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snacks and restaurants that sell sandwiches, kebabs, hamburgers, pizza, tacos or anything

all sell the same food all the time

it is always the same food

It is a bad idea because No one can eat the same thing all the time.

Every one has to change food all the time

a better idea is :

to make a restaurant where food changes all the time

for example :

week 1 : chicken and hamburgers

week 2 : rice, tomatoes, hot dog

week 3: kebabs, mashed potatoes, pizza

week 4 : soup, lentil

week 5 : spinach, lasagna

week 6 : tacos, nooddle

and so on

just like a school canteen

here is an example,

in my area, there is a burger restaurant, a hot dog restaurant and a kebab restaurant

after I ate burger, hot dog, and kebab, I will Not go back there, because I have already eaten them

No human on earth can eat the same thing all the time

now, there is a 4th restaurant that sells lentil,

next week : rice, a new food

2 nd next week : salad, a new food

3 rd next week : lasagna, a new food

4 th next week : soup, a new food

5 th next week : spinach, a new food

6 th next week : mashed potatoes, a new food

7 th next week : carrot, a new food

8 th next week : tex-mex, a new food

9 th next week : barbecue, a new food

10 th next week : chicken, a new food

11 th next week : Macaroni and cheese, a new food

12 th next week : Mozzarella sticks, a new food

13 th next week : sandwiches, a new food

and so on

I will always go to this canteen restaurant

because it is the only one that is changing food

Clients will have the possibility to choose what food they want next week,

for example, on a piece of paper or on the app

it will be written " what food do you want next week ? "

¤lasagna ¤hot-dog ¤beans ¤mashed potatoes ¤ tomatoes ¤rice ¤spinach ¤waffles ¤barbecue ¤chicken ¤sea food ¤onion rings ¤soup ...

clients will have to put a mark next to the food,

for example, 70 % people voted rice and tomatoes,

then, next week, there will be rice and tomatoes

In the end , clients will choose what food will be in the restaurant next week !

A canteen restaurant beats mc donald's, subway, kebabs, snacks... all together and nobody had the idea to make a canteen restaurant.

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