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What I imagined after the fight to happen:

Cisco: "Wait a minute, Earth 15 wasn't a dead earth at all!"

Wells: "Well, now it is"

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It couldn't meant anything. That earth is uninhabited, humans and all the other species became extinct, no life forms ever even existed, so forth

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Earth-15 was killed by Superboy Prime

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Really? When?

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Not in the show, officially, but in the comics he did.


I assumed that was a reference when Harry says it's a dead world

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Which comic? I'd like to know more about it

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Wiki says this is the first appearance


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Cool. Thanks!

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Too soon

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She's been forgiven so its water under the bridge of the dead thousands

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Hi, I'm Ragman. I'm here to do two things: eat up the front half of the season's special effects budget and absolve a pet character's sinful stupidity. Oh, job's done? Bye!

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Honestly I thought that was a good and interesting plot point, but then they just say "Don't worry, it's all good!"

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Am I too soon ?

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Meanwhile, Devoe: Ohoho, I KNEW you'd send that radiation to the ruined and unpopulated surface of Earth-15! That's why I put my TOP SECRET villain machine there to absorb that delicious radiation! Thank you VERY much, Mr. Ramon!

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I was thinking the same thing. I feel like the energy is going to be a plot point in the future at some point.

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Leave the mass murder to felicity.

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I was expecting you to say "send it to Earth 2" because of the old meme about how Earth 2 lives don't matter.

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Firestorm would have really come in handy, makes me wonder if Jax saw what was happening on the news or something and got into his feels RIP

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“Gray! We’ve gotta go - oh, that’s right, you’re gone...”

Dammit, I made myself sad!

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There are like 1000 places on earth that are hundreds of miles from human beings, why were they acting like there was nowhere to send him?

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umm. Flora and Fauna? I'm not an environmentalist but I would prefer not to dump pure nuclear radiation "just somewhere".

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When the alternative is nuking a city full of people I think your plan should be better than “panic and hope there’s a barren planet somewhere in the multiverse”

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It's a superhero show with a speedster and nuclear man. Dumping it on a dead planet fits perfectly.

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Why not send it to Earth X? The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi

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There were victims of their regime there too. Yeah, you’d be killing tons of Nazis but also people in concentration camps.

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There was a headquarters for the Nazis. They had giant skyscrapers. Teleport it INSIDE one of those. The concentration camps are far away from the buildings because the Nazis believed that they were superior and didn't want to be around people they killed (specifically Jewish people, gay people, Romani people, black people, and people of any nonwhite ethnicity) which works to the advantage of us in nuking them because they've already isolated themselves to one area so so long as we're careful targeting we can avoid civilian casualties.

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Is Cisco’s jumping that accurate through other Earths? Plus, that would’ve taken a lot more planning then they have time for. Easier and safer to send it to a dead Earth.

Plus, now that I think of it, they could’ve easily accidentally started another war with Earth X that way.

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True yeah. Killing Nazis is more fun tho.

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Good thinking.

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Thanks! And yeah the only part I really liked of the Earth X crossover was the rampant Nazi murder and how Killer Frost straight up sliced em next to Mick Rory burning them. And also Oliver breaking the No Kill "Rule" to kill Nazi Him.

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Nazi=/=people obviously. They are the killing exception. And bad metas I guess.

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The moment Nazis decided they were superior to other people and that their whole life philosophy was that everyone who isn't white should die then they became worthless scumbags who deserve only death.

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No, it isn't the philosophy. You can't punish thought like that.

It's when they amassed an army and put people in concentration camps is when they deserved death.

That's when real harm was caused, not by having ideas

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Well I can't punish thought because it's physically impossible and morally wrong but when it came even to propoganda and marches that's when they deserve death

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They would nazi that coming...

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Is it still under Nazi command? They killed the leader and main general, and the rebels looked pretty well organized.

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They also got Red Tornado

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well the people fighting the nazis would die as well.

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The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. If it takes down enough Nazis to free the rest of the resistance it's worth it

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Sends radiation to earth-x. Hits the rebels first. Nazis regain control

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Whoa whoa whoa, why do you think Cisco would just arbitrarily nuke innocent people? Who do you think she is, Felicity?

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Havenrock was a case of nuking a city of innocents to avoid hitting the area where she was and saving her own skin. Sending it to Earth X kills Nazis whose lives are worthless

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I don't disagree that Nazi lives don't matter (seriously, fuck those guys, fictional or otherwise), but you're glossing over the fact that there were Nazi victims on that world; it wasn't 100% Nazis just roaming the planet looking for people to subjugate but finding none.

To semi-quote myself from elsewhere on this post, to avoid collateral damage on Earth-X, Cisco would’ve had to direct it specifically at an enemy base (and he wouldn't necessarily know where that would be; he didn't even visit Earth-X himself), which might be too specific a location for him to zero in on in a pinch. “Literally anywhere on a planet in a specific parallel dimension” is a lot less specific and, presumably, easier to do.

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Yes! My thought exactly!

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Or maybe that 1 nazi earth ?

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I thought about that as well, but to be fair, there are good people there, so Cisco would’ve had to direct it specifically at an enemy base, which might be too specific a location for him to zero in on in a pinch. “Literally anywhere on a planet in a specific parallel dimension” is a lot less specific.

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It's being rebuilt that's why, duh. Being rebuilt for Felicity to nuke again.

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I was wondering why they didn’t send it to outer space. Plenty of radiation out there already anyway.