of coffee mixed with a few puffs off a juul or other nicotine delivering system

8am: 25mg adderall (or other mild stimulant)

8:30am - 1pm: more nicotine used sparsely

1:30pm: an all natural energy drink of any kind

2pm-5pm: more nicotine

5pm-9pm: A moderate amount of cannabis extract used throughout

9:15pm: 1-2mg of lorazepam for sleep. However, if you are feeling like a really fun time you can try to fight the drowsiness and keep yourself awake for a while. When you try and fight lorazepam it can lead to some very intense euphoric and hallucinogenic properties which is always a fun time.

10pm-11pm: Pass the fuck out and repeat it all the next morning.

This is just from my personal experience and I thought you ents might enjoy it.

Be safe out there. Feel free to post your favorite daily routines, if love to hear them. Peace.


Never done it before. Laid out 50mg and snorted it. Initially my nose started to run, which I think was right, but then I felt mucous in my nose so I sniffed really hard and then I think I sucked the coke into my throat. After that, I could taste the bitterness of it and my throat went numb.

This was about an hour ago. Haven't felt any effects. Did I waste it?


Say someone took like 50 mg of Xanax and chased it down by chugging a large bottle of vodka. What are the odds of that person dying, assuming they are someone with average weight/height?


So If I smoke in my bathroom will it smell im going to have the shower and fan on in the bathroom and I have a window that I will be blowing the smoke out of (btw I'm using an apple pipe). Do u guys think it will smell any tips? Should I make a sploof?

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