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So, I finally caught up on the last few eps, and I loved it.

For me, the finale had it all, unexpected stuff, tense atmosphere and the sad and happy parts.

Sure, some parts of s4 felt like filler eps, but the last few eps were definitely good. The story arc pace picked up, the tension and Harry's situation all felt real.

Just that when Harry left, with that love you miss you thing, and Cisco saying "end of an era", I felt as if Tom is actually leaving the series which was real sad. But learnt he's coming back in s5 so it's all good.

I'm hyped for s5!


I am able to suspend disbelief as well as anyone, and I can accept pseduo science and in universe explanations, but I've watched the finale twice now, and I have no idea:

  • Why Cecile was able to project Allen's conciseness via the chair

  • Going through a portal gave Dibney control and killed DeVoe. I can kind of get it, but I guess it's too much of a magic solution.

  • How Allen was able to get out of the consciousness, particularly because Cecile was unable to do it herself


I'm rewatching Season 1, and they keep shoving more metas in these little boxes, but what about their basic needs? Is it ever addressed?

Posted byI'm gettin' vibes.2 hours ago

Just show us a regular day. Barry goes around getting cats out of trees and helping old people cross the street and doesn't need the rest of the team to help him because it's mundane. They have lives too; show us that. No villains trying to blow up the city or kill the Flash, just the average day in Central City of Flash being the good samaritan he is. Hell, what do Cisco and Caitlyn do when there's no villain of the week? What does Iris do? These are supposed to be people, not action figures.


I was thinking in season 6 (cuz we got Cicada in season 5) Abra Kadabra escapes death row Houdini style and goes back to earth 1 and breaks out the following metas from iron heights

Weather Wizard


Mirror Master


And maybe

Geomancer and Tar Pit cuz both can make the ground unstable but Tar Pit can become the ground

If not Abra Kadabra we can have the James Jesse Trickster


Can someone tell me one joke he made this season that was actually funny? The show hits gold with Cisco and sometimes Harry and Barry when they allow him to be funny. None of Ralph's jokes worked. He belongs in a Dan Schneider Nickalodeon show.


I assumed when Jay said he was going to train the Earth-3 Flash he was talking about Jessie, but since Harry went back to Earth-2 to be with her, who could he have been talking about?

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