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1 year ago
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Hello again! We have seen the quality of this sub grow and we have erased a lot of the spam and reposted/stolen content, thanks to you wonderful users! However, we still have some gaps that we need to close, mainly helping to define what [OC] means. So we have added some tags to clarify. Going forward, all link posts must have only one of the following tags in the title:

[Homemade] - You made it or someone you know made it. This includes all the " I made, from scratch, had a go at, my try, etc" and those phrases are not needed because this defines that it is made by you or yours. You either made this from ingredients or you assembled this dish at home, from pre-made ingredients. If you made it from scratch or some parts from scratch, you need to be able to discuss what went into the preparation of this dish, including recipes.

[I ate] - You went somewhere and ate this. This includes all restaurant, food trucks, carnival, state fairs, office parties, etc. The difference between this and homemade is that you did not make this.

[Pro/Chef] - You made this and you get paid to make food for a living, such as a chef, baker, pastry chef, blogger, food photographer, butcher, sous chef, ETC. You have to be able to discuss what went into the preparation with users. We will have special flair for approved users that assist with this category!

[Request/Discussion] - These are SELF posts and are always going to be META and OC.

[MISC] - These posts are articles and most everything that falls outside the above defined tags.

  • With all the above tags, just describe the food in the image. Do not describe why or how the food was prepared, where you ate it or when. Save all that for the comments.

Thank you so much for your patience in working through this. This should help clarify the sub and front page.

As always, please refer to the rules in the sidebar for any questions concerning behaviors and please do not respond to trolls. Just report them.

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