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If it was the late 90's we could see the return of Malvo.


Its been one year after the finale of the third season. Many people were very mixed on it in general. Without a doubt the most polarizing out of the three. So my question to everyone, is how do you feel about Year 3 in general now? I personally loved it. I for one can never forget “Who rules the land of denial?”


This has been on my watch list for awhile. 20 mins in and Lester already makes me sad.


I’m so happy that I’ve been able to keep the show alive in my mind by discussing it with all of you in the past year. This is a great community.


Could be a mistake by the video editors (seeing as how I've done this exact thing in Adobe Premiere). Anyways, I just got into this show and am loving every moment of it. The actors are great.

But, I'm here watching episode 7 of season 1 on Netflix and about 0:50 seconds in we get a shot of Gus Grimly and we hear some talking in the background. I caught something SO strange. During this scene there is actually a quieter voice that is very clearly backwards if you listen close enough. So I went out of my way to record the audio and reverse it myself. It goes on to be a female receptionist of some kind paging or calling for a doctor. "Dr. Brown" is what I can make out.

Here is a link to the original audio file:

Here is a link to the audio file after I reversed it:

My theory is that either an editor accidentally included this audio file in the final cut as background sound for the setting and somehow or another reversed it. My other theory is that this was intentional and that their are audio clips waiting to be reversed all over the place. I have never visited this sub before but thought it to be the apt place to share this information. Please let me know your thoughts. I have no life.


Now I know to some people this question may seem obvious and you'll be thinking "Obviously Malvo", but Lester was very smart too, he just wasn't involved as much as Malvo was, as you see many times Lester forged plans to stop anyone trying to go after him, Malvo forged many plans to cause chaos.


I don’t know why this is so interesting to me, and it’s so obvious I’m definitely gonna look like a dope saying it here, but after my season 2 rewatch I love this fact.

I think it’s absolutely awesome that the hero cop and overall-good-guy Lou Solverson in season 2 knows the infamous Lester Nygaard. I know it’s obvious, but I just finished another season 2 rewatch and it amazes me that if you asked Lou in 30 or so years who Lester Nygaard was, he’d know. It feels like it would be a blink in his eye after everything you witness him endure throughout season 2 with all the witty people he knows like Karl, Ed or Sonny.

I don’t know, this post is obviously kinda pointless but I just wanted to admire it I suppose. At least i’m not that one dude on this sub who posts obvious questions every other day.


Up until Lester clocked him in the head, do you think Malvo was going to let Lester go? Was he proud of the transformation that he started in Lester?

Incidentally, there seems to be a giant plot hole in that even in 2006 elevators (especially in Vegas) definitely had security cameras installed in them.


I think I caught most of the references to the Coen Brothers films but I’m not sure if I noticed a No Country one. Does anyone know? Thanks


Narwhal is definitely a dangerous group, I wonder who would win between them VS Malvo


As we saw, Meemo cut him with a knife, but when the police investigate he had no visible cut marks, am I missing something?


As we all know, VM Varga has the belief that people don't have any inheret value, and he mentioned to Gloria he sees Emmit's death as a tragedy, we never really saw VM Varga being too bad to Emmit, we saw his spray stuff in his eyes to have Meemo knock him out but he never really seemed to have any issue towards him, you could say he's a psychopath and was just manipulating but at the same time what if in VM Varga's weird way he had some kind of respect or liking towards Emmit? Maybe he saw Emmit as someone he values a bit, regardless of what Emmit thought of him, what do you think? People who have analysed it.


There were 139 deaths in total. 110 people were murdered. There were 83 people who shot, 34 who were shot once, 1 person who shot twice, 35 who shot numerous times, 13 who were shot a unknown number of times. Asphyxiation killed 6 people with 3 being strangled, 2 having their mouths and nose glued shut, and one who was buried alive. 8 people were stabbed, 2 had their necks cut, and 1 was stabbed numerous times and then had their neck cut. Two people bled to death one by having their ears cut off an another by having one ear cut off. Another 2 were thrown off buildings. 1 was decapitated, 1 was beaten to death, and another was crushed. 4 deaths are unknown. There was 23 justifiable homicides, all by shooting with two being shot once, two being numerous times, and 21 being shot a unknown number of times. There was two counts of manslaughter with one being consecutive manslaughter with the person freezing to death and the other was involuntary manslaughter where the person was stabbed. There was 1 suicide by cutting their neck. There was 1 accidental suicide by drowning. There were two accidental deaths with both dying in a car crash.


Who is your favorite character from season 1. My favoite character is Lorne Malvo.


Read about Gus having a son in a dream sequence in Series Two. When is this and what happened to him?


Is Planet Wye from Season Three a metaphor? Also what is with the box?

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