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    There is plenty of room for small business in the patch, I'm not the most creative but I was lucky enough to find something that I didn't hate doing. I didn't walk away rich but I was proud in knowing that I was able to provide my employees good wages and a healthy work environment. Starting fresh isn't easy and I wouldn't ever tell anybody that it is. I still believe that if the price of oil is right, that there is plenty of money to be made. In my experience (and I undervalued what sales truly was), it's a grind and you'll have to want it and probably spend more time than you'd like away from loved ones and things you enjoy doing. I was a young man in my early 20's and when the dust settled, realized that I had lost sight of a lot of the things that made me happy.. I know that everyone is different but this really affected me and I don't ever really talk about irl. Good luck in your future endeavors.