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But do we have 40% of the worlds gun crime? Nope.

159 points · 26 days ago

But someone from the UK told me that 6 billion people a minute die from wild gun crime in America whereas the average Brit lives to be 9000 years old

A wild gun crime appeared.

America used freedom. It’s super effective!

A summary of the entirety of r/DGU.

Lmao, after reading this answer from a British person on why it's actually a good thing that they aren't allowed to defend themselves, I've decided I don't give a shit about what they think anymore.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Although on my campus a friend who is middle leaning anti gun said this in regards to self defense. "But its still a loss of life".

So seriously understand that these people who are anti gun are not just out to get you, they literally cannot understand the concept of self preservation against a hostile threat. They cant conceptualize the thought of taking a life to save their own, its a completely foreign ideology. The nature of self preservation has been removed from them, that instinct is gone; no longer is it fight ot flight, it is flight and succumb.

Edit: Words

24 points · 26 days ago

That's actually quite impressive considering that even plants practice self-preservation.

These people have less survival instinct than a shrubbery.

I'll never fuck with nettles again that's for sure.

You can actually pick nettles with your bare hands and a knife if you know the right way to grab them. Seemed like a good skill to learn since they're such a useful survival plant.

They are useful? How?

Terrible advice here:

Put on a mask, find your anti-gun friend point the B.B. gun , tackle them, start wailing on them with an open hand and “drop” the air soft pistol. See how quick they reach for that and try to shoot you. Yes I know it’s very very illegal, I’m kind of joking, but it would be a good eye opener for the.

Police in Miami did a training class for a bunch of anti-gunners to see what it’s like to work as a police officer, when to/NOT to shoot sort of thing.

The anti-gunners were trigger happy as fuck, reaching for guns the moment they felt threatened, even when the situations were not “deadly force”.

My first jiu-jitsu lesson ever, I paid $75 for 30 minute private lesson. The instructor mounted me and slapped me in the head for 30 minutes straight. The lesson: you don’t ever want this to happen to you, so you better never let yourself get caught in that. situation.

Testosterone is getting lower and lower in the average man compared to our grandfathers and masculinity is being chipped away under the guise political correctness and a negative shift in social norms.

Science shows that today's average man is quite literally less of a man than any other time in history and it shows with anecdotal stories such as this.

Uh, source? I see this all the time but it just sounds like a bunch of 4chan "soyboy" crap to me.

The instinct isn't gone. They are just using their argument as a means to signal virtue. If someone assaulted them they would rapidly rediscover their instinct to survive.

“Given we’ve got the NHS, we don’t mind taking the broken bones, thank you very much.”

This is a prime example of born and bred subservience to government.

“Fuck me up as much as you want, I have daddy government to take care of me.”

To bad the NHS can't fix a melted face from an acid attack, you get to keep that little British treat for life. Honestly I would take my chances with a 9mm over an acid attack.

One of them on another sub told me last year that he was mugged 3 times and happily hands over everything because he can go free then and if he had a gun he would probably die somehow.

Oh and he had no answer when i asked what if rapists find a woman alone at night... it is okay if they let her go free after mugging and ass raping her with aids?

We're reaching levels of pathetic we've never though possible!

Oof. This really activates the almonds

5 points · 26 days ago

If everyone has a weapon, you’re no safer than if you didn’t have a weapon - since the guys attacking you will also have access to more weapons! In fact, you’re less safe, because rather than being mugged by two blokes who might punch you if you resist - you get mugged by two blokes armed to the teeth with lethal projectile weapons.

If you take away a person's gun, now all it takes is 1 bigger person or more to kill you. If you have a gun, (and yea let's say they have a gun), now it is more level. Not only do you put people in more harm (since bigger people/groups will not fear 1 person smaller than them) if you take away their gun, you are basically saying they don't deserve to defend them self if they have to use a gun to do so (and just take the beating/die instead of try to defend yourself with equal to/or more force), which is self defense discrimination (like that real men use fists sign).

3 points · 26 days ago

So let me get this straight, they think not having a gun while getting robbed is better because if you don't they'll just beat the shit out of you and put you in a hospital after taking your money and they would rather take the beating and broken bones and spirit thanks to the NHS than getting shot? I'm sorry but if the robber has a gun he's probably gonna shoot you anyways, and how about the alternative where hes in a body bag and I possibly have no scratches on me?

My head hurts after reading that

Plz get your facts straight.

It's 93 million a day.

Those numbers aren't accurate

14 points · 26 days ago

Are you some sort of math wizard or something?

You mean a mathmagician?



3 points · 26 days ago · edited 26 days ago

You’re just some crazy gun nut that hates the childrentm

11 points · 26 days ago

I never thought of it like that.

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11 points · 26 days ago

Absolutely, just like how there's more than 4,000 deaths every year from drowning in backyard pools in the US. We've effectively decided that the freedom to have these things ranks higher than the risks that come with it.

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