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Won't Barry die in (SPOILER)


Am I missing something? I feel like I must be. I thought Barry had to continually eat those bars to keep him fueled up as his body needs an insane amount of food to keep going.

Surely in Prison he isn't going to be able to get enough food and will decay rapidly.

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Barry should just make a time remnant to take his place in jail. I’m sure nothing can go wrong...

The real Captain Cold42 points·4 months ago



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Man baby9 points·4 months ago



13 points·4 months ago

Username checks out

It's a bot.

Or fuck up the timeline so he isn't in jail

I would love for that to bring back savitar.

except a better savitar. one that was raised in prison, rather than neglected by family.

Here comes Savitar Part II

Surely Cisco has his back on this one, just vibe them in his cell

He just to remember to eat them at night when the guards and other prisoners are sleeping. I can imagine one prisoner- "you got candy give it to me you little punk"

Original Poster18 points·4 months ago

Good luck to the prisoner, I'm sure Barry can take any standard thug inside.

I mean... its not like he can't go grab a big belly burger any time he wants.

they don't know he's a meta.

Original Poster9 points·4 months ago

I liked this idea the most, I just hope they show it in a brief scene

you can't get me :?D48 points·4 months ago

He needs insane amounts of food to use his speed, iirc if he doesn't use speed a normal meal should be good for him.

If he uses his speed in prision then idk

Won't he still have a high metabolism from like existing

some would say I'm the....opposite32 points·4 months ago

speed force

Original Poster25 points·4 months ago

plot force

Harry7 points·4 months ago

Actually this is a great point. Think about how in season 3's Flashpoint, we only see Barry bring Eobard a sack of big belly burger, and he was never using speed in this time either.

It’s a thing in the comics that the metabolism gets retconned. Maybe he’ll discover he doesn’t need it now

Cisco Ramon29 points·4 months ago

barry can leave the prison at night at will. he can just put a speed mirage of himself sleeping and run off to eat, and have sex with iris, and fight crime, and then come back to his cell and resume his position.

I thought speed mirages only lasted like a minute

I'm only fast asleep40 points·4 months ago

That's all he needs for sex with iris

OG15 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago
Cisco Ramon8 points·4 months ago

i don't think we have any time frame as to how long they last. eobard made one of wellsobard in s1 that lasted quite a long time with no one realizing the beaten-up dr wells was a mirage.

either way barry doesn't need it to last all night. just long enough for him to come and go as needed. it's not like guards check on sleeping prisoners every hour, or even at all.

i don't think we have any time frame as to how long they last. eobard made one of wellsobard in s1 that lasted quite a long time with no one realizing the beaten-up dr wells was a mirage.

... I thoguht the one being beaten up was the real one, he was miraging as rf and to do that he had to keep switching places if I recall.

That one episode he did a whole bunch of shit before a pancake hit the ground

OG2 points·4 months ago

Speed mirages over that distance won't work. A speed mirage is achieved by moving so fast between two points that it appears that you're in two places, but you're actually at neither. Which is why it's called a 'mirage'.

Cisco Ramon3 points·4 months ago

we have no idea what distance they work over. again, wellsobard was a mirage while barry was outside fighting reverse flash, and then escaped into the distance. it's hard to say how far he went before he came back and replaced wellsobard.

I know you loved her to pieces.2 points·4 months ago

I'm pretty sure Wellsobard on the ground in the trap was a hologram for at least part of that time

he can just put a speed mirage of himself sleeping and run off to eat,

that is 100% not how a speed mirage works...

but he could easily run out grab a big belly burger and eat it and be back before anyone noticed he was gone.

unless there are cameras in his cell.

A speed mirage won't stay if he's gone. It's an image created by a speedster moving so fast between two points, they appear to be in both places. He'd have to constantly be running back to the prison. And once he gets a certain distance away, he won't be able to maintain it.

Well Eobard made one that lasted like 10 seconds when telling Cisco but I thought that the one in the trap was a hologram

... by going back and forth between the 2 spots so fast you couldn't see...

... that's how a speed mirage is created...

the one in the trap was a hologram, but when it "escaped" the trap and started beating up wells it was a speed mirage.

To me you've shitposted for centuries...5 points·4 months ago

I hope they address this on the show.

Attention to details is always awesome.

Original Poster5 points·4 months ago

Me too, I bet they dont though.

GODSPEED2 points·4 months ago

He can literally phase out of prison and go eat big belly burger in a few seconds. He could do it at nite or something.

Can’t he just phase out of jail, grab a snack and come back within a second?

2 points·4 months ago

To be fair here,It's not like there isn't metahumands rotting in 4 block cells without any food or life supplies.

Barry can just run out to grab something to eat whenever he wants

Beebo is the one true Grodd2 points·4 months ago

I think that stopped being a problem because of the plotforce speedforce. Back in S1 his powers were more physically intensive, but as he learned to control the speedforce it stopped being such a drain on his body.

Then again, I'm pretty sure they still make jokes about how he can eat five pizzas on his own or some shit, so who knows anymore.

Can someone explain to me how I can see what the OP posted? It just says Spoiler. When I click it, hover over it, right click it. I don't see it revealed?

Writers: ''SHIIEEETT''.


No, Barry needs to consume that amount in the event of a metahuman attack that he can be the Flash and run there on a moments notice, he won't need to consume a large amount when he's in jail and not as Barry Allen.

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