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i could do without the shoulder strap/token. it feels a little too firestormish.

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it feels a little too firestormish

Glad I'm not the only one who thought that.

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Came here to say this. Definitely feels like it could be a Firestorm alternate costume. Maybe it's like a STAR Labs kind of emblem thing? Maybe? Probably not. Speedforce.

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I also think the mask is a bit much

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Yeah, I'd rather they pull a Black Lightning/Vibe and give him a set of goggles instead. Or a full on domino mask like Canary or Arrow instead of this halfway mark. But it might look better in motion

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It looks like a fake pair of ugly sunglasses that cost thousands of dollars

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Goggles or nothing

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Yeah, at minimum it should have an "e" on it.

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Maybe he should look like this


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Now this looks like a job for e

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To be fair, Cisco's the one who designed both right?

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i think wellsobard designed firestorm's original emblem/straps. he based it off of the tachyon device he stole from mercury labs.

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It may be a Device his costume can shrink and fit into (like a Prototype Flash RING), rather than carry baby clothes around.

So yeah, it may be a way for them to introduce the Flash Ring.

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It does but it also kinda looks like an "e" so I'm fine with it.

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Maybe it's homage to pay respects to Stein

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maybe he could've put an F instead

F to pay respect

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Yeah, I agree. Though something tells me that the strap has some important function.

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Long overdue! So excited, Ralph's earned a proper suit after his development last episode. He's finally going to become a real hero!

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Yes, he’s starting to look like an actual superhero right now! I’m so excited to see what they do with him next.

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Hope he gets rid of the mask eventually. He should be the first hero in this universe with a public identity.

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All his family and friends left him so there's no point of having a secret identity.

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Well he hangs around with the rest of team Flash now, might end up giving them away. Though I would think the world already knows about Caitlin by now but they have yet to address that.

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Wait til Sue debuts.

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Steel/Nate got rid of his god awful helmet thing (not that he use his suit much anyway), I hope Ralph does the same

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And then we'll have a new third most popular superhero in Central City!

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Also, in the comics, i'm pretty sure the Elongated Man doesn't care about concealing his identity

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He doesn't. He and Sue were widely known.

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Suit looks alright, but who the heck thought that mask was a good idea??

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I'm figuring it's trying to emulate Plastic Man's huge goggles.

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I'm guessing the mask has a HUD? And the thing on his chest that reminds us all too much of Firestorm might be a communicator?

Overall, I like it. It's an aesthetically pleasing costume. Which if they didn't do a replication of a comics costume, that's what I'd like.

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So glad he's not gonna be wearing those stupid pajamas anymore.

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Aw, I'm gonna miss his goofy grey mask

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Me too, I wish they just cleaned that suit up. Between this and supergirl's legion the new super dark costumes have been disappointing.

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Well Mon-el is gonna have be Valor suit on pretty soon. It was in the newest Dare to Defy promo.

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And it actually looks pretty good.

I might watch this season of Supergirl when it's over now that I know he gets his suit finally.

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This season of Supergirl has been seriously on point. Starting with the third episode, it's been one hit after another. Easily my favorite season so far.

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I'm debating whether or not I should watch Supergirl. It looks good now but my female friend who still watch the show wouldn't recommend it because she said that season 1 is unwatchable and Mon-El is an abusive crybaby or basically a male Felicity Smoak (note that Olicity drama makes me quit Arrow), she keeps watching because she's already invested, what do you think?

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Kinda feel like she’s over exaggerating tbh. Season 1 wasn’t the pinnacle of tv, but the later episodes were fine, it’s the beginning that wasn’t too great.

Mon El is not like Felicity. The fan base is more divided on him, because while he’s funny, he does have a somewhat questionable past. I’ve seen others call him an abusive crybaby, but I’ve also seen people praise him, it’s kinda 50-50 on that.

But yeah, there’s some relationship drama. Not to the extent of Olicity, but it’s there. The show definitely isn’t for everyone, if you do end up trying it, don’t just judge it by the first couple episodes (which most fans agree was rather bad). Try to stick with it til the end of season 1. There are a bunch of good episodes in s1 and s2, and s3 has been really good.

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Thanks for the insight. She compared Felicity and Mon-El because they cause unnecessary drama, not because they are similar in character.

Okay, I will try it, don't worry from my experience I judge a tv show until after I watch the whole season two. The Office, Parks, & Legends have awful season 1 and glad I stuck with them!

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She compared Felicity and Mon-El because they cause unnecessary drama, not because they are similar in character.

Alright that's fair. That's almost entirely due to the relationship drama, which luckily isn't his entire character. Plus it's almost non-existent in season 3 so that's a plus.

I should probably warn you, while s2 is an improvement from s1, it's still has it's faults. Also the villain kinda sucks in the back half of the season. But if you make it that far, just power through so you can watch s3 which is definitely a lot better.

Hope you like it!

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I would call it "uneven" (at least until s3, which I have found impressive so far). I wouldn't put it on your must-watch list, but there's a lot I like about it too. For one thing, Mon-El aside (I actually liked Mon-El but the fanbase overall would probably not agree with that), the relationships aren't angsty and dumb, like the "wangst" in Flash and the inexplicable periodic douchebaggery of a random character like on Arrow. The relationships are more mature and at times pretty nuanced. And they're not just romantic, either -- friendships and family relationships are developed in very satisfying ways.

It's also a great show if you're a feminist (or self-described "egalitarian"), because the women on the show are treated as real adult characters rather than being defined by their gender. In other words, when Agent Danvers kicks ass, it's not like "here I am, kicking ass on behalf of women everywhere because women can kick ass, too!" It's more like "I'm a well-developed character who's very good at her job, and the only unusual thing about this is that female characters aren't usually treated so respectfully." The show has fun upending tropes. Female villains don't necessarily wear skimpy clothes or act seductive. Kara brings Mon-El flowers, and he genuinely appreciates the gesture. Stuff like that.

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Am I the only one who likes the mask?

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Yes, I'd rather it be functional and a bit funky than just... glued on fabric behind mascara'd eyes.

It's supposed to look a bit goofy, imo.

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Yaaaaahs! 100 times better than that hospital blue crap.

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I like it. Anything is better then the grandma house tissue colored thing is was in lol

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Anyone know why they went away from Red? I know Cisco loves red right, so at of all of it, why wouldn't he do red, so it's more comic accurate too?

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Trivia, Ralph has had several costumes, only one was red, although it made a comeback in the late 90s, early 'naughties.


This design looks largely original, although it seems it's mainly a very dark, rich purple.

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I understand why the red is so iconic, though. Identity Crisis is Ralph’s most recognizable story for modern readers.

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I've always preferred Elongated Man's purple costumes. The red suit with the deep V and yellow belt makes Elongated Man look too much like Plastic Man, which your link also mentions.

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And people compare him to Plastic Man enough already.

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They gave him purple to help to distinguish himself from the flash

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Purple? That's brown.

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I'm so glad they made Ralph a permanent character.

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Don't forget he's still a part of DeVoe's plan. That could lead to anything.

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Oh yes! Finally. Took long enough.

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He's really become my favorite character on the show, and has been getting great character development, this is just a cherry on the top.

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Looks good to me!

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We're progressing. The right side is black and the left is a bit of white like one of his suits in the comics and in JLU was. Hopefully he starts to get more variations.

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Not at all what i expected, i agree with the firestorm comments, and i dont really like the look of the suit. Would prefer the power rangers putty suit (i know its comic book accurate but thats what it reminded me of)

Too baggy, kinda looks like a velour track suit.

Something spandex would work better considering the character and his powers, (even tho nobody wears spandex in the arrowverse)

Not a fan of the mask, domino mask (green arrow/black canary) would work better imo.

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Couldn't they just give him an Arrow-like mask which apparently Barry made for Oliver.

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The mask is quite weird. Why not give him like regular sunglasses and you could make a joke out of it. A poor example could be...

Cisco: You can't wear Sunglasses as your Superhero costume everyone will know it's you.

Ralph: Really? How many people know Barry's identity? His suit literally shows his eyes mouth and nose. At least I'll look cool while kicking ass.

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That's funny because Cisco also uses sunglasses to conceal his identity.

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Exactly dude I just feel there was a missed opportunity here given his comic book look.

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Goggles are a bit of a stretch.

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The entire character is a bit of a stretch.

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Zooming in on the firestorm like thing, it appears to be a button, like maybe this is a prototype for cisco's version of the flash ring and the suit will fit in there, his grey suit has already been shown to be able to shrink pretty small.

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I think the mask is a reference to the Batman's mask in the Dark Knight Triology, especially with the black makeup (it looks like makeup) around the eyes.

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How does that zipper stretch?

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I like the mask.

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Bad, thats a jacket from target and there is more black around the eyes then actual mask

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I thought it was goggles with lenses, but it looks like he has fucking black face paint in his eye holes. God dammit.

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Thank god....

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Welcome back firestorm!

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It's Ronnie's Firestorm costume with Black Lightning goggles.

That's how you stick to your budget, people.

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Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaah boyyyyyyy

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The mask is disgusting

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That's a lot of mascara

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Huh. I like it, but the purple/white of the comics suits him more. This looks like he walked out of a Hot Topic

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So... a jacket?

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...is that a velour tracksuit??...they aren’t even trying anymore 😂