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Hi all ! :D my dream is to build classic steampunk design of fallout bar imagine drink some nuka colas use that old jukebox etc in my country there is no themed bars just some random ones this should be freakin nice


Photos of the book Got it printed from a company that deals with kids books so its about as authentic and amazing as possible. The photos do no justice to the piece seen in person. My crowning jewel to my collection!


Made this sometime last year as a little project, i think it turned out pretty well.


Hi, I wanted to play fallout 4 for a while now but I didn't had much time to sit and play... but I'm going to have a lot of free time for the next month so I got it! Any tips for a new player please?

EDIT: On the PS4


I recently finished playing Fallout New Vegas, I enjoyed it alot more than when I played Fallout 4. A friend suggested I play Fallout 3 after New Vegas, and after seeing how my play style was he suggested I go for a perfect character, and said alot of things that confused me. I want to know what makes FO3 different from NV, what is a perfect character and how do I achieve something like that, and anything else that is helpful for someone who is starting out the game.


Is the best weapon I've found yet on my first playthrough. Different this thing shreds support mutants and mirelurks like Swiss cheese! What's your weapon of choice today?


I'm looking for a mod that adds specialty ammo to leveled list such as AP and hollow point rounds.


nuka cola

I’ve been seeing this van everyday for about the last two or three months, I finally got close enough for a decent shot of it!

Posted bythe least scumbag group at least18 hours ago hopefully theyll take as much liberty as possible to make sure that the game won't be a literal desert, would love finding more enemies in the way to objectives, and that really wouldn't work if they keep the level design exactly as in new vegas


I know it’s been years but does anyone actually know why holstered weapons were actually taken out of Fallout 4? Was it due to engine limitations, lack of time, or just scrapped? It’s strange to see the ability to holster weapons in Fallout 3 and New Vegas, then have it disappear in Fallout 4.


Sorry if this is a constant repost, I'm new to this sub.

But the elevators. Why? Even conceptually, in the post-apocalypse where energy is not easily obtainable and all buildings are run down, having so many functioning elevators doesn't even make sense.

Besides that, why do you put something in that is so glitchy? There has not been a single time I've used an elevator in Fallout 4 where the entire game didn't freeze. I especially love the places where elevators aren't optional, that was a super great idea!


It is because of the radiation, enemy background or just lazy game design as most people say?


It's clear in New Vegas that the amount of territory the Legion controls is vast, spanning at least those four states; so does this mean no new Fallout can take place in those states as it would just be re-hashing the Legion? Alternatively it could take place before the Legion had conquered it all, but then it would just be a series of tribes, which isn't very fun (Compared to major factions like NCR, BoS, Enclave, Master's Army, etc). The alternative would be Bethesda deviates from canon (As they've done before) if they wanted to set a game there.

What are your thoughts?


What I mean by this is there a mod that implements faction clothing (specificly caesars legion), without affecting your rep? Thanks

Posted byVault 11114 hours ago

I’ve done some googling but nothings turned up. It’d be pretty awesome to have a Mr. Handy (minus the potentially deadly nuclear reactor among other unrealistic things). I can’t find anything, so can anyone help? I’ve been going deep into fallout lore recently but it’s usually inconclusive.


In all of my Fallout NV play throughs, whether on the PC or Xbox, my games takes a very long to load after going through a door that requires the outside to either render in or render out. Is this just the game trying to make due with the engine it has compared to the large map? Does everyone else have this problem as well, or is it just me?


I can not find a door for it anywhere! This is at the brother hood bunker. Got it off that armor chick


Hello. I'm looking to get some background info for a possible fanfic. With that in mind, my question is pretty much the title.

Obviously, i know about Brahmin being raised, and about various food crops, but what about other animals? Mutated sheep or goats (some variant on Bighorners, perhaps)? Or, how about textile crops? Where do people get cloth from? Do they have wool, cotton, linen, hemp?

These can be canon, or just conjecture on your part.

Thank you.

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