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Same here.

I always read about scammers but everyone I met so far have been nice as hell. Yes I’ve been killed etc but that is fine.

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there are scammers out there in abundance, but there are also great people in EVE like OP. hopfully more people become that later rather than the former.

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Surprisingly even a lot of the scammers are nice people. I bet they would be happy to give you a "gf" in local after the scam.

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"Oh yeah, he just tricked me, so he could blow up my 300 million ship, but he said gf, so he must be a nice guy."

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Welcome to EvE. :/

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On Sunday I got ganked and podded in .7 system and then the guy made a contract with my cold corpse

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That's actually a fantastic idea

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Scamming in EVE isn't like IRL scam.

EVE is a very harsh world build to favor the smartest and most mature. Here you have player who are college student, CEO, engineer, scientist, lawyer, etc. (i myself am a technological analyst). So scamming is actually a feature that is consistent with the audience and style of EVE.

I believe the scammer scam because it's rewarding to teach people lesson and earn isk by doing so, or to outsmart the smart (fact : EVE players have a certain degree of gray matter other MMO's players base doesn't have).

IMO scamming helped the pool of players to remain focus and alerted and push away the generic angry and unmatured individual.

If you are born stupid you will not prevail much longer and there is a big chance you end up playing WOW or SC. Most of us are mature and decent humans being (event if most of the players are paranoiac or have BIG urge to kill others).

Anecdotal story a little off topic...

Back in the early days as a noob i was surprised by the relative silence on local in the systems i've come to visited. Not reading impetuous and juvenile flow of trolls and spam was a welcome change :)

That is, until i enter Rancer... Looots of angry post in lthe local chatn :D

That was back in 2005 in my first week of playing. It was my first panic attack follow by my first death. I still remember the name of the pirate corp that kill my badger : TeddyBear

After my initial frustration and anger i started chatting with TeddyBear members in local and it become friendly quite rapidely. We talked about tactics in low sec and they help me out nicely by providing some usefull info on fitting and hints to avoid death on gate camp.

They didn't give my any isk though... Back in 2005 ISK was a rarity (not like today lol)

Note to noob : In EVE the harsh guy that killed you isn't a "rude dude who want to ruin your day". It's purely for the adrenaline rush, nothing else. So, after you've been killed for the first time, remain calm and ask nicely for tips & bits. You have a pretty good chance witnessing the magic of harsh killers helping out the victims out with much generosity with their time and ISK (i myself donate ISK and time to every nice NOOB victim).

Sorry for my english, correct phrasing is hard stuff

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Even the scammers are nice if u get to know them