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The weekly Free Talk Friday thread. Feel free to discuss anything here, whether it be your new Flash shampoo you got in the mail, Grandpas new suspenders or just something you feel like sharing, anything goes.

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It was him Barry! He was Number One!
5 days ago
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Hey everyone, I'm back with another subreddit poll. As the season polls have finished, with Enter Flashtime being our Season 4 winner, we have to move on to different kinds of polls. If there's a poll that enough people have a demand for, I'll see about making it the next one. For now though, we've got a poll about who your favourite member of Team Flash is! Now I've not included everybody who was a member of Team Flash for like 2 seconds, but I've included an "other" option if you really prefer them, but ideally, pick one of the ones who were there for a decent amount of time. I've got an important note about any villainous members such as Harrison Wells in disguise as Thawne; do not vote for them as a villain, but vote for them on what they did as a member of the team, so while Thawne is a great villain, don't vote for him on those merits, but rather how he functioned while in disguise as an ally. Anyway, the poll is here:

edit re brigading- So I'm sure most of you have seen the Iris votes being ridiculously high due to brigading and vote manipulation. If you are responsible for this, even though you are trying to ruin it for everyone, your silliness means nothing in the end. While it's unfortunate, it means all votes for Iris are considered voided and so she isn't winning the poll; I make the rules here in poll land when I do the official wrap up, so everything you did is moot. If someone actually wants to vote for Iris for real, please tell us in the comments about a legitimate vote for Iris and I will count that as her official poll count, thanks.
I'd like to add personally, that I don't really dislike Iris as a character, despite the poor handling in Season 4, but while I think she's nowhere near as bad as some say, in the context of Team Flash, she doesn't really contribute much and is much better when doing her own thing such as the journalism and I think we'd all be happy if she got her own plot outside of being "we are the Flash" which had devalued her contribution to the show.


Barry had told iris that he has loved her since they were little. Barry said he can see into the future and that he saw Eddie and iris happy together and iris and Barry were still best friends. After that iris said it best: The future doesn’t sound so bad.

I wish we had that future


Patty Spivot>Felicity Smoak>Linda Park>Iris West

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I see what you did there...
8 hours ago

So whenever we discuss the writers on this subreddit, we refer to them in a very vague way. So I decided to look at who wrote what episode in Season 4 and make a cute little table.

Table 1: Who wrote what what? Top three choices in green and bottom two choice in red

Who do you think is the weakest writer? Who do you think is the strongest writer?


In Season 2 Episode 15 (Zoom antagonist season before flashpoint), Barry apologizes to the star labs crew and says “I made a choice to go back in time and save my mother a year ago, shit happening is my fault, weight of the world etc” . This doesn’t make sense as dialogue because he hasn’t saved his mother yet. Am I missing something? Maybe this was slipped in the episode on purpose.


so im in S1 E4 in Flash, and in S1 E9 in arrow and some arrow characters are in the show, should i watch arrow first to understand some of the things that happen in the future?

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