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Sunsets on the Oregon coast are truly something special. [OC] [1920x2400]

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850 points·8 days ago

I'm starting to think Washingtonians are posting all these Oregon pics in an effort to deflect the migration ;)

So us Oregonians need to post beautiful pictures of California so they'll all go back home and stop jacking our rent up?

Not just the rent. I live in Portland and a house in my neighborhood sold last year for nearly $500,000 to a family from Cali. The people who sold it had only lived in it for 2 years and they purchased it for $180,000.

500k is incredibly cheap compared to bay area home prices

Everything is cheap compared to bay area. Meanwhile my dad has a 4 bedroom in Florida that he bought for 53k 2 years ago.

68 points·8 days ago

Florida bites though.

I agree. It's flat, hot, muggy, overcrowded, dirty and once again, flat. A place without mountains is dead to me.

69 points·8 days ago

Damn. That’s sounds just like your mother.

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That's why I hate north central Oklahoma

Dude i feel for ya , OK is the worst.

Plus it gonna drown.

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can confirm. just left fl for good(except to visit family)

Prefer one flat to one with mountains of debt.(:

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It's a nice combo of southern weather and northeast hospitality

I'm movin out as soon as I can but you can do much worse

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Yeah but I don't want to live in Florida, it's just not for me.

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I know, but it is highly highly unusual for my neighborhood. My neighbors are mailmen, elementary school teachers, receptionists, paramedics, non-profit workers, etc. Solidly middle-class. None of us could afford our own homes if we had to buy them now, whereas just 3 years ago we could have afforded them.

And that’s what they all say. Meanwhile those of us who’ve lived there are unable to afford to do so anymore. My best friend is currently employed and living in a van after 25 years of living in Portland simply because she was priced out of the city. It’s fucked.

> My best friend is currently employed and living in a van after 25 years of living in Portland simply because she was priced out of the city.

We're dealing with the same thing here in California. My friend's rent went up $800 in 4 years. How is anyone supposed to keep up with that? My best friend works in the weed industry, which is huge here, and she's about to lose her apartment and become homeless because she can't afford the rent anywhere else. 4 of her coworkers are living in their cars. Don't blame Californians, we're just trying to find somewhere we want to live that we can afford to. Blame rich people and landlords.

Maybe a tad simplistic but do you think she and her friends could rent a big place together? Or is that still unaffordable? Note, am Australian so I know about ridiculously high cost of living.

She's looking into doing that, yeah. The hard part is finding a place that's the right balance of enough space for the people that are going to rent, but also affordable enough for each individual person, and then also dealing with the competition of other people trying to rent. And I think some of her friends are trying to leave the area. I wish she could just come live with me, but I live too far away from her work, which is a really fantastic opportunity for her right now. Once she gets some solid experience there we're all probably gonna try and find a new area to live, but it's hard to find an area that has the things we want/need where we also won't be hated because of where we're from. I'm trying to keep my eyes out for any of my friends in that part of the bay right now that may be looking for roomies. Thanks for suggesting a possible solution, I appreciate you trying to help :)

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12 points·8 days ago·edited 8 days ago

Hi, sorry to hear that your best friend is in trouble. Just wanted to add that the same phenomena is happening in all the major cities in Europe. Along with the slow economic growth, many middle class families are unable to face rising prices of life in general along with the pricy accomodation in urban centres (Paris, London; Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Rome, Geneva, Berlin, Helsinki and the list goes on...) so they are forced in most cases to sell their (loved) apartments or flats in urban centres to go live like 30-50 km from the city in the they work in if they are still employed because unemployment is rising here too. It is real sad

Good luck to your friend, hope she finds some accomodation soon...

Best regards


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I was just thinking the same, thats a steal

Gentrification happens to white people too.

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Califor-na-na, super cool to the homeless!

In the City! The city of Santa Monica.

Lots of rich people, giving change to the homeless.

Oregon has the highest homeless population of any state my guy

That’s the point I think. He’s trying to send them to California

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Welcome to CA where mostly everyone is from somewhere else and our housing has been high forever. Won't hear us complaining though.

20 points·8 days ago

ahh I just love the west... such hospitality from our northern neighbors :).

That's because California is known as a home for the rich and i think Oregon is trying to avoid that

We like being known as a home for the quiet and woodsy.

8 points·8 days ago·edited 8 days ago

We drink out of hydroflasks, bike year round, camp, wear flannels and grow our beards

Edit: I meant hike year round but bike works just as well

^ Does not understand how to deter image-obsessed Cali hipsters

There's also a large population of hungry mountain lions, basically none of the cliff-side roads have guardrails, and an omnipresence of logging trucks moving at 40-60 mph. Also if we ever get around to fixing GCC, it'll mean rain for 10 months of the year.

Sounds a bit scary the mountain lion part, I have seen a documentary on National Geographic where it ate a female biker in a mounts and just roughly half the body was found a few days later after intense search...

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Seriously! Thank you for pointing this out!

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I'll take the Californians! It's the weirdo poseur hipsters from random parts of the country that concern me. They come here and then dress and act like a 'Portlandian', whatever the fuck that is. --Portlander

Probably best if we all stop blaming other West Coasters not so unlike one another and start looking at the real problem: global capitalism.

And Hipsters.

Exactly. We're all dealing with the same problem: being pushed out of our home areas due to increased housing/rent prices. We should be together in solidarity of our problem, we're all West Coasters and are fairly similar. I hope Oregon and Washington realize this so we can be united together against our common enemy.

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5 points·8 days ago·edited 8 days ago

A problem pointed out in the way back by Blitz Weinhard beer in the " Most 'Oregon' Commercial Ever Made"

edit: took out a duplicate "in"

My favorite Weinhard beach ad:

hey we're all moving because no one can afford California. When we look at inflated prices in Oregon we can't believe our eyes at how cheap it is. 500K for a house? Sign me up. And yes, it sucks very very bad for everyone involved.

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156 points·8 days ago

I'm starting to think 90% of r/earthporn are self-congratulatory PNW dwellers who spend a lot of time inside

How did they take the pictures then


This is actually true

Oh you

15 points·8 days ago

They come out once a month and take pictures of the sunset. Sunsets that they have never seen before because they are always at home.

once a month year

We have to wait for our hour of sunshine.

People who live in beautiful places will have a tendency to share photos of beautiful places.

These are usually taken during the one day of sun per month.

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I completely agree. I try to upvote photos that aren’t yet another picture of the Oregon coast or Mount Hood just so we can get more diversity here.

To be fair, we do spend many months indoors, which is why we are so stoked to finally get outside and enjoy the beauty!

i feel like this comment is kind of salty haha

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23 points·8 days ago

Oregonians should start doing this, since they're currently seeing more migration to the state than Washingtonians. Why is the Pacific Northwest so damn beautiful?

It's beautiful because most of us respect it. With a mass migration that might change. There were fires and litter everywhere after half of the country came through for the eclipse last year.

15 points·8 days ago

Then there is the constant stream of companies wanting to build oil terminals, ammonia plants, coal terminals, methanol plants... There are some real pesky & brave folks fending that stuff off all the time.

Oh my God lol the PNW has the most hardcore environmental activists in the country. They're more badass than the folks at Standing Rock IME.

Seriously. Even Republicans are environmentalists in Oregon.

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Oregon HAS changed, and hugely. I can't complain because I moved here 45 years ago. Then it was clean, traffic was never an issue, there were a few homeless but not many, and you could hike on Mt. Hood or in the gorge without hordes of people and piles of litter. They say that another 500,000 will be here within the next 20-25 years. I'm glad I'm old.

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Vancouver WA is the same

But that’s just a suburb of Portland for all practical purposes. Might as well be in Oregon.

Except no income tax 👀

If you live in Vancouver but work in Portland. Do you still have to pay income tax?

Live in Vancouver, work in Vancouver, shop in Oregon. No taxes!

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And fuck that commute, too!

Yeah. Crossing that bridge is hell.

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Besides the fact that I've finally found people that live in Vancouver, this is very true.

I lived in Vancouver for 10 years and just recently moved to Portland. There's a huge difference.

Really? I live in Portland and think we should’ve annexed Vancouver a long time ago. I consider it part of Oregon tbh.

I'm not sure if this really helps us. People want to move to Portland until they find out school and housing is better on the other side of the river

There's less crime over there too. Also no state income tax. Move to Vancouver WA folks. Portland tweekers will steal your car door handles in the middle of the night.

Can confirm, window bashed in two weeks ago in broad daylight.

My friend lives over on SE Stark. I have no idea why but someone stole the locking cylinder to her passenger door. The car isn't even worth more than a couple hundred bucks.

My car is maybeee worth a thousand. I was in south east which has some sketchy parts but didn’t expect it to happen at 1 pm.

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“No, Californians, we need all the meth, tin cans and heroin! Stay back!”

Being from Washington, i highly promote this practice. Make Washington great again, stop the migration.

Make Washington Great Again. Great opportunity for a new baseball cap.

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We are having the same issues on the East coast. High cost of living and recent horrible winters are causing everyone to move south. You can tell with all the deli's popping up.

And Oregon really is where it's at. The ship has sailed up in Washington, so corporate, cookie cutter, no creativity, everything is bought or sold out. You know what I mean?


You know what, thats not a bad idea.

Washington sucks don’t move there. Too rainy.

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210 points·8 days ago

I moved from Oregon to California. So, um, you’re welcome.

Welcome to California!

92 points·8 days ago

I think it's hilarious that Cali folks are all like "Hey! Welcome! Enjoy!" while Oregonians are all like "Fuck right off, ok?"

I moved from Cali to Oregon 2 years ago and regret the fuck out of that decision. Everyone here is a passive aggressive asshat. Sorry, I know this post is NOT about state migrations, but fucking Oregonians started spewing their entitled bullshit and I couldn't help myself.

What's funny too is that people bitch about Californians moving to their state, but we have taken in tons of people from other states over the last couple decades. We deal with insanely high rents also, yet people bitch at us?! Like come talk to me about high rents after living in the Bay for a year. People don't leave this state because they want to, we are forced to. This is my home too and where I have lived forever, so don't complain about it happening to other states if you guys keep sending people our way as well.

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Don't tell people you're from California, and that'll change.

58 points·8 days ago

I don't market it or flaunt it. But I'm also not gonna walk around acting ashamed of where I came from. This is a dumb concept and YOU should feel ashamed.

There is a reason why Oregonians resent Californian immigrants, dude. It isn't just an internet meme or some kind of baseless xenophobia, it goes back over decades of watching Californians move here and trash everything they touch, and it's most keenly felt in little coastal towns.

I'm not saying you're like that - fine, cool, be proud of where you're from. Just recognize that we are too, and your origins come with some unpleasant history, so you're going to run into that if you advertise it. It's kinda like having a Trump sticker on your car and living in Eugene, or a Hillary one & living in Lakeview.

California is a huge state with a huge population. Yes there are a lot of assholes, there are assholes everywhere. I've lived in another state, it had the same proportion of assholes as everywhere else. But since we have a large population it seems like most Californians are assholes. Self righteous assholes are always going to make the most noise and gain attention. Regular people are going to pass through unnoticed. Californians get mad about our flavor of douches too, just like every state gets mad about their flavor of douches.

When I lived in Montana I had to deal with some horrible people there who really ruined a lot of shit for me. But I do not hate the whole state of people, there are some great people there too. There are shitty people everywhere and I'm not going to be rude and spew hate about a whole state full of people. Things are more complex than that, and I think it's kinda fucked up to have the mentality of "Well, some douchebags came through here from your state, so I'm going to hate all of you and treat all of you shitty for it!!!" We have tourists come here from other states and do fucked up shit and trash places too, I'm not going to make generalizations of all the people that live where they're from because of it.

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I would love if Californians would move to the dying East coast mill towns and 'trash' them by pouring a large influx of cash and new businesses into them. I saw those 'little coastal towns' of Oregon in the 80s, they were sad little dives with one industry, either timber or fishing, and when that industry died so did the town, except for native retirees. I recognize those towns as similar to the Rust Belt towns I live in/pass through now.

Be careful what you wish for. Natural beauty alone does not provide sustenance.

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16 points·8 days ago

If Californians as a whole are trashing everything they touch then why does everyone say it's our fault for rising hosing costs? Wouldn't that have the opposite effect? Maybe it's not JUST Californians. I just don't get the mindset. California is a melting pot and it is wholly embraced (except maybe by the Trump sticker folks). There are just as many people coming here from other states, so why we get singled out (and also lumped together like we all are in on some huge conspiracy) is beyond me. It seriously feels like a form a prejudice being that Oregonians are judging me based off where I came from. I don't care whether there is a reason or not. It's not right to judge another person that way. I have this same view regarding immigrants to U.S. from other countries. Don't judge them all based on the actions of a few, and especially not based on stereotypes.

honestly, my best friend is moving out of portland because of the douchebaggery. it may just not be your flavor... regardless of what seems like is the reason they are being douche bags, ya feel me? can you move? you should live somewhere you enjoy, if possible :) i hope you find your tribe!

I do get what you're saying, and thanks! I do plan on moving back to Cali, as the family I came here to be with recently passed away. The douchebaggery has not helped me much by way of coping with the ensuing depression from losing dad. Even though my husband is here, we feel so alone and exiled here by the locals. I wish I had a better experience with the people here. Thank you for the positivity, it has been hard to come by for me recently.

I'm sorry to hear about your loss, i cant imagine how tough that must be.

This might be some obvious shit that you've already thought of but, are there any hobbies or things you like that you could explore the community more? like when i was younger i skateboarded and i'd always find a home at a skatepark/shop and now i teach and practice a lot of yoga and always find a welcoming community (even if that means checking out different studios until i find the right one...). I have moved a lot and sometimes places seem isolating or crappy because of my lack of effort, like im SURE there are some people in portland that arent the worst, you may just have to find them! how about a co-ed soccer league or something corny but fun like bowling? i know the bumble app matches friends too, that could be handy, maybe find some other transplants and you guys can all hang out and talk shit about portland together :)

remember, this too shall pass.

14 points·8 days ago

And just to reiterate, I do not advertise where I'm from. But I still get to stand there in silence when Oregon born co-workers start talking shit about Californians when they don't know where im.from. So, it's not like I'm inviting the discord, it's just there in my face.

I was born in California, but my family moved to Oregon when I was about 6 months old, so I grew up here and have always felt like an Oregonian more than a Californian. I love California/Californians (mom grew up there and my oma lived there for like 30 years), and it's always fun to talk about where I was born or how they like Oregon. Sorry you get some entitled Oregonians out there.

Edit: Also after reading a few more comments, it sounds like Portland is really the main place for all the douche bags acting like this. It happens throughout Oregon as kind of a joke, but I honestly think a lot of locals in my town don't really care.

I've officially "met" more Oregonians from just this post that don't harbor negative feelings for out-of-staters than I have in real life. Makes me feel more hopeful actually that if I keep putting myself out there socially I might find some nice folks eventually. Maybe I didn't anticipate the culture shock of being here versus CA bay area? I dunno, I just had high hopes for a future here and keep feeling like Oregonians I have come across so far in real life are more apt to kick me while I'm down. I realize I probably sound like a whiney bitch, and that's not my intent. So I apologize if I sound that way.

Oh geez dude, you're fine. You're not a whiney bitch, but thanks for the apology. It honestly makes me so sad that you have been experiencing people like that here. There are always going to be assholes out there, so it just sucks that you've come across a lot of the assholes in Oregon. There are soooooooo many "Oregonians" who aren't really originally from Oregon, so I don't think it will be like this forever for you. Living in a new place is hard in general, so I can imagine it gets old when the locals are constantly giving you shit for being from Cali.

Check it, if you're a douche hole Californian that comes to Oregon to buy up property and sit on it with no developmental ideation, or come to "get away from the mexicans" , or you come and fuck up our trails and beaches then duck right off. If you're a cool person that wants to come experience Oregon and its beauty then welcome glad to have you. Just be respectful because we respect our home.

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Yup and bitch about how you cant find a "decent" burrito.

PNW in general = cold, passive aggressive asshats. Coming from the Midwest where people are genuinely nice (sometimes to a fault) and upfront this was shocking.

I love midwestern charm! I moved from the Midwest to the south and my experience is that this area is filled with people who are snooty as hell and that southern charm isn’t really a thing but midwestern charm is.

My buddy from Wisconsin moved here and said it had the nicest people you've ever met.

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I'm pretty sure 90% of the cool shit poppin off in Portland is thanks to some "Californian".

We've been moving here since the 70s and maybe even earlier. Most locals I meet have either parents or grandparents from CA.

People from Portland feel like the huge increase in rent is directly from people moving from CA. Which is totally untrue.

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29 points·8 days ago·edited 8 days ago

Is this the southern coast near Brookings? I swear I took a similar picture while i was passing through last summer (before the fires got out of hand). Ill see if I can find the picture I took and post it.

Edit: Found it. Its quite a big foggier but I think its the same place from a slightly different angle.

Aww yea man this is two minutes from my house. Then again most things are in our little coastal town!

That's definitely it!

Is this <shhhh> Secret Beach?

You can tell it's more southern because it's a lot more rockier with no real beach areas.

Hey! I live there! :D

What a difference the weather makes lol. Also a much more realistic representation I think.

Samuel H Boardman State Park, unless I miss my guess.

This is actually Xianzhou China. OP probably had a bunch of unlabeled pictures on the cloud, and got confused.

No, this is Narnia.

No, this is Patrick!

No, it isn't. I recognize this spot, having grown up in the area. The rock arch on the left leads to Seal Cove. The photo was taken from just above the end of Wridge Creek.

Defs China y'all should move there instead.

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Original Poster115 points·8 days ago·edited 8 days ago

Thnks for looking, everyone! Taken with the Sony A7ii and the 24-70 f/2.8 GM lens. For more I can be found around the internet as Nateinthewild.

Man, these amazing Oregon coast shots need to stop. This place is getting crowded enough. It rains all the time here, everyone go away!

Comment deleted8 days ago(7 children)

Shit, my hometown on the Oregon coast (Waldport) has a population of 2000. There are tons of vistas like this within half an hours' drive.

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18 points·8 days ago

This is one of those self-solving problems. Yes, it's gorgeous, but you can also go a month or two without ever actually seeing the sun. Tends to drive people off, unless it's their favorite weather ever and they've been missing the coast because nowhere else seems able to get a proper fog going.

Moved from the bay area to Seattle. Absolutely love the northern Cali and Oregon coast. You are right, if the rain stops and the sun comes out its beautiful.

When I saw people cutting lawns wearing yellow slickers in the rain I thought "How Crazy". With in a year I was doing it too.

Tell me about it.... I avoid going to the coast now because of all of the traffic on 101. I mean, I still go sometimes, but not nearly as much as I used to.

go during storms, it's much more open

No, come visit and bring your wallet! Then please go home.

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That's the thing! It doesn't rain enough in California! As soon as I drive over the state boundary, everything turns green and beautiful.

Because it rains all winter, literally

And by winter, that means probably through June. 4th of July is really the safe date for being pretty sure the rain is going to stop. But by October, it’s back!

Lol this is hilarious, because my cousin living in Portland gives me that exact cutoff date of July 4th as well. He held his wedding on July 7th for this exact reason.

Great week to enjoy Oregon, but it was ridiculous how many people there were due to the long weekend.

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15 points·8 days ago

Only 1/3 of Oregon is like that. The majority of land in the state is dry and arid.

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I agree. Love it here. Every year it gets more and more crowded. Good news is, there's no jobs. So unless you can work from home like I do, good luck finding one. Mostly all seamen, fishermen, loggers, and laborers around here.

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Where exactly was this taken?

Comment deleted8 days ago(12 children)
3 points·8 days ago·edited 8 days ago

I had a feeling it was southern Oregon coast. Could tell from the types of trees growing on the rocks. Everything south and north of gold beach is stunning.

Comment deleted8 days ago(0 children)

I live around the cape Perpetua area on the central oregon coast. It's like living in a magical fairy land. Love to travel north and south all the time. Neskowin is one of my favorite places on the coast.

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What does your EXIF look like on this shot?

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Beautiful. Never been to the West Coast. Views like this would certainly make it worth the trip.

53 points·8 days ago·edited 8 days ago

Incredible shot! I may or may not have saved this to use as a phone background (I definitely did)!

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Life is Strange? Arcadia Bay?

That's exactly what came to my mind when I saw the picture.

i think arcadaia bay was based on RL place, where's the lighthouse

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I live on the Oregon coast and was blown away when I played Life is Strange. Arcadia Bay literally looks just like my home town.

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As an Oregonian, I don’t hate that people come to visit, in fact tourism is most of the Pacific Northwest’s source of income. However, almost all tourists come and don’t respect what we have here. They think it’s like wherever they came from where they can just fuck around and litter everywhere they go, on top of that lots of tourists die here because they’ve never been exposed to nature before and are used to the safety of cities. It’s just a big mess, I kind of wish there were just tourist days rather than a steady stream of them everyday, so we have time to recover our little communities between their vast littering expeditions. Our beaches are filthy now, and it sucks because the animals are the ones who are really suffering.

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when it's not foggy as hell

6 points·8 days ago

I guess that’s what makes them special.

3 points·8 days ago

IKR? My first thought was, "Sunset at the OREGON coast? Perhap you meant some other coast? Where the thick layer of skunge doesn't move out at 1pm and move back in at 3pm?"

I love pics of the Oregon coast because they make me immediately think of The Goonies which makes me very happy.

It makes me happy too. Makes me think of my childhood when I lived in oregon. I live in Florida now. Nicer weather but it will never have the same feeling in the air and in my heart.

My thoughts immediately, this is very Goonies-esque.

Close! Head up the coast and you will find the house from the movie

Goonies the combination of California-bashing and Goonies-loving is funny, because the Goonies was shot in Sonoma County, CA at Goat Rock Beach:

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Also that one movie with Daniel Radcliffe as a Swiss army tool.

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It’s to easy to identify every other Oregonian in this post

I've played enough Oregon Trail to know how this ends...

You made it to the coast, so you win?

Your reward is dysentery.

I moved to California from the East Coast 12 years ago.

Not once I have I heard anyone here in the Bay Area bitch about people moving to California. I hear every single day people bitching about migrants going to Oregon and Washington. Welcome to having some place nice people enjoy. Try being Detroit for a day. See how much happier you are with that.

Bay Area resident here. Every time I travel to other states, people like to tell me about how their specific town is the one town where all the people from Silicon Valley are moving, and how it's driving up the rent, and how people from California are rude.

Pretty much the same. I live in San Jose and travel. I wasn't even born in raised but you'd think I just flew in and took a shit on their town monument with the downright hostility I have been shown.

I mean, in fairness, when I lived in Charlotte, NC between 2000-2005 the southern part of the city is where all of the transplants from California moved, and they did tend to be insufferable dickheads. I just figured California packed up their shittiest people and had them leave. It wasn't so bad though that I decided not to move out here.

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Time for a bunch of Oregonians sitting on their computers inside to come circle jerk about "Oh its so bad here we haaaate it"

Right? Has that joke ever been funny, even once? Has it ever convinced a single person?

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There's a Goonies pirate ship in there somewhere. (ಠ◞⊱​◟ತ)

Is this Iowa?

Wait long enough and you will see Kratos and Atreus pass by on a boat.

Mystical as shit

A great old ad set on the Oregon coast from the Henry Weinhard Brewery. Seriously this IS Oregon.

My home made video at this location of soothing ocean sounds:

The west coast is the best coast.

Is this far cry 5 ?

I’ll never forget how beautiful the Oregon coast is, I stayed in Gold Beach for 2 weeks a couple summers ago and it was the most beautiful and greenest place I’ve been! I’m an AZ native so it was definitely a sight to see!


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I miss Oregon. My ashes will be spread in the Columbia River.

NJ ain't as bad as you think but it's no Oregon.

As a Washington native, it's the prettiest state in the country imo.

This seems like one of those stretches of water that is really tempting to jump in but actually leads to almost instant death

Can confirm as a native Oregonian, that part of the Pacific is not for swimming, wading or any other activity for those without a death wish.

Cold as fuck, serious undertow, and sharks everywhere.

Doesn't stop the surfers, but they're also crazy.

I’ve been down the entirety of the west coast of the US and in my opinion the Oregon stretch is the most beautiful.

I was there! Truly amazing place

Love this pic... cape perpetua area? Youre supposed to face the sun though :)

When is the best time to visit the Oregon coast? My family and I are considering going for a vacation

Off season, unless you enjoy lots of people. I'd say February or March. Bring fleece, rain gear, boots, waterproof gloves, etc. In March the whales are migrating. Oh, and seriously, don't turn your back on the ocean when you're on a beach. Pay attention.

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Another Oregon pic. Just change the name of the sub to OregonPorn

My dad used to be a truck driver and my favorite pictures out of all the ones he took were along the Oregon coast highway.

lol I was thinking about trying to move to Oregon but not after all the comments I've seen. I still think I want to live in pueblo Colorado.

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Can we just enjoy the photo without whining about people from other states?

Damn there’s a thread here on how people from California get shit from people in Oregon and WA when they migrate there. To think that I wanted to move to WA within the next 3 years or so, I’m fucked

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oh look oregon! tis the season of coastal shitposts! expect my presence!

The Oregon coast is the best place in the world.

i think it’s time for all Washingtonians, Oregonians & Californians to come together and stop posting photos of the West Coast

I think i see two hobos showering

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Include the photographer's name/username in the title. If you are posting your own image, you do not need to put the name/username, but make sure to tag it with [OC] as doing so will earn special flair. Images that have no credited name/username nor tag will be removed.

Titles must include resolution tag.

Include the correct resolution in [brackets] in the title. Posts without a resolution tag will be removed.

The tagged resolution must be (roughly) correct.

Include the correct resolution in [brackets] in the title. Posts without a resolution tag will be removed. Wildly wrong resolution tags will be cause for removal.

Titles may not include a device name.

Do not name or reference the device you used to take the photograph you are posting in the title of your post. This information should be posted in the comments.

Submissions must be static images.

Videos, compilation photos/albums, interactive images/websites, and articles are not allowed.

No non-permitted edits/rehosts/modifications.

Do not edit, rehost or modify images submitted here without permission of the photographer. This includes edits to "fix" the colors of an image or remove a watermark.

No reposts (Top 100/Last 3 Months)

Regarding reposts: it is only a repost if it was posted to /r/EarthPorn less than three months ago, or if it is already in the top 100 of all time.

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