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Watching Season 3 again...Episode 1, Kenny doing some body boarding and his board has the confederate flag on it. That MUST mean he's racist, right?


Here's the thing: A few days ago, my friend spoiled a movie for me, as I was watching it, just for the fun of it. I swore that I'd spoil any movie and show he'd watch anytime soon to get back at him.

Now he just sent me a video of the "3D is gay" line, which I quickly googled and found out to be from this show (which I know absolutely nothing about) and it seems to be from the second season. What are some huge spoilers from the show (perhaps from some of the episodes following the "3D is gay" one) that I could tell him?

I hope you'll help me (as soon as possible) and not side with him to not ruin his experience with the show. This bitch deserves to feel the pain of spoilers!


Loved VP and love McBride but I really really don’t like baseball. Would I like this show? I don’t like football either and I like the League for what it’s worth.

Just got so much to watch I don’t want to waste time if its something I wouldn’t like.


I want to watch this show with someone who hates cursing but for some odd reason enjoys raunchy comedy. I've thought of editing each episode but damn, that's going to take me forever.


I will be Uncle Hal . . . "eyebrow licking time"


what the fuck. yeah he faked his own death. the music on this show 99.7% kicks ass. we love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poor kenny powers, the most cringe-worthy character i've ever seen. This show is keeping me sane during the stress of the holidays.

Just when you think this is nothing but a cringe-worthy fest, this show shows heart.

Edit: i love this show

Edit #2: this is a kinda drunk post. i feel this is appropriate.


My faves include: "FUCK YOU MAMMY!" - Ashley Schaeffer (My fave character) "Steve to me just sounds like somebody who has absolutely nothing going on in their life" - Kenny Powers "THAT'S MY NIGGA!" Stevie Janowski


Huge fan of the show. Have been for years. Seen every episode multiple times and have listened to every commentary. I think it is extremely well written and I almost couldn’t imagine a better cast. The music is great is well. Just curious on what you guys favorite episode is.


You lesser than ants... I’m old south . LOL

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A sub-reddit for the fans and critics of the show Eastbound and Down. Discussion of the show, pictures from the show and anything else Eastbound and Down related.

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