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Oh my God... You can talk!
1 month ago
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According to Vox, Family Guy has been renewed at Fox!

In this chat, please discuss your thoughts. Please remember Subreddit Rule #5, as comments will be removed.


In the scene, the actors are either B or C-list celebrities and I recall them talking about “should we take the helicopter” and the friend says “no, let’s just walk”


my favorite gotta be mort


Right now this episode (where Peter gets a vasectomy, he doesn't touch Lois anymore, and she porks out) is on Adult Swim.

I don't know about you, but Fat Lois is HOT!

As Peter says, "Fat sex is the best sex!".


So I'm watching Family Guy and Stewie makes a joke about 9/11 and not all the planes landing... Brian responds with, "you know I was suppose to be on one of those planes" and Stewie replies, "yeah me too." I instantly got the joke and how funny it would be to anyone who knew why they both meantion this. Seth McFarland was actually breaking the 4th wall a bit here by actually meantioning a real life event that occured to him. He was supposed to be on one of the planes that crashed during 9/11 but he didn't make the flight. So Seth who voices both Brian and Stewie was making a joke that many probably won't get unless they knew why he said that. Most people will probably think it's some dumb joke with no meaning that the writers threw in.


Neither an expert nor a fanatic here, but what would people's top episodes ever be?

Here's a top 5 from me.

  1. Road to the Multiverse
  2. Life of Brian
  3. Quagmire's Quagmire
  4. Road to Rhode Island
  5. I Dream of Jesus

It was a one word response but the disdain in his voice was memorable. I just don’t know how to google something like that. I figure you folks would be the authority on this. Thanks!


Mine personally is, "And its a great way to stay in shape."


I just realized Meg Griffin and Adam West share the same Meg and Chris costume as the Robin Williams version of Meg and Chris, Tom Tucker has the same Seamus Levine costume as Robin Williams wore as Seamus Levine, Constela wears the same Dr. Hartman costume as Robin Williams did that way, Quagmire and Robin Williams share the same Lois Griffin costume, in the Family Guy episodes Family Guy Viewer Mail 2 and A Lot Going on Upstairs. Anyone else both saw this?


For one reason or another I can’t see the rules for the sub, so sorry if this kind of post isn’t allowed.

It’s really bugging me so hopefully you can help. I think it’s from an early season.

Peter is at work (I think) and he asks a co worker something and they threaten to cut him. Peter says to another colleague something like ‘jeez what’s that jerks problem’? To which the colleague replies something along the lines of ‘that jerk just donated half his salary to sick kids’. This is met with an accepting smile and a nod from Peter towards the aggressor with some cheesy music playing over it.


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So did your therapist figure out what the problem was?
Oh my God... You can talk!
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